Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan is going to saxenas house and vibhuti is seeing at him and anita asks him wat is he doing y is he looking at tiwari like this and vibhuti says tat I will prove tat tiwari is having affair with another lady and he takes anita with him to call anguri and show them the truth while tiwari knocks on saxenas door and enters his house and locks it and then he comes out and saxena is wearing a wig showing long hair and asks saxena if he remembers wat he has told him and saxena says tat he likes it and tiwari says to him tat u said ur alright now and wat happen he asks saxena then cries on his shoulders and says he again went mad and tiwari then consoles him
While vibhuti brings anguri and anita near saxenas house they see tat tiwari is hugging a lady as t hey see only long hair and anguri and anita gets shocked and anguri cries and says tat she never expected this from u while tiwari laughs and says wat have I done u r thinking wrong while vibhuti says tat u r such a bad man u r laughing wen we have caught u red handed and anguri then says tat she will beat this lady and anita says anguri hit him with chappals and anguri removes her chappal and hits her and saxena turns and everyone gets shocked seeing him and tiwari then says to anguri u doubted me and she then says sorry and vibhuti asks saxena u were in mental hospital wen u came and how did u get so long hair and saxena says tat the shock treatments and medicines due to which he has got such long hair and then tiwari says to vibhuti now remove tat hair u kept and match it with saxenas hair and vibhuti then says tat now he will do a dna test of this hair and leaves
Vibhuti,anita,anguri and tiwari are waiting for result at tiwaris house tiwari asks anguri to make some tea while vibhuti says tat we r here for the results not to have tea and then comes a boy with result while tiwari thinks wat if the truth comes and he waits for the result and vibhuti then announces sadly tat hair was of anguris and tiwari gets happy listening to it and anguri also gets happy and then anita says sorry to him and tiwari says u don’t be sorry actually vibhuti should says sorry and anita asks vibhuti to say sorry to tiwari and he says while tiwari laughs and then comes in saxena and he tells tiwari to give another wig as this wig is itching and making him very irritated while all present see at tiwari in a shock and vibhuti also smiles looking at him and tiwari then slaps saxena.
Next day vibhuti was watching a cricket match on tv and anita asks him to mute the sound and watch as it is disturbing her sleep then the phone rangs she then asks vibhuti to pick up and he says tat phone is near u u only pick up and she picks up and its fakirchand from ramgad their relative he invite anita and vibhuti for his wedding anniversary function but anita refuses saying tat she has work a he then also enquires about vibhhuti and anita tells tat he used to work in a company but it shut down after 2 months and then she wishes uncle and hungs up vibhuti asks y did u tell them about my job and tat the company shut down their was no need and he then asks her tat let us go for the function we have to socialize and then anita says there is no need I don’t like calling them here and going at their place vibhuti gets upset saying tat ur not so social look at my mom she is very much social and anit gets angry and says tats y everyone gets irritated with ur mom and they say y does she even come at our place vibhuti then gets angry and says her not to talk about her mom like this he feels hurt and he gets up while anita asks him to have tea and he says tat he heard enough from u and leaves
Vibhuti then goes to the tea stall and has tea there comes tika and his friend they sit beside vibhuti and they are talking where tikas friend asks how did he made tat bhabhiji fall for him and tika tells tat there was a time when she didn’t even looked at me and now she is finding reasons to meet me and he tells tat one day suddenly he stoped talking to her and she then first neglected but later started finding ways to meet me and this is such a trick tat with in just 3 days vibhuti thinks tat this idea will work for him so he insisits tat he will pay their bill for tea and then tika and his friend thanx him and leave
Anguri is seen purchasing flowers at her door step from the gilr selling flowers in basket and vibhuti comes there and he talks to the flower seller girl but angur when asks him how is he twice he do not replies even anguri thinks tat she will ask him y is he not talking to her and wen she asks he again tries talking to the girl and he asks for a rose and asks her to keep coming and leaves anguri is still thinking wat is wrong y is he not talking to her and the girl asks anguri which flowers wil she buy and anguri says she does not want any and goes inside
Anita is dancing to a hindi song and tiwari comes in he then sits and watches her dance and and anita gets shoced seeing tiwari and then tiwari praises her tat she is a beautifull and dances gracefull seeing her he reminded of rekha ,hema malini and also maduri dixit he says sunny and anita says enough I know wat will u say and tiwari says tat he was going to say sunny deol and anita says wat sunny deol do I look like him and tiwari says u fight like him and anita says when did I do tat and tiwari reminds her tat once she hit him and anita says yay right and then she says to tiwari tat she wanted to tell him tat she has planned a dinner tomorrow and tiwari gets very happy and says only u nd me and anita says tat anguri and vibhuti will also be there and then he asks her for wat is this dinner for and anita tells tat we r neighbors and we should keep meeting like this and tiwari gets very happy while anita in her mind says tat now I will show vibhuti how social I am.

Anguri asks anita how r u? vibhuti corrects her but she does not listen to her and she again asks anita how r u and and then anita replies she is fine and then anguri says good bye and anita leaves while vibhuti corrects anguri tat its bye bye and anguri does not replies and looks angry and vibhuti says tat this trick turned up on me now anguri is upset with me and not talking to me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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