Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma thinks Tara is Arohi and gets her arrested

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says Arohi is in front of you commissioner. Arrest her. she hugs Roma and says i love you mom. I can’t tell you how happy am I. Roma slaps her and she falls down. Roma says you slapped me your tara? Why? Roma says because you tried taking my daughter’s plan. She slaps her again. She says this is for trying to take my daughter’s husband. Tara is shocked. Roma says to Arohi why didn’t you tell me I am your daughter what are you doing mom. Thank God we got DNA tests done. Tara says I am Tara mom. The DNA report could be changed. I will kill arohi. Roma shoves her and says to inspector she is Aorhi. please arrest her. She is very dangerous. Police takes Tara to jail.
Tara says to Deep we decided something. I told you I will tell you where is bhabhi and chawani. Tara says you cheater. I know you know that I am Tara. You are doing this for Arohi. I will kill you. Tara is locked up in jail.
Deep and Arohi leave.

Roma says congratulations. Lets celebrate. Arohi says to deep where can chawani and bhabhi be? deep says tara you should be happy. roma says yes Tara be happy. Roma says bindya we have got your father’s murderer arrested. Deep calls someone and says I will be there at 5. Aorhi comes and says what are you saying. What are you trying to hide? He says tara enjoy your freedom. Your husband is here to handle it all. arohi says you know who am I. You changed DNa report. He says what? You are Tara. She says please help me find chawani and bhabhi. He says I am work to do.
Deep comes to dilip and says I changed DNA reports but I wont help her anymore. I am taking you to city hospital. There is a foreign doctor. He has treated many patients like you. i want to know about my past. arohi wants to help me but I will do it on my own.

Deep takes Dilip to hospital. Prithvi sees him. He tells roma. He says you knw what will happen if dilip gets well. She says don’t worry. Dilip wont ever get well.
The prisoner slaps Tara. Tara throttles her and says how dare you. Her friends catch tara. SHe slaps tara. Tara says to constable wont you stop them? She says murderer like you deserves this. Tara hits her head on the grill. It bleeds and she falls down. The prisoner says everyone will think we did this. Constables come and pick her up. They take her towards the hospital.

Arohi is worried for chawani and bhabhi. she says please help me God. Someone throws in a rock with a letter. She reads bhabhi and chawani are with me. Meet me behind the house in 20 minutes. Arohi is going there. Roma asks where are you going? She says I will be there in a while.

Scene 2
Deep calls his man and says see the number of car in CCTV. I want to know where bhabhi and chawani are. Tara is taken to the hospital. Deep brings Dilip to the same hospital. Tara is in room. she sees deep outside. She says deep your death is cocmign to you. She picks small knife and says you will pay for cheating with me.
Precap-Arohi sees a file. Deep looks her in a room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi everyone…. this serial has so much nautanki oh my god! Roma slapped ‘Tara’ because why didnt her dear daughter run to her and hug her and tell her that she is Tara! like really! i am just happy that she slapped the real Tara twice and harder…. and when Tara started screaming ‘oldie have you lost your screws in old age that you cant identify your own daughter’ i was laughing even more lol…. Deep is another dramebaaz, he will do everything but not talk clearly to Arohi. why? just talk to her, clear misunderstandings so that we can have at least some good romantic scenes in this show…. btw, i dont know if others think in the same way, but i feel i bit sad that Deep betrayed Tara, its like his character couldnt remain true to either Tara or Arohi 🙁

    1. true deep everytime has to betray someone but good that this he is on the right side, so if i want to fooled someone let’s be rachaind family

      1. leandra shiyara

        hi arohi&deep do you kow alisha panwar(aarohi’s) snapchat id or do anyone of you know alisha(aarohi’s) snapchat id if you guys know please tell me. thanks

    2. Hey dhara diii
      how r u??
      l saw your comment after a long time…….Yaaa tara deserve more slaps
      Deep and arohii…….now a days too irritating

    3. hey Arohi&Deep, agree that Deep better be on Arohi’s side than Tara’s. still i wouldnt have minded if they had made it as Tara and Deep’s love story and Arohi’s revenge against them…. At least Deep and Tara didnt have so many betrayals and misunderstandings in their story before now. just my opinion… i like both the couples
      hi shifa 🙂 i am good. how are you? the last time we talked, i remember you were going to have your university exams. how did they go?

