Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti vs Tiwari

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone at Tiwari house for dinner,vibhu and anu praise anguri,Vibhu says I shall lick the plate it’s so delicious,Tiwari asks Vibhu do you belong to dog breed,Vibhu says look at him,he is so disgusting,Tiwari and Vibhu get in argument,anu says stop this nonsense,how many times I have tell you two not to fight,anguri says I’m tried too,anu says I feel like shifting,Tiwari says please don’t,vibhu says yes what will I do without you,anu says we both I meant,Vibhu says bhabhiji will be bored then,anguri says it’s better then your arguments,Tiwari says ok we are sorry,anu says yes focus on food and other issues.

Anguri says vegetables are so costly,Tiwari says yes things are so expensive,vibhu says why do you worry you live on black money,Tiwari says you live on her expense and both again get into argument,anu says cmon let’s leave,you don’t deserve to be taken anywhere,Tiwari says very true,anguri says it’s your fault don’t speak in between.

Tikka Malkhan fighting,tiki tries to resolve but they hit him and shh him away,a man with Happu sees them fight and ask who are these two fighting,Happu says our colonies dirt,always keep fighting,he says don’t worry let me go and solve this just wait and watch,he walks to them and separates them,tikka asks who are you,he says I’m you long long distant relative,Malkhan says both of us,he says look if you solve this puzzle who actually I’m too you I will award you 1000₹,both leave.he says look I resolved the issue,Happu says you are great.

Anu walks out and asks what noise is this,anguri walks out and asks what noise is this,who was using slangs,and both look at them,happu says it wasn’t us it was tikka Malkhan,anu says look at them how sweetly they sitting,Happu says that’s khuranas magic,he solved their fight,anu says really,anguri says wow you are magician,Khurana says I’m just a professor,anu says we need help in that case our husbands fight a lot,anguri says yes they always arguing,Khurana says here two list,one has list of topics which leads to argument and other which will resolve,and so when your husbands start arguing use the list which will bring love.

Anu says anguri this will be very helpful and so dinner at my place,anguri says done.
Anguri in kitchen singing,Vibhu walks to her,Vibhu asks how are you,anguri says good and you,vibhu says you coming for dinner right and so tell your husband to stay in his limits,I don’t like his vibes,anguri asks why do you always get upset with him.vibhu says he always messes with me,anguri says this time nothing of such will happen,vibhu says I agree if you say bye.

Anu on call with Meenal says me and anguri are tried because of their arguments,and yes we spoke to a specialist let’s see how much his idea works,Tiwari walks in,and says anguri said you wanted to see me ,anu says yes I did and it’s to invite you for dinner tonight,Tiwari says and who all will accompany you,anu says Vibhu off Course,Tiwari says i cant then he always insults me and his behaviour I can’t,anu says cmon Tiwari I will handle all that please,Tiwari says you are so sweet how can I say no.

Tiwari about to praise anu,anu says don’t praise me it’s Vibhu who cooked whole dinner,Tiwari says wow it’s delicious I’m jealous,let me bite your fingers,Vibhu says behave,anguri says calm down he is just praising you and Vibhu you cooked very delicious,Tiwari says you spent a lot I have to say,Vibhu says we invited why wouldn’t I spend,Tiwari says you need to have money to spend,vibhu says again you spoke,anguri says enough let’s talk about cricket tell us about your favourite cricketer,Tiwari says lara,Vibhu says pointing and both get into argument,anu says how about football,let’s talk about football now.

Vibhu says I love football,my favourite sport,anguri asks Tiwari did you play football,Tiwari says this fatball never must have,Tiwari says how did you speak to me this way and both again get into argument and go to kitchen arguing.

Khurana walks in and says hello ladies all good my formula did it work,I’m sure they must be best of friends now ,anu says they are,anguri says go check in kitchen,Khurana walks to kitchen,Vibhu and Tiwari pull Khurana into argument and hit him as well.

Pre cap: amajis says Tiwaris stars aren’t doing well.
Vibhu says bhabhiji don’t worry I will look after every thing,at night vibhu and anguri together,anguri asks what are we doing here,vibhu says robbery.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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