Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti worried for Tiwari

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu tells Angoori Tiwari slept and when he will wake up, I will get him, Angoori says please get him I am very anxious, Vibhu says don’t worry. Angoori leaves. David asks Vibhu why he looks worried, Vibhu says Tiwari ran away.

Vibhu looking for Tiwari everywhere, and says how will I show my face to Angoori, I couldn’t take care of a kid, Master passing by asks what’s wrong, Vibhu says I’m looking for Tiwari, he is missing, Master says shame on you for making fun of a teacher, Tiwari isn’t a kid to go missing, Vibhu says I’m sorry, I remember now, Tiwari is a kid and is in my bedroom, master says good.
Saxena walks to Vibhu says you are a cheater, I kept waiting for you below the table as a cat, Vibhu says go hide again, I will find you, but on one condition tell me where is your best friend Tiwari, Saxena says I will tell first hit me, Vibhu does so, and then asks where is Tiwari, Saxena says I saw him last in your house and runs away, Prem asks Vibhu why he looks so worried, Vibhu tells him the whole scenario and asks did he see Tiwari. Prem says I have bad news for you, theres child kidnapping gang in town I hope they haven’t kidnapped him.

Vibhu gets call from Angoori he ignores it, and says god tell me why me, always me. Vibhu visits Angoori, Angoori asks where is Tiwari, Vibhu says he is at home, but he isn’t ready to come, he is playing with dolls, he is marrying them, Angoori asks how long will they play, Vibhu says it will take time as there are many rituals, Angoori says that’s too long, tell him to come here and play I will cook as well, Vibhu says but marriage address is Mishra house, Angoori asks what nonsense are you talking, tell me the truth, Vibhu says he is missing, Angoori asks where, Vibhu thinks I told her truth and says he is lost in love, he is kid, he sees daddy in me and doesn’t let me go anywhere, he is kid you see, Angoori says okay, you scared me.
Angoori says to Vibhu that Tiwari considers him daddy so take care of him, and put him off to sleep.

Vibhu tells David he feels so bad about lying to Angoori, he gets call from Teeka Malkan as kidnappers and ask Vibhu for 1 lakh ransom money, Vibhu says you are so shameless how can you kidnap a kid, Teeka says just get money, Vibhu says I don’t have money, Malkan says just get money we don’t care, see you at old bus stand.
David asks Vibhu whose call it was, Vibhu says Tiwari is kidnapped.

Vibhu waiting at bus stop, he sees a man and thinks it is kidnapper,and goes to comfort the man to assure him he hasn’t got police, says here is 1 lakh and no police here have money, man asks who Tiwari, and snatches money bag and leaves.

Angoori crying missing Tiwari, she gets call from Amaji, Angoori asks her why didn’t she sleep, Amaji asks did Tiwari become fine, Angoori says no he didn’t I even prayed, I’m so scared, and he keeps asking for something new. Amaji asks her to show her karisma, Angoori says he is at Mishra. Amaji says get him back,and show your magic. Angoori says okay.

David asks Vibhu where is Tiwrai, Vibhu says he got looted, David says you are the most unlucky person I have ever met.

Pre cap : Angoori asks Vibhu where is Tiwari. Tiwari says he is home. Vibhuti gets looted.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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