      1. hii dhara missed you and your comments so much….yah could see the romantic scenes between them for sure but to be honest i am mad at aarohi she is suspecting deep after he did everything saved her her family everything indirectly though….and yah i was also upset about deep betraying tara what ever tara was good or bad she always loved deep infinity though it was not as aarohis(the before one) true but no one is perfect deep did not stay loyal at anyone but didnt do anything wrong to tara either he is just being random and giving tara her punishment for killing people….theres another point aarohi is becoming dumb day by day….1st she didnt act as tara when roma slapped her and still doubting on deep…..and deep confuses me to the core he loves her bt doesnt want love in return it was confusing to understand his feelings before now the character is totally confusing…..

      2. no deep as to be with arohi, good news spoilersss i read that a lawyer will help arohi new entry as good men it’s seems that deep sent him to arohi to help her beacause he can’t help her directly
        I still hope deep finished with arohi
        i like tara but he relation isn’t true she is selfish and just want to posses deep like his toy so i don’t see any love story between them

      3. Hey nabs, i missed you all too dear, am happy to be back 🙂 i agree that though Deep sort of betrayed Tara, but Tara deserves to be jailed because she is the real killer who has comitted all these murders. hopefully, next in line, Deep and Arohi will try to clear Arohi’s name and the police and world will know that Tara is the serial killer and not Arohi. i also feel like Arohi should be more trusting of Deep and use her own brains instead of shouting or nagging Deep
        hi Arohi&Deep, i too want Deep to end up with Arohi now, and Arohi a little less irritating. but i dont blame Tara for who she is. look at her whole family, her mother is a despicable woman who lies, slaps and kills. so how Tara or Virat would know how to love someone any differently. but even in her madness, i think Tara loved Deep in every way she could. she didnt know how to empathize with him, and she didnt know the concept of letting the loved one go for his happiness, but she is also extremely loyal to him and am sure that if Deep asked her for anything, she would have done it without question. i know that kind of relationship is not healthy and if Tara didnt change then they both couldnt have been happy couple, still i have a weakness for Tara lol…. Deep and Arohi’s relationship will be much healthier, specially because both of them have a kinder heart. but i wish they would start trusting each other and be clear to each other. specially Deep!

      4. i agree with you dhara just deep doesn’t want to involve arohi but it’s too late he start the game but when he fall in love he couldn’t stop it and now he want to fix all without any help

  2. hey sathya…. i am fine, how are u? i thought to reply in yesterdays comments section but i thought you might not notice so talking here. 🙂

    1. Hi Dhara ? am good,,,, and yes I too felt like Deep cheated Tara but it’s her fault too as she couldn’t understand he really loves her or just for her mom he is forced to pretend,,,

  3. Sonakshi5

    My guess was correct?? …roma was doing this to see arohi’s reaction … who changed reports? Did they show a flasback? I missed the first 10 mins ….
    Tara …wah wah ????…she is very clever and bold… i want arohi to be like her …
    Where are ritu and chawanni???
    Who took them?
    Hope dilip gets cured …tired of seeing him just blinking and crying …
    Good night friends?
    Sweet dreams??
    Take care ?

    1. Hey sonakshi, there was no flashback, but Deep tells Dilip that he has changed the DNA reports. i too hope Dilip gets cured and starts doing something, it seems he knows many secrets and hopefully he is not killed before he does soemthing substantial, lol. good night 🙂

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi di ?…
        Thanks for telling ?….
        Good morning ?

    2. Hiiiii Sonakshi
      How r u ????
      After a long time. ….
      Yes tara is too good than arohi……..
      Me too what dilip to do something

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Shifa …?…
        I am fine …
        How are u ??
        Yes ,talking with you after a long time …

  4. btw, Arohi is becoming dumber and dumber everyday and i am getting fed up of her, she is literally sitting in the living room, infront of Roma, and she says to deep, ‘what are you doing about bhabhi and chawanni?’ and Deep is like, TARA, you are Tara dammit! and then somebody threw stones (which doesnt make sense since Tara’s room is in the second floor, unless the stone thrower is someone in the house, but whatever), and the letter was obviously addressed to Tara, because it said that these are the last evidences of your blo*dy crimes and i can help you get rid of them…. but Arohi doesnt realise it and wonders if Deep has sent it. what?? then she tells roma that she is going for jogging in the heels she is wearing lol….
    also, in the precap, the file has vasundhara’s name, there was also a shadow which would be a new entry (and if he is on Arohi’s side then he will die in three weeks for sure -_-) and Deep actually pushes Arohi out of Raichand Mansion and closes the door while Arohi cries. (it seems we are back to cry babay Arohi who has no more plans. does she want to stay her whole life as Tara? does she want the world to continue thinking that Arohi is the serial killer? Arohi’s revenge progressed a bit just coz of deep. Deep changed DNA reports. on her own she is just losing Kalyani, Vedika, nikku, bhabhi, chawanni…. killing wrong people and not able to separate the devils. seriously, i want Arohi to stoplooking scared and do something!)

