SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-5}


Next day

Kaveri:?ayyy Swara

Swara comes there running in fear

Swara:(fear) haan maa
Kaveri:? haven’t u made breakfast
Swara:(fear) I….made ..maa
Kaveri:then y the breakfast isn’t arranged still on the table ?

Kaveri holds her hand and twistes …she screams in pain
Her eyes filled with tears

Swara:(fear). ..I …w…I..ll a…rra..nge maa …I…will ..plzz… Le…a…v…e me …plzzz

Just then Sanskar comes there looking at his mobile

Sanskar: Mrs Gadodia ..

Hearing his voice ..kaveri leaves swara immediately …and turns putting a smile on her face whereas
Swara runs to the kitchen

Kaveri:haan Sanskar beta
Sanskar:(looks up) I want u to go for shopping
Kaveri: but…..
Sanskar:(cuts off) u can shop from my card ….Johan will give it to u and haan take kavitha also along with u ….and I’m not asking …I’m ordering

He say’s thz raising his eyebrows in ordering tone…
Kaveri being a greedy lady … Gets happy and nodes

Kaveri: haan zarur Sanskar beta .. We wil go for shopping …
Sanskar: Johan
Johan: yes sir ..I will give it to her

Sanskar shakes his head and leaves from there
Johan gives the card to kaveri
She greedily takes it…..

Kaveri:(mind) now just his card came to my hand ….soon his property will also be in my hand.

She thinks greedily ….and leaves from there


Swara was arranging breakfast on the table ….just then kavitha Strom’s there angrily

Kavitha:? ayy swara I asked u press to my clothes right … Instead of doing tat ..u r here huh!
Swara:(fears)….so…rry ..kav..itha
Wo maa asked….
Kavitha;(cuts off)? how dare u to put the blame on my mom

Kaveri comes there hearing her shout …

Kaveri : wat happen ladoo …y r u shouting
Kavitha:? mom….see thz swara I said her to press my clothes .. But she didn’t do tat ..and now she is putting blame on u for not press my clothes

Kaveri looks at swara angrily …
She Shriver’s in fear …

Kaveri: ? ayy chori …tu sudregi nahi na….let me give u punishment

She holds swara’s hand …while Swara pleads

Swara:(tears) maa ..I’m sorry I won’t repeat …thz …plzz don’t beat me …plzz maa

Kavitha looks at her pleading and smirks ..and

Kavitha:mom …today I will teach her a good lesson for disobeying me

Saying thz she holds swara’s hand and drags her to a room
While kaveri smirks and follows her …

In the room …kavitha keeps swara’s palms on the table …and takes a hot iron box smirking evily
While swara’s body starts shivering as she was aware of wat will be the nxt

Swara:(pleads) plzzz kavitha… It .. W.. I ..ll …pa..in …plzzzz leave me…..plzzz

But kavitha smirks at her pleading and keeps the hot iron on her palms …swara screams in pain


Sanskar who passing by the room …hears her scream

Sanskar: wat was tat … (Looks at room) let me check …

He goes towards the room … Just then his eyes falls on the room’s window……and he saw the divine girl in the pain ….she was screaming and pleading to leave her…..but kaveri and kavitha was b*t*h enough not to leave her
He was just staring her … Who’s face was turned red due to the pain ….and tears were making a way from her beautiful eyes

Sanskar: interesting …

He mumered …..raising his eyebrows and leaves from there

Here swara was still screaming in the pain …

Swara:(tears) …kavitha….plzzz aaaaa …..plz…zzz it’s paining. … Leave …me…
Kavitha: nah swara ..u know seeing u in pain makes me feel so happy
Kaveri: sahi kaha ladoo

Kavitha and kaveri smirks …. Whereas swara was crying with pain
Just then there was a knock on the door …kavitha and kaveri widens there eyes in tensed

Kavitha: mom …kahin Sanskar…….
Kaveri:(cuts off) kavitha keep tat iron aside (to swara) and u dare u open ur mouth

