Million Dollar Girl 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells Dj why he did like this…DJ tells to forgot as she breaked Bhuwan heart..As he messed with him and rejected on facebook…Avanti tells guyz who think gals are useless..Avanti tells she will show Virat now…DJ laughs..Dj tells that she is happy as she won challenge…Avanti tells IF Dj is feeling bad breakin Bhuwan hurt..
Virat sits at Dhaaba and drinks…kavya. tells she got job because of vicky only..Kavya checks Vicky’s paper…Avanti comes and sleeps on bed…Avanti sees Kavya..Avanti asks what kavya is doing..Kavya tells she dont want to disturb her mom thats why came here..Avanti tells she have to do task…Avanti tells kavya to go…Kavya tells shut up…Rajat talks on phone…Virat comes and Rajat is loosing the betings..How his predictions are wrong…Rajat tells If his predictions are right would have become millionere..Virat tells If Avanti loose or Rajat???Rajat tells its all about destiny..Virat tells from when Rajat is helping him??Virat tells he dont want help anyone…Virat falls…Rajat tries to hold…Virat goes…
Dj goes…Dj”s mother asks where is she going??DJ tells she is not small kid…Mother tells that she care about DJ…she tells that Bhuwan said to worker’s and they took the case back…Mother tells that Bhuwan is very good…Dj tells everytime she tells wrong about Bhuwan What happened now???DJ goes…Mother is shocked..Anotherside at dhaaba..Customer tells Vicky he forgot the wallet..Vicky tells its okey…kavya comes and shouts tells the Man to give money…The man pays…Kavya tells everytime..Vicky is giving free food and he is in loss…Kavya tells that he is spoiling dhaaba…kavya tells that she is mad that she checked the profit and loss paper…Vicky smiles and tells thankyou…kavya tells she did it because Vicky is Avanti”s friend..vicky smiles…
Avanti goes in Zubair office..Virat stops and tells what she will do??Avanti tells that today Virat will loose…Zubair tells that Avanti just promises but not fullfill…Avanti tells that she just fail in two task..As loosing and winning is part of Game..As India won from southafrice…Zubair tells that If Avanti looses the oppurtunity will never get job..Its not receptionist job…Zubair tells that he have to take out all information..Virat tells Avanti to go and job at reception..Zubair tells Virat not to talk as Avanti is the one..who is without degree but won from Virat..Zubair tells Virat not to fly high..Zubair tells Avanti and Virat to convince their friends by fake deals..offers and bring investment like cheat fund..SPI..Zubair tells who bring.maximum will win..Its a challenge and have to win by hook or crook..Zubair tells that they can use ATM…He tells that they cannot tel friends that it is challenge…Avanti tells Virat that she Know many people at Banaras and she will win this compedition…Virat thinks to whom he call….Avanti call DJ..Avanti gets a message saying “I Can Hear you”…..Avanti search zubair but doesnt find anyone…Avanti tells from where Zubair is keeping an eye on her…Virat comes and asks for Bhuwan…A man tells that Bhuwan left the job ..Virat asks why Bhuwan lost the job so soon??Man tells that Bhuwan problem is girl..Virat finds tracker on her pocket…Anotherside..Avanti tells that Zubair kept some listening device…Avanti checks but doesnt finds…DJ tells that may be Ant bite Avanti…Another side Virat throws the microphone..Zubair text him saying If he throw will be out of compedition and tells to come As the time is up…

Precap::Avanti tells DJ to give her 10 thousand as it will increase in next week..Virat tells Bhuwan for investment..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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