    1. Yes u’ve put it the right way n… Thanx for yesterday’s update dhara!

    2. I agree dii ……..Both arohi and deep are behaving like kids..dumboo

    3. Hiii dhara what u said deep pushed arohi that is previous episode’s scene where deep pushed arohi and locked the door

    4. Very truee dhara.. I guess cvs just love changing personality of characters, why can’t they stick to one thing arohi is literally irritating me as she is helpless women, who can’t do anything by herself and deep, don’t know, which doctor he consulted to set his mind right, he could have done these same thing before betrayal drama…… Dammnn…
      I wanted something like they both r using their brilliant mind together and fighting against their rivals for once and then cvs could hve continued with their crap……. The most lovely character in this show is tara, her personality is same as before, her character has been retained as before and i just simply love her a she is not a crybaby girl like arohi….. In real life i can’t bear girls like arohi who always keep nagging….. I m sorry if i hurt any arohi’s fan..

      Btw dhara, how hve been?? Saw u after such a long time..

    5. hi Amaira… you are welcome 🙂
      hi Shifa, truly said :/
      hey Pks… i suppose then the writers have used the old trick of using previous scenes as precap :/ dont know why they do this…
      hi Tanya… how are you? i am fine. yeah i started commenting after a long time and hopefully the writers would give a good show and not disappoint again. but you are right, Arohi is becoming too much irritating. i too want bith Deep and Arohi to be clever and together at the same time. but before London track Arohi was clever Deep stupid and useless, now Deep is clever and Arohi stupid and useless… its like the writers have taken an oath that they will not write both characters as clever at the same time 🙁 truly, Tara is the only one who is not inconsistent. she is violent, has crazy levels of anger, hates cheaters and never thinks of herself as weak. even in jail she is screaming at everyone lol… love Tara!

    6. true even i felt she is too dumb i only feel like slapping her we as viewers enjoyed aarohi as innocent but not dumb… just tired of this aarohis drama tara is much more clever than this cry baby

  5. Hi frnds..
    Only few minutes it’s interesting up-to Tara got arrested.. remaining is boring… I love Tara acting. terrific actor..
    aarohi is so stupid y is she irritating deep..
    Will Tara go back to jail or will she escape from hospital..
    I think in coming episodes bcoz of this stupid aarohi deep will be in trouble..

    1. Hey… i think Tara will go back to jail, or atleast i hope she does. this confusion of who is Tara, who is Arohi is frustrating to watch but as long as Tara stays in jail, no one will get confused. and i want Tara to suffer a little more in jail, Arohi suffered a lot when she was in prison. but Tara is total psycho lol, if she starts banging her own head then what will other do!
      i too feel that Arohi will get Deep in trouble. but i also dont understand why Deep doesnt say everything clearly to Arohi. it is irritating to watch both of them like this 🙁

      1. Dhara,,my guess is Deep doesn’t want to put Arohi in RM,, he was keep telling leave from here and live a peaceful life but she is not moving out of that house

      2. I agree dhara dii and sathya………

      3. hey sathya…. maybe u are correct, but i still wish Deep would say this clearly to Arohi. he can promise that once i get to know about my mother i will come too… but right now Deep is still angry and i dont think Arohi will leave without Deep. she knows Roma wants Deep dead and Arohi wants Deep to be safe and they have a family again…. so much misunderstanding and so little romance 🙁

    2. Hii sravanthii…
      Yaa….,sure she will make deep in to trouble

  6. btw friends… i thought of another thing. there is cctv footage of the car that took away chawanni. so it mght even show who took him away. Deep says on phone that i want to know about chawanni and that woman at all cost…. i just feel like it will be shown that it was bhabhi who took chawanni away, because Deep didnt call her bhabhi, but ‘that woman’ so its a guess….. if it is indeed bhabhi who is evil, then it will make the story nonsensical though, so am hoping that they dont turn bhabhi negative :/

    1. Nòoooooooooo l don’t want bhabi to negative. …….if they show bhabi negative
      Iss negativity mein marjawunki ki

    2. shifa… i dont want bhabhi to be negative either. but i keep wondering that if Deep had both bhabhi and nikku, then why he kept them separately…

