Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says do as Anitaji is saying,Tiwari says if I deposit government will take it away,Vibhuti says in that case use it for winters to burn them in ashes,Tiwari says ok we shall leave now and leaves with anguri. Vibhuti says he is so useless,50 lakh so my God.

Next morning, tikka and malkhan in bank line,I kaka wakes malkhan,malkhan hits him and asks where were you,why didn’t you receive my calls,tikka says whole night I was searching PAN card but found it in my wallet,bank opens,manager calls everyone in line by line,he looks at tikka PAN card and says the photo doesn’t match,tikka says it’s mine,I was thin and unwell when my photo was clicked,manager says go get another one this won’t work,malkhan says tikka you wait here I will get my PAN card,manager says let others come till then.

Vibhuti on his way home,prem comes and asks what’s up,Vibhuti says where were you going,prem says I have a party who are ready to exchange my black money and if you have anyone in need get them to me,Vibhuti asks what will be my benefits,prem says commission, it’s huge amount you see,vibhuti says yes I have one party will get it to you, prem says ok and leaves.

Vibhuti sees anguri and says bhabhiji I have some help for Tiwariji,anguri says really let me call him,Tiwari comes out and asks what is it,anguri says he has some offer for you,black money case,Vibhuti explains Tiwari plan and says if you need help tell me,Tiwari says ok I’m ready for exchange,Vibhuti says so the commission will be 12 lakhs, Tiwari says no ways,Vibhutiji ays burn them all then,Tiwari says ok I’m in.

Anita working out and dancing, happu Singh walks in with a jute bag and sits down and starts watching her dance,Anita sees him and gets scared,happu Singh says don’t be scared,Anita says are you mad,don’t you have manners,happu Singh says I’m sorry,you were so engrossed dancing I didn’t feel like disturbing you,Anita says okay tell me why are you here,happu Singh says first you calm down, i will tell you,Anita says I’m fine tell me,happu Singh says actually you know I have a big family and a pregnant wife and it’s difficult to manage all this,Anita says I know you keep taking bribes,Anita says I don’t believe you but ok tell me so what,happu Singh says demonetisation has brought pain and my kids and wife are dying hungry,Anita says I will help you with some cash,happu Singh says thank you ,you are so kind.

Happu Singh says there’s one more thing, I need some other help actually,I have some black money,Anita starts laughing tell me how much,happu Singh says just this save full of 50 lakhs,just keep 10 lakhs in your account,and later give me new notes,Anita says get up and get lost,because of you cheats our country is backward, shame on you, let me call commissioner,happu Singhal ays please don’t,Anita says okay then go deposit all this in bag,happu Singh says ok and leaves.anita says over smart man.

A man selling 500 and 1000 notes,500 note for 25₹ and 1000 for 50₹, happu Singh sees him and says you selling money stupid man get lost,Tiwari says why trouble him,happu Singh says what to do this black money,Tiwari says you and your bribes, what’s the amount by the way, happu says 50 lakhs,Tiwari says I can help you,my contacts will help you exchange your black money,happu sings ays thank you Tiwari,Tiwari says even I have given them my 50 lakhs for exchange but commission is 15 lakhs,happu Singh says that’s too much,Tiwari says then throw these notes in Ganges,happu Singh says ok done deal,Tiwari says see you tonight, Saxena walks to them and says you are fraud cheaters and disease to the country, I don’t like it and leaves.

Malkhan comes with PAN card, tikka says thrice our number came, where is the card, malkhan says here it is,they give it to manager, manager asks where is address proof,tikka says why don’t you tell at once,manager says stupid people and gets angry,tikka says don’t bother him you stand here in line I will go get Aadhar card.

Vibhuti waiting for Tiwari, Tiwari comes with money,Vibhuti asks whose it is, your money is already with me,Tiwari says happu Singh,Vibhuti says I knew it that cheap officer,Saxena comes and says I will not allow you to do this fraud,Tiwari says just go and don’t bother us,Saxena says you cheats I don’t like it.

Pre cap : Anita asks Vibhuti from where did you get all this money,you keep telling Tiwari about all black money and now,I won’t allow single penny from black money, Vibhuti says you just bother about your grooming class and let me do my thing.
Tiwari and Vibhuti together,Anita walks in,Vibhuti says happu Singh will be here too,Anita gives them cold look,Tiwari says hello bhabhiji,Vibhuti says don’t mess with her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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