Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag decides to confess love

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Komolika saying where is this Mishka. Anurag says I have to come to tell you that I… Prerna asks what. Komolika comes to call Anurag. She says you are in much demand, everyone wants you. Mohini asks him to come. Anurag says I will be back Prerna. He goes. Komolika stares at Prerna. Prerna goes. Nivedita says why do I think you are interested in Anurag. Komolika says no, if I had interest in him, he would have come to me. She goes. Mohini says thanks for coming in the engagement on a short notice, we promise to give one week notice before their Sangeet, it will be held next week, you all have to come. Everyone claps. Mohini sends Prerna for work. Mishka introduces her friends. Anurag gets busy. Prerna goes to Mohini’s room. Anupam feels sad. Anurag asks did you see Prerna. Anupam asks what’s happening. He sees Anurag’s hand and thinks he has removed his engagement ring. He says yes, she went to Mohini’s room. Anurag thanks him and goes. Mishka asks did you see Anurag. Anupam says yes, and misleads her. He smiles. Moloy asks guests to enjoy the function. He meets the staff man’s daughter Avika.

He learns Avika bearing the studies’ pressure from her parents. Avika says I want to get good marks, but Naina competes with me. Nivedita says Avika will get better marks. Moloy says don’t pressurize her, do one thing, sit, exams are a small part of life, don’t make it a big thing, don’t take stress, what if Avika scores less, she can get depressed, sorry. The man thanks Moloy for his advice. Avika thanks Moloy too. Mishka sees Prerna’s pic and says I had kept it in book, so Anurag got this. She burns the pic and says Prerna, now Anurag won’t see you. She throws the pic outside. The curtain catches fire. Mishka leaves. Mohini says Chobey ji, I hope you didn’t mind this engagement. Chobey says no, I m glad to get related to your family. He goes. Mohini asks Moloy why does he look happy. He asks do I have any choice, Anurag did that you said, I like Chobey, he is a good man, he helped Anurag and Prerna. She says my son was in jail because of Prerna. He goes to get a drink. Anurag’s coat catches a spark. He looks for Prerna.

Anupam and Nivedita see the smoke. Servant shouts about fire. Everyone goes out of the house. Prerna cries thinking of Anurag’s engagement. He comes there. She sees his coat in fire. She gets shocked. She asks him to remove the blazer. She blows off the fire. He asks how did this happen. He says you could have told me, you have hit me, its a good day for me, you ruined my mood. He thinks because I realized I love you. She thinks you got engaged, I didn’t even wish you. She says sorry. She compliments him for being good hearted. She says everyone trusts you, they know you won’t break anyone’s heart. He recalls his engagement with Mishka. He thinks Mishka trusted me, I have to tell my feelings to Mishka first and then Prerna. He says thanks. Prerna says how did fire catch up on his blazer. Mishka says Anurag would be inside. Anupam asks what, I will get them, you go out.

Mishka says it means Prerna is inside. Prerna goes to Anurag. He says you need help. She says no. He says good, strong independent woman, when will you meet me. She says I have some work at home, I will leave soon after keeping these quilts in car. He says fine, its okay, I will come to meet you if there is any work. He goes. Everyone worries for Anurag. Prerna hears the sound and goes to see. She sees everyone and the fire. Rajesh asks are you fine. Prerna says yes. Rajesh says we will get garden pipe here. Shivani asks Prerna not to go anywhere, is she fine. Prerna runs for Anurag. Moloy asks where are you going, there is fire caught up. She says Anurag. Chobey asks for Komolika and Mishka. Moloy says they will be fine. Prerna says I have to save Anurag. Shivani says I won’t let you go. Prerna says leave my hand for my sake.

Anurag and Prerna are together, caught up in fire. Komolika says Mishka, Anurag will be just yours. Anurag hugs Prerna and says yes, I love you Prerna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lol on this show how dumb the makers are this show will get lot of dislikes hahaaaha

    1. Medha

      Nalle ho koi kaam dhaam nhi jo roz roz aa dhamkte ho naye naye user name se…
      30 like & 3 dislikes Maths to aata hoga nah… tere jaise agar 10 hain nah to ham jaise 100 hain yha smjha.. so dafa ho yha se you narrow minded ?

