Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari roams naked in town

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari walks to anu,anu says I was thinking about you,you will live 100 years,Tiwari says on one condition you will be with me and stay young,anu says cmon we all have to get old one day,anyways I have some news my business partner mr Agarwal wants one more member for ice cream business,Tiwari says I’m in,anu says great let’s see you tomorrow at 2pm,and do come well dressed like vibhu and one more thing,and learn 3 4 English words he shouldn’t know you are illiterate and also avoid this smelly oil,I will give you vibhus hair gel,be stylish like him and yes this perfume too avoid it.

Tiwari trying new shirt,and asks angoori how do I look and says tomorrow I shall wear this one,angoori says great but tomorrow you won’t wear any shirt,Tiwari says are you stupid and who told you all this,angoori says baba ashikanand,Tiwari says I won’t do any of such thing and gets angry.

Angoori in garden,vibhu walks to her and says hello bhabhiji,and I met Baba ashikanand,angoori says yes and we spoke about you too,vibhu says yes and at times his soul enters mine,angoori says how come,vibhu says he is very divine and so,and look he is here,his soul is here,angoori says I can’t see,vibhu says I’m his favourite and so only I can see,angoori says even I want to see him,vibhu starts acting like Baba.

Vibhu says baby do you love me,angoori says yes I love you,vibhu says you didn’t wink,angoori says oh I’m sorry winks and says I love you,vibhu says stay happy,and have you initiated with solution,angoori says he doesn’t listen to me,vibhu says if you want your husband to stay alive,you have to,angoori says no never I won’t let anything happen to him,vibhu says simple donate his clothes and all be done,so tell me do you love me,angoori says yes I love you.

Vibhu says babaji is gone,bye see you then.

Tiwari having shower,Tiwari calls angoori and asks her to hand towel,and my new shirt too,angoori says I donated all of that,angoori says yes all your clothes are donated,Tiwari gets angry,angoori says for the sake of solution,Tiwari says I won’t leave him and I have an important meeting,angoori says don’t worry I have a new dress for you and shows a loin stitched out of leaves.

Agarwal with anu and says I’m into business with this man just because he is your neighbour otherwise I don’t entertain unknown people,anu doesn’t see Tiwari and let’s him in and introduces him to Agarwal and shouts on seeing him,Agarwal says Anita what drama is this,Anita says get lost,you insulted me,Tiwari leaves crying.

Vibhu starts recording Tiwari.

Commissioner with his London sister and happu having katchori,tiwari in market and ladies get scared of him,Tiwari says hello to commissioner,his sister gets scared and faints,Tiwari asks is she your girlfriend,happu says she is his sister,commissioner says how dare you come this way in front of my sister and Roam in town you are under arrest.

Tiwari behind bars,commissioner says because of you Tiwari my sister is so scared that she is having seizures,anu walks in,and says I’m here to talk about Tiwari.

Vibhu at tea stall and says boys I have something for you,boys see that and start laughing,vibhu telling how he successes this plan,angoori hears them,tilu says oh nice very well done,angoori says oh no and walks to vibhu and says wow very well what a revenge,I don’t believe you did this,pelu informs them Tiwari is jail.

Tiwari being whacked in jail,anu says enough,vibhu and angoori walk in too,vibhu says I will deal with him,and says bhabhiji will explain,angoori tells the whole scene,Tiwari says you are such a cheap man,vibhu says yes I am and pulls his cover.

Pre cap: Meenal says let’s shoot a ad that you hand our cream into a jungle man and as he uses it he turns handsome,anu says how will play that man,Tiwari says I will.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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