Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update Angoori says I Love you to Vibhuti

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori and Tiwari reach the venue, Angoori this looks old, tiwari says and scary too, vibhu walks to them and greets them. Tiwari says this watchman scared us, vibhu says he did that to us too, Tiwari asks wheres the hotel, vibhu says it was a Bungalow before but now a hotel and where did you find bhabhi she had left early.tiwari says have you lost it, she left with me.vibhu says lets go in,vibhu gives a tour.

Boys welcome them, teeka as manager and others waiter, angoori says good to see you, tilu says we working here, vibhu says they keep wandering in Kanpur so i got them here, teeka asks for 2500₹ cash advance, tiwari says we had agreed for 250, vibhu days actually hotel association has increased the rates, tiwari says you keep fooling people, Angoori says we are here to enjoy lets do that. Angoori asks tiwari how is he feeling here.tiwari says foolish, angoori and tiwari waiting to order food, teeka comes to receive order, Teeka keeos denying menu.

tiwari and angoori decide on dum aloo Amritsari,teeka says that will take 2 days, tiwari gets angry and calls vibhu, angoori says look we are very angry, vibhu says im sorry on their behave you go to room gulabia has cooked food she will send to your room.

vibhu confused on if Angoori was Tiwari who did he see. Tiwari and Angoori asleep, Angoori wakes up and walks to vibhu and calls him, vibhu wakes up, angoori says i miss you but you keep Running away from me,vibhu says you keep running,i kept giving you hints, angoori says what to do Tiwari you see,anyways lets go out atmosphere is romantic i have to talk to you.

Tiwari wakes up and finds Angoori missing, and starts looking for her.Vibhu following Angoori, and asks what are you doing where are you going, Angoori says im happy to be released from tiwari and i love you, tiwari sees them, angoori says cmon says i love you too, vibbu says i can’t, Angoori says for you i left tiwari,Vibhu says he is your husband, Angoori says i dont care come here come close to me, Vibhu says please don’t, Angoori turns to snake.

Tiwari crying,boys consoling him, teeka says i can’t believe this,tilu malkan says we can doubt you but not her,tilu says he is useless but bhabhi never. Angoori walks to tiwari and asks why cry, tiwari says you cheated me, i saw you cheating on me,tell me where were gouy,Angoori says i dont know i didnt even realise when i went out,i was sleeping with you, Tiwari says you want me to die and go away with vibhu.

prem hapu Badami reach chaundera , prem says this isnt hotel but my bungalow i wont leave vibhu, vibhu rushes to them scared,vibhu asks who is she, Badami introduces herself,vibhu says lets go in i will tell you whats the problem, Tiwari attacks vibhu as he walks in, Tiwari says character less person eyeing on my wife, Vibhuti says shutup you guys are mistaken,tiwari says i saw you two,angoori says i don’t, vibhu says i agree what you saw was right but her eyes aren’t blue anymore how is that, angoori says my eyes werent blue ever, vibhu tells whole scenario, baba and gulabia walk to them and says dont misunderstand her its nagin who did all this

pre cap : saxena says baba nagdhare will save us from nagin.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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