      1. i don’t think that they was separated just when niku turn sick he sent him to the hospital and to protect bhabi she couldn’t come then arohi see niku at the hospital so everythink happend after that

      2. hi Arohi&Deep, actually in the pen drive, Arohi saw that Deep was feeding nikku and dressing him for school and everything and so i thought nikku didnt have his mother to do all that…. maybe am mistaken as it hasnt been stated yet where Bhabhi was

  7. Really aarohi is such an idiot in front of roma she is asking deep about chawani and bhabi.. Very soon bcoz of her behavior Roma, virat, pritvi any one will get doubt on her.. I hate aarohi.. im losting patience

  8. Hello everybody!
    Few things in the show suck alot…… U can’t change a dna report so quickly…. unnoticed… No, not at all. One can change the dna samples though cause if u change the reports only, the person sending the same knows the truth…
    No doubt that arohi is getting dumb day by day.. but what I liked is that she has created such an illusion that in a few months the real tara can’t recognised…. though tara lived with her own mother for years.
    Another very imp point, aarohi should dress like tara…. not her old attire..that makes things fishy
    And I must say….tara doesn’t care whether she insults her own mother, she is a true picture of angry young woman who can do anything in rage, that means she can abuse her mother too.
    It was eerie thing to see tara being beaten by those ladies, but she deserves it.
    Arohi should have a strong personality by now, the way she was in jail….beating n threatening others…..this Oh God personality is so boring n is diminishing my interest…. That typical storyline of MERA CHIRAG, earlier in the show was so so bad, i mean i hated watching that, it was so dumbstruck
    It’s high time, writers must tighten there grips n dust their brains, or else trp will definitely go down.

    Hey dhara n sonakshi, anvesha, sathya, all the others…. m bad at remembering names…
    Dharma, sonakshi n anvesha how old r u all, want to know cause I want address u all with the right word….mean’ di’ or ur names themselves
    Feel that deep should be clear enough by now.

    1. Hiii amaira…
      How are you?????
      Nice analysis. …..l agree with your each and every point………
      Well amaira l am 19 yrs and you can call me as you wish…….And what about you??

      1. Hi shifa ‘appi’ , nice to meet u, well i m 16

      2. Hi shifa ‘appi’ , nice to meet u, well i m 16

      3. Don’t know how it got posted twice ?

      4. Oooooo l got a sister……….so sweet

      5. yes appi! 🙂

      6. hey you guyss are all elder than me i didnt even recognize it well im 15 hii amaira what am i supposed to call you sis..

      7. @nabs u can call me amaira…… 1 yr younger doesn’t matter at all ?

    2. hey Amaira, i am 24. i suppose i am elder than most people here…. i agree to all that you said. Arohi should be dressing differenlt but it seems everyone has accepted that this is how ‘Tara’ dresses now. i thought once Roma saw real Tara’s look, she would recognize, but now she really thinks Arohi is her Tara. good job Arohi and Roma is a real idiotic mother. Virat has doubts about his real sister but Roma does not! also, Deep said that he had changed reports but i think he meant that he had bribed the test center to change the reports. the reports were sent directly to Roma through fax and we know Deep was not in Shimla where Virat went to get the test done. So i think Deep knew where Virat would go and we were shown a scene where Deep was talking to someone on the phone. i think Deep contacted the guy in Shimla and told him to change reports for money…

      1. Oh, so from now on, it’s Dhara di……… I always felt that u r elder than me coz ur comments havr a touch of maturity which is quite not easy to come from a person of my age or younger than me…….. So once again… Happy to meet u di!

      2. Hi Dhara,,, am 28 ?

    3. Sonakshi5

      Hi Amaira ?….
      I am also of your age …16 years old

      1. Hey buddy, that’s cool

    4. Hi Amaira,, am 28yrs ?

      1. hey… i never realized you are elder to me! i shall call you didi from today if you dont mind 🙂

      2. Hello sathya di! Nice to have u here

  9. Hey that wasn’t good… Tara being beaten!

  10. Hey guys…
    After a long time……
    WOWW…….Tara gets arrested instead of arohi because of deep……And arohi why she is not using her brain……..There was a time deep was always saying meri tara meri tara meri tara……Now he cheated her too( l know that it was roma’s pressure for him phir bhi)……No difference. …past with arohi….present with tara…l don’t know about future?????…..
    Tara is going to kill deep for cheating her….That is what arohi do in london……..for cheating her………..
    Tara if you want to kill anyone ……..Plzz go and kill the no:1 cheater roma raichand
    And wht about prithvi he was taking the revenge from roma for killing her daughter by shaking hands with virat……Suddenly its all change………
    And arohi……She saw that deep was buring vedika body…..Does she forgot that
    Why did she don’t ask anything to him about that………
    Niku does he really die???? If he died its all because arohi….She has to take the
    responsibility……Because he was safe in the hands of deep………
    About chawani and bhabi ……..No idea

