Swasan- Being A devil’s Slave (Chapter 12)

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Sanskar’s pov

She opened the door and I saw her. Saw her standing opening the door. She look pale and sad.

I can understand what she must be going through. She always loved me but I treated her very badly, now I have to do something for her. I thought and called her.

“Swara..” I said. She looked towards me with some unshed tears in her eyes.

After looking for once, she again looked down and kept staring the floor.

“Swara, Look at me.” I called her.

“What you want, Sanskar?” she asked still looking down.

“YOU.” This words came out of my mouth without thinking. She immediately looked towards me with shocked expressions.

“W..ahatt?” She asked struggling with the words.

She started moving back but I held her from her shoulder supporting her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She started sobbing again.

Seeing her condition. I can understand what she must be thinking now.

“Swara. I want you but not as my slave.” I said still holding her. She looked towards me.

“The.n.” she managed to say in her choking voice.

“But as my wife.” I completed.

Yes. I want her for life long. No more as my slave but as my wife. The pain she suffered because of I wanted to change it in happiness.

I don’t know if I will be able to love her or not but yes I will her friend always.

“Will you marry me, Swara?” I asked her.

I felt someone else’s presence in the house. I turned around to look, only to find that Laksh was standing der.

I immediately turned my gaze towards Swara, waiting for her to speak. But she remained quite looked toward Laksh.

I stood der in silence.

Laksh nodded but still she remain silent.

“I want some answers, Sanskar.” She said after a lot of silence.

“I am ready to answer your every question.” I said.

“Do you love me?” She questioned.

“Will it hurt you if I will say a NO to you.” She questioned again.

I stood der asking the same questions to myself.

“Yes. I will be hurt if you will say a NO to me.” I answered her back.

“Do you love me, Sanskar?” She again asked the same question.

“I don’t know.” I replied confused myself.

“So why will you be hurt hearing a no from me? Male ego?” She questioned.

This time I was unable to control and tears fell down my eyes.

“Swara. Its not like this. I don’t know if I love you or not. If I will be able to love you ever or not. But I will definitely not be hurt because of male ego. I wanted to rectify my mistakes by giving you a small amount of happiness. I need you as a friend and wanted to become a friend of yours whom you can trust and say anything you want.
Not a devil from whom you will run without even saying a word.” I said.

She looked at me.

“Sympathy?” She questioned.

No its not sympathy. Its really not. It cant be.

“NO.” I answered looking in her eyes.

How can this be sympathy? It really cant be.

But she still not answered me.



“Will you marry me?” I questioned again and looked in her eyes waiting for the answer but she remained quite and again bowed her head down.

I took her silence as a negative answer and turned to leave the house.

To be continued.

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