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Treta Yuga:
Thousands of years ago, there was a very big war between good and evil, between Shri Ram and Ravan. Humanity was crying its heart out because of Ravan’s ruthless acts. Lord Rama crossed the ocean with his vanar sena and initiated a fight with Ravan. Ravan’s army was dejected when all their commanders got killed one by one. Ravan sent Kumbhakaran to help protect their army from this destruction. He could pick up Lord Rama’s army in his hands. Lord Laxman saw this and requested his brother to kill Kumbhakaran. Lord Rama kills Kumbhakaran in one shot (arrow) itself. The vanar sena was overjoyed when Kumbhakaran fell flat on the ground. Ravan had his hopes pined only on his son Meghnad now (who had even won over Devraj Indra). Meghnad started to kill vanar sena and they were tensed again. He became invisible and continued attacking Lord Rama’s army. It became tough for them to fight with an invisible power. Lord Rama dint give any reply to Laxman when he asked him about what they should do now. Today is not our day! Meghnad used Brahmastra finally because of which the vanar sena (of 64k in number) fell on the ground in an unconscious state, including Lord Rama. They remain in that state for a long time.

Vibhishan is shocked to see everyone in that state. He meets King Jamwad. King Jamwad talks about Hanuman ji. Is he alive? Vibhishan rephrases his question. You should ask whether Shri Ram is alive or not! Jamwad shakes his head. I am right. If Hanuman ji is alive then no trouble can befall Shri Ram. Only Hanuman has the strength to overcome any problem. We are living dead without him. if Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman is alive then this dead army will come to life once again. it will fight and win this time.

There is a big ball of fire. It lands on the ground with a thud. It turns out to be none other than Hanuman ji. Hanuman Chalisa plays in the background.

Shri Krishna is meditating.

Rani Satyabhama asks Rani Jamwanti about Shri Khrishna. They come to the room where Shri Krishna is meditating. Rani Jamwanti feels that this is going to take a long time but Rani Satyabhama says that he must be getting impatient to come to my room. Shri Krishna smiles. Rani Satyabhama wonders about it. Is he smiling at my words? No, he must be reacting that ways after hearing Rani Jamwanti’s words. Rani Jamwanti thinks as to how much Rani Satyabhama is always blinded by her love for her own beauty. Two more ladies join them. Rani Jamwati and Satyabhama are confused. Only Rukmini Didi can understand the reason behind his smile.

Rani Rukmini is praying. She too comes to Shri Krishna’s room. All the ladies tell her about Shri Krishna’s mysterious smile. Rani Rukmini says a smile is always on his lips. Who better than Satyabhama to understand his smile? Satyabhama smiles shyly. Jamwati insists but Rani Rukmini had not witnessed it herself. No one can anyways ever find out what’s going on in his mind! He is a book full of secrets. Shri Krishna opens his eyes just then. The ladies greet him. Satyabhama asks him about the smile. What’s the secret of your smile? He takes aarti from the puja thal. Shri Krishna tells them that it is Chaitra Purnima today (Hanuman Jayanti). He was born on this auspicious day only. I was thinking about him only. He utters a few lines from Hanuman chalisa and it is playing in the background too. He praises Hanuman ji and what all he could do. My beloved Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman! His every act is thrilling / adventurous and heart warming. Rani Rukmini wishes that Anjani nandan Hanuman’s fame should always remain like this. No one can worship like him. Shri Krishna agrees. My every devotee gets arrogant one day or the other (Satyabhama looks down for a second), but not in Hanuman. It’s been so long since I have met him. Rani Rukmini too wants to see him. Shri Krishna decides to give this important task to Garud (King of birds).

Weapon Sudarshan stops King Garud. I have built this palace for Lord. No one can enter inside till I am here, be it Devraj Indra or Brahma himself. You know that I am the foremost weapon in the entire galaxy. You cannot insult me and go inside just like that. King Garud also explains his significance to him. Right then they hear Shri Krishna’s voice. He informs Sudarshan that Garud is allowed to enter inside. Sudarshan is upset but Garud walks inside as Lord has ordered him to.

Shri Krishna shares his wish with Garud. Can you go and bring him here? Garud is about to go but stops. Which Hanuman are you talking about? Shri Krishna says I am talking about that Hanuman who had tried to eat the burning sun thinking it to be some red fruit when he was a kid. The very same Hanuman who had scared Rahu so much that he ran to Devraj Indra; who had started playing with Devraj Indra’s Airavat (Elephant) like it was some toy; who had set Ravan’s Lanka on fire. I am talking about Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman. Garud recalls everything. But its been more than lacs of years since Treta Yuga. Will he still be alive? Shri Krishna says he is immortal. He will stay till the end of the world in his very same avatar. Garud agrees to go and find him asap. Shri Krishna tells him to go directly to Himpurush era. From whichever Hemkut mountain you hear the chants of Shri Ram that is where you will find Hanuman. Garud says it would have got delayed if you would have handed over this task to Sudarshan. Shri Krishna praises him for his abilities. Garud takes a leave. Shri Krishna remarks that the best thing (about Garud) is that you are not at all arrogant about your strengths. Rani Rukmani smiles.