Kavitha takes off the iron from swara’s palm….her palm was turned red she cries seeing it ….kaveri opens the door and finds Johan standing there …she looks surprised

Johan:actually Sanskar sir wants me to drop u both at the shopping mall ….so come ..
Kaveri: haan just 5min …we will come
Johan:no Sanskar sirv ordered me to drop u now itself ..and u better know the value of his order
Kaveri: okay okay …come .. (To kavitha) ladoo come let’s go

Kavitha nodes …kavitha and kaveri leaves from there giving a angry glare to swara

As soon as the went ….swara broke down in tears …

Swara:swara u r soo bad… How can u disobey ur ma and sis … U r soo bad

She was crying miserably sitting on the floor ….just then she felt a hand on her shoulder …. She widens her eyes and wipes her tears immediately ….
She turns only to see Sanskar sitting on a one knee
She gets startled and moves back still sitting on the floor

Sanskar:hey y r u crying …

He moves forward and say’s thz touching her face lustly
….she feels uncomfortable and was abt to move back … But he holds her wrist and pulls her closer to him …..she screams in pain ….as he was holding her burned palm …he realises it and leaves her hand ….keeping his hand on her waist …he pulls her closer to him ….while she struggles in his arms …

Swara:leave me. …plzzzz …

Sanskar:y r u bearing all thz .. Look I will give u the amt in which u can enjoy ur life. .. But in return just satisfy me …my lust which I found in u ..

He says thz pulling her more closer to him …rubing her back sensuously yet lustly ….. As he Caress her cheeks with his lips
As he knows tat every girls melts in his one touch and hand themselves to him …but was she belongs to the category of such girl …obviously not !!!… She widens her eyes in shock
And start struggling to free herself from his grip …but he was strong enough to not let her to do So …

Swara:(tears) plzz don’t touch me .. I don’t want ur money … I’m happy with wat I have in my life … Plzzz don’t touch me …. Plzz don’t touch me ….plzzzz

She falls unconscious in his arms …he looks at thz and pats her cheeks …

Sanskar: hey get ..up …girl … Hey get up ….

But she wasn’t responding … He takes her in his arms and places her on the bed …..

Sanskar: may be she felt unconscious cause of weakness…

He looks at her ..burned palms ..
Takes a ailment from the drawer and applies it to her palm…
And leaves from there


Sanskar’s room

He was thinking abt Swara … Her eyes… Her lips …her beauty everything of her was making him crazy abt her

Just then
His mobile rings …he looks at the caller I’d & lifts the call

*on call*

Sanskar: hello lucky
Laksh:hi sanky …hw r u dude …
Sanskar: (lost in swara’s thoughts) hmmm fine …
Laksh:(feels fishy) wat happen dude …u sounds so lost ..
Sanskar: actually lucky (he tells him abt swara)
Laksh: oh …u want her ….but she isn’t like all those girl who agreed to make up with u for ur mere touch or money
Sanskar:yes …her beauty also isn’t comparable to any other girl …..actually she isn’t any other girl …..she is different a interesting girl …I want her but u know …
Laksh:(interrupts) haan I know u r Sanskar Maheswari who don’t force a girl and so her …
Like other girls u want tat girl also to hand herself to u right
Sanskar: yes …but she is impossible …I want to do something …I want her …
Laksh:waise hearing abt her from u ….I’m also feeling to meet her … To see how beautiful she is … Tat she captured ur lusty mind … She might be hot and s*xy too ?

He say’s thz playfully ….but some kind of anger …raised in Sanskar
He immediately replied him

Sanskar:? be in ur limits … And look after ur wife ragini it is more than enough for u

He say’s with so anger tat he didn’t realised tat y is he comparing a girl with laksh wife y is he getting angry on laksh for speaking such word on a mere girl which they does everytime ..
While she was unlike other girl for whom he is lusty …whereas ragini and laksh were his frnds ….but was she just a other girl for him??
Laksh sense something and

Laksh:she is just ur mere want or she became ur need huh!

He quetions in a serious tone

Sanskar: (confused) wat do u mean ….
Laksh: nothing leave …it bye

*call ends*


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