Bhootu 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu Reaches Holy Shrine to Save Shona

Bhootu 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram confronts Daadi and scolds she does not have right to misbehave with Anandita, even she is a mother and deserves love from her child. Daadi yells Chudail Anandita is speaking in him. He says until she changes her attitude torwards Anandita, he will not talk to her. Daadi gets an attack and collapses. Vikram rushes to her and asks to call family members. Doctor checks Daadi and informs that she got paralysis attack and needs nurse for 24 hours. Mohini says she will take care of maaji and no need to hire nurse, smirks at Anandita.

Pihu searches Shona and finds her swinging on a swinger. She confronts why she is troubling her mother, she will punish her if she tries to. Shona speaks in Tantrik’s voice and warns to shut up. Pihu says it is not her, what happened to her voice. Shona throws black magic on Pihu, and Pihu falls down. Pihu says she is talking like Tantrik. Shona says she is right. Pihu warns to get out of her house, he cannot harm her. Tantrik shouts enough of her drama, he will not spare her now. Shona grips Pihu’s mouth and asks her to laugh now. She breaks swinger and ties Pihu with chain. Anandita walks in asking what is she doing here, who broke swinger. She shows Gopal’s aarti and says Gopal will ward her off from any evil. Baba’s black magic vanishes from Shona. She gets conscious and asks what is she doing here, who broke swinger. Pihu thinks her mamma can protect anyone. Once they both leave, Gopal emerges. Pihu requests to protect Shona from tantrik. Gopal says if she gets holy water from Baba Chisti’s shrine 50 km away from here and feed it to Shona, she will be fine. Pihu agrees happily.

Pihu and Vedika from other serial reaches Baba Chisti’s shrine. A musician sings Bhardo Jholi Meri Yaa Mohammed, Lautke Mai na jaunga khaali…Vedika prays baba to help her. Pihu says just like this aunty, she came here for Shona and wants evil out of Shona’s body as mamma loves Shona a lot. Vedika says her wish will be fulfilled, let us go and get holy water.

Precap: Vedika fills holy water for Pihu. Someone shoots Vedika. Pihu shouts Vedika aunty…

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