      1. tujhe kya Lagta, wo chaahe jitne account use kare. tum show ke maker ho? ya tellyupdates ka owner ho? stupid.

  2. It will be better if Anurag confesses his feelings for Prerna in front of everyone especially Mohini and Nivedita because it will be good to see their reaction when they hear this from their own Anu and i hope that Mohini, Mishka and Nivedita should not tell Anurag that he has cheated them because before doing the engagement ceremony none of them has asked Anurag that whether he ready for the engagement or not, what is there in his heart, whom he likes, for whom he has feelings or what are his happiness. They did not even give him space and time to think about it. It was Mohini and Niveditas decision to get Anurag engaged to Mishka without even asking him whether he loves Miskha or not. Plz Anurag and Prerna say i love to each other as soon as possible before its too late because both of you are made for each other.

    1. virendra singh


    2. Medha

      It’s tough to confess the feelings as he said in yesterday episode so don’t think ki aisa hoga… BTW Welcome to the KZK forum Snigdha. ☺

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was good as usual
    But we expected a lot of things nothing happen
    Half of the episode was wasted Moloy giving advices to Avika
    Egoistic Mohini send prena for work
    How cheap she is?

    1. Medha

      Yaa I expected too much from yesterday’s episode but ??? …. who was that family ¿ I don’t like The Ghyaan of Moloy Babu though he was right !! I felt like that was a promotional scene for those students who have boards ?

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Same here I don’t like gyani Moloy
        The idea is great for those students who is going to appear in board exams

  4. Saniya fathima

    Dragging d love confession bt 2days epi awesomd

    1. Medha

      Yeah, the test of our pateince.

  5. By the way people like Mohini and Nivedita will never change because they are so egoistic and narrow minded. I just don’t understand why they have so much hatred for Prerna and her family just because Prerna is girl from middle class family? So what if she is from middle class family? Is she characterless or she is not a good human being? She never did any harm to basu family then why do they behave with her like that? They have always judged her and her family by looking at her background not her behavior. Actually the truth is that Prerna is not a middle class girl but mohini and niveditas thinking is like middle class although they are rich enough. They are rich only by wealth but not by heart. I cannot believe that a person like Anurag is their son and brother who is completely opposite from them. And mohini whom she calls her ladla beta as mera onu with whom she is so much possessive should at least learn from him how to behave with someone.

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Same here Snigdha paul
      Egoistic Mohini and Nivedita are rich by their so called wealth and namesake basu inside they are pauper
      They only judges prena and her family because of their middle class
      One they will realize and say sorry for it
      I’m waiting for that episode
      Anyway welcome to our kzk2 forum??

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally we fans really know the fire scene is not a dream sequence
    It’s a stupidity of chipaku Mishka
    But I’m confused
    How did Anurag blazer got?? ? ? ?
    A big thank wala to Anupamji
    He see Anurag already remove the engagement ? so he send Anurag to Mohini room in order to spend their time together?
    Atlast he mislead chipaku Mishka in the wrong direction
    Somehow old funny Anupam shades was shown
    Egoistic Mohini again did a mistake she does not share anything and announce herself “Sangeet will be next week”
    Horrible mother’s
    Nivedita better know komo is nowadays interested in Anurag
    Precap 😕 ? ? Anurag confess he love prena, I think prena might be in unconscious
    Chipaku Mishka wants to chipak with Anurag but our Anurag is busy with prena? ????

    1. Medha

      Yaa looks like Prerna is unconscious while Anu will say all that ????
      Nive & Komo they both Ek hi thali k chatte batte/birds of a feather flock together ???? that’s the reason Nive understood.
      And I wonder how you got confused it was clearly shown in precap becoz of the stupidity of Chipaku the curtain caught fire.

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Wow I’m empress Nivedita and komo ek thali ke chatte panshi???
        How did Anurag blazer catch up fire?
        After engagement he is with chipaku Mishka and somehow runs away from her and he asked Anupam about prena
        No scene were shown where Anurag blazer catch ? ? ??

  7. Parth is actually very handsome and charming even in real life also. I liked him a lot as Manik in Kaisi yeh yariyaan. It’s good to see him again as Anurag in KZK 2 and from my point of view i think he looks much better with Erica Fernandez than with Niti Taylor.

