Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anitas phone rangs and vibhuti asks her to go and receive call and she picks up and its anguri and anguri tells her tat manmohan remembers her bday and he has brought some gifts but is hiding from her and anita says right actually the gifts are at her home as vibhuti is helping manmohan in giving u a surprise on your bday and then anita says tat we are at home so they are not able to plan anything properly so they decide to go to parlor for 2 to 3 hours and anguri agress and hungs up.
Anita then calls vibhuti and he tells tat he can explain about the gifts and cake inhis drawer and anita says he need not and then tells him she is going to parlor and will come after 2 to 3 hours and says to him tat he can do whatever he wants and then she leaves and vibhuti says tat how did this happen how did she gave me permission and he decides to plan for anguris bday.
Manmohan is making arrangements and comes anguri comes and says tat she was changing in bathroom and she tells him tat she is going to meet her sister bhuri and manmohan gets happy and says its good tat u remember her and asks her to go and come late and anguri and anita sit in a rikshaw and leave for parlor.
Manmohan and vibhuti decorate their respective houses with flowers and balloons and then both of them decide to go and call bhabhiji and come out of their house and they come face to face and vibhuti asks manmohan tat has he not gone to his shop and manmohan also asks him y has he not gone to work and both say tat they are leaving and leave and after going a small distance manmohan comes back and enters vibhutis house to meet anita and vibhuti enters manmohans house to meet anguri and both of them see decorations and think tat this means they remember the birth day and say to god cant he make him remember a bit late and then come and again see each other and vibhuti then says to manmohan tat finally he remembered and manmohan says so now u remember the occasion and vibhuti says yes and manmohan says to vibhuti how did u forget ur wifes bday and vibhuti says anguri is not my wife and y r u saying it like tat and then he says tat today is not anitas bday but anguri bhabhis bday and manmohan says wat r u saying and vibhuti reminds him tat its 16th march anguri bhabhis bday and manmohan says tat he remembers and asks do u remember anita bhabhis bday and vibhuti says yes and tells its 16th oct and manmohan says he will keep in mind and both leave
Anita comes back from parlor and sees that there are no lights at home and outside there are lights and calls vibhuti and goes to check same anguri also enters house and sees tat there is no light and calls manmohan and then both of them in their respective houses lit up lights and give surprises to their wives manmohan then wishes anguri happy bday and vibhuti says to anita tat he understood her pain when he saw tat manmohan forgit anguris bday and so to say sorry he planned all this and then he asks her to cut cake and seeing cake anita gets angry and says why is bhabhiji written on cake and vibhuti says tat manmohan stupid brought this cake and then anita says its ok as u did all this for her and in manmohan house when anguri is about to cut cake even she sees bhabhiji written on it and she also asks manmohan wat is this and he too says tat vibhuti brought cake so and then wishes her and hugs her.
Next day manmohan gets ready and leaves for shop and a man passes him he sneezes and comes out anguri and says tat this is bad sign and u should not go out now as something bad may happen and manmohan says tat this all false asks her to inside and then decides to go and meet anita and when enters her house she is talking on phone to her friend jasveeer and saying tat she loves her very much and manmohan listens all this and thinks tat jasveer is a boy and thinks tat anita is in love with a boy from America and gets upset and leaves with heavy heart and is crying standing near the gate and the man again passes and sneezes and he shouts at him and then comes saxena and consoles him not to cry and manmohan says tat wat u know and he says it happens with everyone and manmohan asks wat happens and saxena says tat that happens to all other has happened with u and he confuses manmohan and he then asks him to leave while anita at her home is talking to jasveer and tells tat vibhuti will get very happy to see u here and then jasveer tells her tat she should not inform of her arrival as she wants to give him surprise and they plan.
Vibhuti is teaching anguri how too cook a vegetable kofta and comes manmohan running tat u r life is in danger and he says tat he need to talk to u urgently and vibhuti says tat u can tell infront of anguri and manmohan says no and vibhuti says is it something nonveg and says to anguri see how is manmohan and anguri says wat r u saying to manmohan and then manmohan drags vibhuti out and both sit in a rikshaw and then manmohan tells vibhuti tat anita is having affair with some American and vibhuti says to him tat wat nonsense are u talking and manmohan says tat he is not talking anything wrong he has heard anita talking on phone and so he knows it and listening to this vibhuti gets upset.

Anita calls jasveer and tells tat vibhuti is sleeping and she has planned well and vibhuti listens all this and gets very upset manmohan is seen in tension and anguri asks him wats wrong and manmohan scolds her to go and sleep.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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