Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with uncle saying please check it now. Vibhu says please I will do it tomorrow in the hospital and sleep now and don’t show it to me. Mama says promise? Vibhu says yes. Mama sleeps drunk. Vibhu says why are all people in my family like this and why is not even 1 person a good man. Mama gets up and says I am and sleeps again. Vibhu cries.
Outside the house at night Tiwari anita and anguri are there. Anita says where are these tika and malkhan and they even have to bring the stuff for setting the nursing home. Tiwari says they are always late. Tika and malkhan come in a van and they have all the stuff. Anita says good you came and set the nursing home. tika says we need help, anita says yes Tiwari is there. Tiwari says yes I will help. Tika and malkhan say the cost took 10k rupees. Anita says go you will get it.
Next day morning mama comes out yawning in the lawn. He comes and sees the board set on tiwaris house saying mamulal nursing home and dr.vibhuti Narayan Mishra. Mama says vibhus hospital is here. Mama calls vibhu and anita. vibhu comes out. Mama says your hospital is here? Vibhu says ohh yes its here. Mama says I am proud of you and then says yesterday the board was not here. Anita says we put it today. Mama says what? Anita says I mean the board was spoilt and the name was rubbed so we changed it today. Mama says ohh okay and today I am proud of 2 things in this world. Vibhu asks what 2 things? Mama says one of my country and other of my nephew. Vibhu says okay. Mama says anita to make tea, she goes. Mama says lets go to the hospital. Vibhu says yes we will go later it has to be opened. Mama says just check my piles now and I will remove pants, vibhu says what are you doing and just stop please and tells I will check in the hospital.
At tiwaris house the hospital is set and tika malkhan and Tiwari are the patients. Malkhan is a patient who has jumped from 5th floor of building, tika a patient who is in coma on wheelchair and Tiwari has a boil on his butt. Anita says so lets go in action. Mama and vibhu come. Vibhu shows mama the hospital and tells see this is my hospital. Vibhu asks anguri who is the nurse that how are my patients, anguri says they are fine and they were missing you. Malkhan says yes and you are god, vibhu says no there is only one god. Tiwari says no you are a god. Vibhu says so how is your boil? Tiwari says its fine, vibhu goes and says wait I will give you an injection, Tiwari is shocked. Vibhu removes injection, Tiwari pulls him and says what are you doing? Vibhu says shut up this is serious. Anguri says will he give him injection? Anita says no he is acting, vibhu gives injection and Tiwari screams. Tika and malkhan laugh. Mama says what happened to this guy on wheelchair? Vibhu says he is in coma and I will make him fine today itself and its an ordinary treatment. Mama says okay I will see it, vibhu says sure. Vibhu says I just remembered I always give 2 injections and I will give another injection. Tiwari is shocked. Vibhu goes and again removes injection, anita says this time he will seriously act. Vibhu again puts injection. Tiwari screams. Tika and malkhan laugh. Mama says good and kisses vibhu on cheek. Tiwari says what is this?
At night vibhu and mama are still in hospital, everyone is just as they are. Mama says when will the treatment go? Vibhu says now, vibhu says come on start. Anita comes out and starts dancing on a song sensually. Anguri comes too. Tiwari says if I was in coma I would get up just as I would see anita. mama says what is this? Vibhu says just see this is double impact. Suddenly tika gets up. Mam says wow. Tika says oh my god I am back. Tika says thanks dr.vibhu and all doctors said I would die and you brought me back thanks a lot and take whatever money you want from me. Vibhu says my cost is 1crore rupees. Mama is shocked. Tika says only 1 crore and I thought you would take 10crore from me but I have 1 crore and I will make this cheque. Tika gives vibhu 1 crore cheque. Mama takes and sees it and is shocked. Vibhu hugs him and says its okay I know it’s a lot. Mama kisses him again and says I am proud.

Precap: commissioner tells happu singh that in the market illegal kidney is being trafficked and if you don’t fine this racket then all the stars on your suit will be taken by me and I will throw you out.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Vibhu or doctor ?????????? and his mamu is such a big fool…. ??????
    And i have doubt that how easily vibhu make his relatives fool and they become… first london wale chacha ji and ab mamu????????????????
    But is complete laughter dose…????????????

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