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      I’m agree with you Snigdha paul
      Parica looks adorable and their bonding off screen or on screen chemistry is lajabab hai???

      1. No see. It depends on how the person feels. Erica looks great with Shaheer while Parth performs magically with Niti. Its like here Parth is doing a great job with Erica so we are liking them. I feel Parth-Niti look wonderful together as I’ve seen them together since starting, while Shaheer and Erica look great together.?

        Just my opinion, dont get offended.

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Prena recall Anurag engagement and cries
    Prena :I have no right to right to think about Anurag after all he is thinking me as a friend only
    Why should I????
    Anurag :prena
    She is shock when Anurag blazer got fire
    Anurag :what are you doing?
    Prena :remove the blazer
    Anurag :you have hit me
    Prena :I’m not hitting you
    Anurag :you have hit me, it’s a good day for me, you ruined my mood, you know how special today
    (Because I realize I love you)
    Prena :(today is your special day your engagement eventhough I didn’t wish )
    Prena :I’m sorry
    Anurag :sorry… For hitting
    Prena :no
    (what happened to me I didn’t want to wishes Anurag on his happiness day)
    Anurag pinched prena ????????
    Anurag :what? What are you thinking? Whenever you have to speak you stay quiet and sometimes nonstop
    What are you thinking?
    Prena :chipaku Mishka is so lucky that going to stays with you
    Anurag :everybody says that tell me something I don’t know? Anything else some special
    Prena : your eyes and you are being good hearted everyone trust you they know you won’t break anyone’s heart and trust
    Anurag recalls chipaku Mishka
    Anurag :(I have tell my feelings to mishka first and then prena)
    Thanks “tumhe pata hai aaj Jo Anurag hai iska result shirf Aur shrif tum ho”? ? ? ? ?
    Prena :me
    Anurag :yes
    Prena :how
    Anurag :I will tell you later now I have some important work
    Prena how did Anurag blazer catch up fire?
    Same here prena I’m confused too

    1. Medha

      That’s the Yaksha Prashna… how did Anurag blazer caught fire….

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Suspend Medha
        I’m super excited for tonight episode ???
        Aren’t you?

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today our show completed 90episodes only 10 episodes left for cake cutting celebration ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Anurag excitedly tries to talk with Sid but disconnected the call
    This time prena ???
    Anurag :help
    Prena :no thanks
    Anurag :good, independent, woman,oh I have some work when will you meet me?where will you meet me? What time will you meet me?
    Prena :I’m here actually I have some work at home so I’m leaving
    Anurag :when did you would be leave?
    Prena :I will leave soon after keeping this compult in Mohini car what happens?
    Anurag :nothing you can leave if something happens I will come your home I know the address OK I will see you
    Prena :what happens to Anurag? Why he is behaving weirdly?
    Last part was fabulous
    Prena I have to say Anurag leave my hand for my sake?????????????
    I’m sure this Moloy will suspect Anupre closeness
    Guys guys……..
    Navin psycho is going to reentry the show to revenge

    1. Wheennnnn!!! OMG!! I am really excited for Navin’s comeback!! More and more AnuPre scenes coming sooonnnn!!!!!!?

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        With Anupre tensions
        But I don’t like Navin psycho reentry
        I want Mr Bajaj to reveal

      2. Medha

        Perhaps on this Monday.

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Medha where are you?
    ????????Phir agaye apana naam badalke
    Wo bhi humari rashte kataneko
    Kuch karoon
    Mujhe dekhi nahin jaa rahin

    1. Medha

      Hey I’m all here, but a little late…
      Yeah Billi is again here… even I can’t tolerate ? we have to make permanent solution.

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Ok I’m wit you
        In order to kick off this ?????forever from the forum

      2. Ngkrishnakumari

        What happened to you?
        Is everything all right
        Tell me dear

    2. Medha

      Nothing just headache… here’s too much cold outside so just lying in blanket & taking rest ?

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        OK take bedrest

  11. Nice episode anupre scene just awesome I just love the way they talk to each other can’t wait for their love confession mishka chipku NE aag lga di jiska benefit hamare anupre ko hoga chipku saiko just go to your home plz leave my anupre together prerna how much she loves Anurag she didn’t care about her life true love komo is more care about chipku and anu relation then saiko mishka

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