Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima unleashes Vansh’s anger

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking is Anupriya not your mum. Everyone comes and looks on. Vansh says this is my mum, Mrs. Uma Raisinghania, she gave me birth, then cheated me, she left me without any reason, she didn’t tell me, she left me all alone, but mum is mum, how can I kill my mum. He cries a lot. Riddhima cries and says Vansh, sorry. He says don’t, you won’t understand my feelings, family, relations, you are an orphan. He goes. Aryan thinks now a fire has ignited, this fire won’t cool down. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s words. Vansh says my mum’s painting was her last sign, who has done this.

Dadi says I told you that these 5 days are tough for Vansh, you have freshened his wounds, that painting was his mum’s last sign, we have to find it. He checks the rooms. Dadi says Vansh used to risk his life to keep the painting safe, it was like his mum’s temple, you broke his temple, Vansh didn’t cross limits and never became a devil, but now, because of you, maybe he will cross all his limits, you have awakened the inner devil in him. Vansh asks where shall I find it, no… Dadi asks are you able to feel his pain, he has lost his life’s most precious thing today. Dadi feels dizzy. Anupriya says its just because of you, I had warned you, you didn’t agree, you were dying to know everything. She scolds Riddhima. Aryan and Chanchal look on. Anupriya asks her to get the painting, no excuse, fix the mistake. Riddhima says punish me, but trust me, I didn’t steal the painting. Vansh says you will get the punishment. He comes to Riddhima and says there is one hour for sunrise, Bappa’s aarti is to happen, you have time till aarti ends, get the painting, then you can safely leave from here else….

He says we can’t stay together now, you have to go. He puts the one hour timer and goes. Riddhima says I made a big mistake, I have to talk to Vansh again. She goes to her room. She sees Vansh lying on the ground and shivering. She gets water for him. He throws the glass and gets up. He scolds her. She says calm down, I m sorry, I know what you are going through, I m an orphan, and know the value of mum and family, I just.. He says enough and pushes her out of the door. He says go and find the painting. She says what did I do, he maybe a bad person but I can’t make a son away from mum’s memories, who took that painting, the person wants to frame me, who can it be. A person wearing black gloves is seen.

Riddhima comes to Aryan’s room and looks for painting. She asks where did you hide the painting, you want to frame me, I know you dislike Vansh and want to hurt him. He says yes, I wanted this, but I m not so bad to steal his mum’s painting, you are scaring me. She says I will tell Vansh and everyone that you sent me to mystery room and told me about the key. He says okay, go and tell everyone, who will believe this nonsense, they will think you are doing this to save yourself, you can’t do anything. She thinks he didn’t steal the painting, I just have 30mins left. She leaves. She goes to mystery room. She says painting is nowhere, it can’t be with Aryan, I checked all the rooms. Someone comes there and gets the glove stuck in the nail. Riddhima turns and asks who are you.

Precap: Riddhima makes a plan to catch masked guy. Someone replaces the coconut. Riddhima and Vansh go for puja. Riddhima takes the dangerous coconut.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. After the marriage track, this is the first time I’ve got so thrilled! Can’t wait to watch it. I think it is Anupriya who is behind all this. And if Anupriya is not his real mom, what about Ishani and Sia? Are they his step sisters?

    1. Definitely Nia, Sia and Ishani are step sisters that is why they are too different from each other. Do you remember BALH in which Ram used to hate his real mom till the time he came to know that his real is innocent her step mom is the one who manipulated everyone so that everyone hate his real mom and love his step mom. All was for money same thing is here.

    2. I was just thinking about the track going on and have some prediction which may come out true or maybe just bullshit.
      1. Anupriya is the real master mind and Kabir is her eldest son.
      2. Kabir and Vansh know this relationship and maybe Kabir love Vansh but as he is an agent he wants Vansh to be in right track and for this he choose and planted Riddhima as her simplicity will bring Vansh to light from drakness (actually this is what I want for now 😜😛).
      3. Riddhima will fall for Vansh bit still betray him because she madly loves Kabir and will realise it later.

      Now talking about today’s episode it’s either Anupriya or Kabir there can’t be any third person. But Riddhima will either find or will make ditto same painting for Vansh on her own to heal his wounds. Vansh will start opening his shall in front of Riddhima by seeing this act by her.

  2. I think anupriya or Kabir burns Vansh mom photo

  3. Oh no…. My vansh get broken…
    But am happy that, she realise vansh’s love. I don’t know what to say, but TQ for the update

  4. Very interesting episode, can’t wait to see the next episode

  5. Guys we need to watch this on television to get good trps.The performance of this thriller show deserves the number one position rather than some shows that don’t make sense at all or dosen’t even deserve the number one position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. True 😃

  6. I love this series my favorite

    1. Ladke ho aap

  7. I heard Riddhima will get kidnapped in upcoming episodes by the mystrey man…even I think it’s either Anupriya or Kabir….I felt so bad for Vansh.I’m sure that he’s innocent and real culprit is someone else…just hope Riddhima realises this…

  8. And guys this is the only series I watch…. I love this one…for it’s thrilling concept,amazing cast, lovely pair,beautiful title song and so on….

  9. I saw so many serials but this serial made me mad….
    Am just falling in love with vansh 💓💖💞💕
    This is all time my favourite serial forever and ever.Another serial can’t take this place from my heart.
    I can’t stop thinking of Sudhir(vansh). I never ever become fan of any actor or actress but this guy made me crazy…..

    1. My state is also same M…Even I can’t help thinking about Rrahul…He has a different aura,an enchanting charm which attracts everyone towards him….and even Vansh have something in him which makes him different,makes him VR….

  10. this show never fail to impress me this time am super super thrilled, this mystery gloved person track is sending bums all over my body.

    all your guess are also in my mind kabir or anupriya and if its kabir definetly someone is helping from inside apart from ridma. in vr mansion i only trust dadi n sia the rest are not clean, they are still a mystery to me

    Finally on ridma i can say that thank you for reallizing that the bad guy (as you think he is) still needs his mother’s memories close to him.

  11. Very interesting and felt bad for Vansh he is right man and Kabir taking advantage of Ridhima I think photo is stolen Anupriya Or Kabir

  12. In my own opinion, I think all this is Vansh’s plan to open Rhiddima’s eyes to reality. I’m eagerly waiting to see their display of love. There’s more to Anupriya, all fingers crossed

    1. Vijayalakshmi

      @Funmilayo I didn’t understand what u said wat vansh plan to open ridhima’s eyes to reality dat can u explain

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