    1. hi shifa… how are you? yes i started commenting after a long time and i hope you start commenting here too again. i missed you all. now Shey and Tanya are remaining who used to comment daily previously….
      i agree with all your points and these are the same questions in my mind too. i think nikku is really dead because Virat brought nikku’s body with bullet wound in chest. that time Deep or Arohi were not here to protect nikku and even chawanni was kidnapped by Tara. so i think nikku has really died…. what i dont understand is how Tara managed to come back from London so soon and kidnap Tara and stab nikku. (Tara later told Arohi that she had first injured nikku and then called Virat. when Virat saw the unconscious child lying, he shot him too. so i guess there is no way that nikku could have survived that 🙁 )

  11. Who was new face in the precape is he or she know about deeps family his past & what roma & prithvi hidding from deep about his past why they dont want deep to know about his past???????????????⚘???
    Shake it off
    But i am exited about the next episode ??????????????
    Why deep throw arohi out of house or he looked her in a room???????????

    1. hey Naman… i think Deep is the real owner of Raichand empire and thats why Roma doesnt want him to know the truth. they just want him to die so that property transfers to Tara’s name and then they can share. thats why they were so happy when they thought Deep is dead…. but it doesnt make sense that Roma will go on announcing that she will give half property to Tara or Virat….. lets wait and see what happens.

  12. Fab episod

  13. Ardeep

    Both arohi and deep are acting childish on one side deep says that he can’t live without her and on the other side he constantly hurting her and this Arohi I want the old arohi back when she came out of jail she was soo clever but now makers are ruining their characters she is just crying and crying nowadays it’s hard to watch arohi. And plz we have seen enough of thrill we also want ardeep bring them close

    1. true Ardeep… from the time Arohi has retrned from London, she has gone into crying mode dialed up to 100. its like she has lost all ideas and plans and has no more courage -_- hate to see her like this

      1. U see the British took away her cleverness like all other possessions of India…… ?

  14. raichands keep killing people every now n then everything goes unnoticed.. the moment tara kills somebody it becomes police case n police commissioner comes personally to arrrst her…
    so ridiculous…….

    arohi to bevakoofi ki saari hadde paar kar rahee hai..

    1. agree dear…. Kalyani, Vedika, nikku… so many people killed but no one notices. Vedika even grabbed media attention, people should be calling her for interviews or reports but no. but maharaj dies and police is there to arrest. although the rest of the murders were covered up where as Tara herself sent the video of Maharaj murder to police (like Arohi sent the video of Deep’s murder to police in London)… but other deaths should also be discovered and punished -_-

  15. My aunt was dead on yesterday. So am not feel good .

    1. May Allah give u n ur family the strength to bear the loss?

    2. Im so sorry to hear about your loss.. May her soul rest in peace.. My deepest condolences to you and your family during this dark time.

    3. Sonakshi5

      O so sad to hear that rhivanya ….
      May she rest in peace ?? …

    4. Ooooo Rhivanya so sad….
      May allah give the strength to your family…….Rest in peace

    5. hey Rhivanya, very sorry to hear this sad news. may her soul rest in peace…. take care dear

    6. Hi Rhivanya, sorry to hear this,, may her soul rest in peace.. take care dear

  16. Here some network issues.

  17. sorry Rhivanya may she rest in peace

  18. Love you my dears(Amaira,sravanthi, sonakshi, shifa,dhara,lutfa,sathya)
    Mera dil ki baath bol kar aap logo ki bhi parishaan kardhali sry guys.

    1. Hey Rhivanya, dont be sorry dear. its a difficult time and you take care of yourself and family. dont worry about us….

    2. No no it’s not that

    3. Don’t say sorry.. u can share everything with us.. We are here for you… take care dear..

  19. Sahina

    Dhara can u give us today’s update?

    1. Hey sahina, actually i missed the first five minutes of the episode and then in the middle too because of electricity problems in our locality 🙁 i am waiting for the update too 🙁

  20. Sahina

    It’s ok dhara

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