Shri Krishna joins Rani Rukmani on the porch and plays flute.

Hanuman ji is sitting on top of a very huge rock as he chants Shri Rama’s name. Garud finally finds him. Garud thinks I had seen him once at the time of Ram avatar. He still looks the same. His aura is so amazing. I am surprised seeing him still the same. it looks as if he has just entered adolescence. He addresses Hanuman ji but he still has his eyes closed. Garud flaps his wings. Hanuman ji opens his eyes. His tail stretches out and it imprisons Garud. Who are you who interrupted in my prayers? Hanuman ji finally releases the grip from his tale when Garud gives his intro. Are you alright? Garud still boasts about how he has the weight of this world on his shoulders. Who can someone harm me then? Hanuman ji agrees. You are one of the favourite devotees of God. They always shower extra / special love on you. I am very happy to see you again. Come let’s pray together for a while. Garud tells him against it. Lord Shri Krishna has ordered you to meet him right away. Hanuman ji says what I have to do with him. I am only my Lord Shri Ram’s devotee. I don’t know anyone except him. Garud calls him a vanar even if he looks grown up. Come with your own will or I will have to show you my strength (Garud pash). Hanuman ji replies that everything happens as per Shri Ram’s wish only. Garud pash breaks when Hanuman ji takes Shri Ram’s name. He next throws Garud away with his tail.

Garud shares the entire incident with Shri Krishna and the ladies. Satyabhama finds Hanuman ji very arrogant. Shri Krishna says it is my mistake. Tell Hanuman that Shri Ram is thinking (waiting for) of him. Garud is tensed but Shri Krishna assures him that Hanuman will come after hearing Shri Ram’s name or else who can stand up before you! Garud stands there tight lipped.

Garud addresses Hanuman ji once again. Lord Shri Ram is waiting for you in Dwarka. Tears stream down Hanuman ji’s eyes. He immediately gets up. He thanks Garud for bringing him the message of his Lord. May you remain your Lord’s favourite always. Garud is relieved. Hanuman ji flies up in the sky. He greets Surya Dev while all the other Lords fold their hands before him as he passes by them. Entire Dwarka, Sudarshan and the ladies inside the palace are shaken up as Hanuman ji again lands on the ground with full force. The ladies call it earthquake but Lord Krishna and Rumini ji sit all calm. Shri Krishna clears their doubt. Hanuman is coming!

Hanuman ji touches the soil and touches it to his head. Sudarshan watches him curiously. Sudarshan stops Hanuman ji from going inside. Hanuman ji politely greets him, requesting him to allow him to go inside after giving his intro. My Lord Shri Ram has called me here. Sudarshan stays put. This is Shri Krishna’s abode. They both stick to their points. Sudarshan gets angry. It comes to its real form. Hanuman ji saves himself from all the attacks. He then expands himself and grows huge in size. He holds Sudarshan in his fingers and eats it. He then comes back to his normal (human) size. He hears Shri Krishna’s flute and walks towards the palace.

Shri Krishna stops the flute as soon as Hanuman ji climbs the first step. He changes into Lord Rama’s avatar. Hanuman ji is overwhelmed to see his Lord. His vision gets blurred because of tears but he doesn’t even so much as blink his eyes. Shri Rama also is emotional. The ladies are touched to witness it. Hanuman ji sings a bhajan for his Lord. Hanuman ji touches his feet and he blesses him. They share an emotional hug. Hanuman ji says I pray to you / think of you daily. But I am overwhelmed by your sight today. Lord is also very glad to see him after so many years. Hanuman ji asks him what the order is for him. Lord asks him if he isn’t curious to see him here in Dwarka. He turns his head a little towards Satyabhama’s direction. You can ask me if something is troubling you. Hanuman ji says you are the Lord of the entire world. You are present everywhere all the time. What is there to wonder about your being at some place at some point of time? But where is Sita Ma. Who is this sevika / daasi / helper (referring to Satyabhama). Satyabhama is taken aback while Rukmini comes there with fruits. She changes into Sita Ma. Hanuman ji smiles upon seeing her. he bends down on his knees. She blesses him.

Precap: One of the wives ask Shri Krishna as to why he said to Hanuman ji that he will indebted to him. Sri Krishna shares the incident back when there was a war in Lanka. All the vanar sena and Shri Rama were lying unconscious on the ground. Hanuman ji takes up the responsibility to bring them back to life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. was so nice to watch but would like subtitles so i can understand the entire dialogue

  3. There is no event such as shown in this episode. in old Ramayan which we have read, There is no instance where shri ram is and all his soldiers are dead due to brahmastra.

    Also this episode tells about Shri Ram is “avatar of Brahma”.

    Not sure the source of this story?

    Sankatmochan Hanuman is wrong depiction it seems

  4. This story don’t make sense at all

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