Swasan dillagi epi 10

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Swasan room

Swara woke up looked towards Couch but sanskar was not there….she had Tears in her eyes remembring last night incident…

Swara:himself He didnt came last night??did I realy made a big mistake by telling him TRUTH about me and laksh….Swara thought Broke when the door open and sanskar came in….

Sw: (with teary eyes) sanskar..

Sanskar didnt looked at her he just ignored her…He took his cloths went washroom…Swara was still looking at him she was hurted by his ignorance she didnt knew why but it hurted her alot….

After having shower sanskar came back He looked at swara…Swara looked also at him they shared eyelock for few mints….Swara Broke eyelock…

Sw: sanskar plzzz Talk to me

Sanskar didnt answered went down in Hall having his breakfast….Swara Got up After getting she also went down….

Swasan were looking eachother but silients was Broke by ap…

Ap: sanskar we have Party today you remember na?

San: han mom I know

Ap: good bec..I will introduce my dil infront everyone ap said happy all this but sanskar was looking at swara with teary eyes..He was trying to control his emotion but  he cant so He get up and went towards his room…Ap was looking at him and was confuse bec..of his behaviour

Ap: ( confuse) swara beta do know what happend to sanskar ?

Sw: (she looked at ap dont know to say ) Ma I dont what happend to him let me Check…Swara went to their room quickly before ap could ask her more…

When she reached to their room she looked at sanskar who was busy typing something on his Laptop swara went to him…

Sw: (with teary eyes )sanskar what happend ?

Sankar looked at her he was angry…..He tried to control himself bec..When He is angry nobody can control him..and He dont wana hurt swara…

San: (with a Calm voice) nothing swara…

Sw: (while crying ) sanskar plzzz Talk to me since last night you arent talking to mee plzz punish me but Talk to me I know I did very wrong..i didnt told you before marrige but belive me i didnt knew laksh was your brother when i came to know i decided tell you the thrut…

San:yeah right swara…in anger and what did you said I should punish you really ?

Sw: (crying and getting sceard ) hmm sanskar (looking down) I did mistake for that you can punish me

San: while controling his anger what Kind of punishmant do you want swara…

Swara looked at him Tears were fowlling down from her cheek: sanskar if you want you can leave me or you can Divor…before swara could complete

San: SWARA sanskar shouted at her (she jumed from her place and was hell sceard bec..for the 1st time sanskar shouted at her)
(Sanskar held her shoulder tighly) what do you think han that I will punish you han ? And i will leave you or i will give you divorce realy swara really swara you thought about me like that han…bec..of my BROTHER who cheated you ? Who made BET on you han ? For him i will leave you or give you divorce han ? Do you think I am cheap Person really swara ?

Listing all this swara looked at him very shocked…

Sw:(shocked) sanskar i…intrupedt by sanskar

San: listen Mrs maheshwari you are my Wife not my slave whom I should punish did you get that and what did you thought I was angry at you bec..you loved my BROTHER LAKSH han? Then you are wrong bec..I was angry on myself that I was soo much busy in my buisseness that I didnt knew what was He doing in london I knew He had Bad habit but playing with someone feeling Chi I cant belive my brother is soo cheap now… ( swara looked at him she couldnt belive he was angry on himself for her condition she was now overhelmd with his care concern for her..Sanskar folded his hand toghter with teary eyes swara looked at him shockingly ) I am sorry swara on behaviour of my brother plzzz if you can try to forgive him..

Swara took sanskar Hand in her Hand and nodded no..

Sw: with teary eyes..no sanskar you dont have to this I know laksh did wrong but my friends also warned me and i didnt listen them so plzzz no need to be sorry bec…some where there is also my fould for not trusting my friend…

Sanskar hugged her tighly swara also responded to his hug she was very happy and overhelmd…

Sw: (to himself ) I thought he will Not trust me or He will throw me out of his house or He will tell everyone but He didnt did anything but his anger sceard me I thought he is angry on me but He was angry on himself and was ashemed what laksh did with me…I dont know how much to thank god for Sending him for me I am really blessed having him….

They Broke their hug sanskar cupped her Face and Kissed her forehaed and she closed her eyes feeling his touch..He parted his lips from her forehaed and looked at her she opened her eyes slowly slowly she smiled at him…

San: I am sorry for shouting at you

Sw: happy sanskar its okey

San: no swara there is Not okey you should had punished him He did wrong with you

Sw: (overhelmd by his thinking) sanskar He is your brother and you are saying this..

San: I know swara He is my brother Infact I love him the Most but still He did wrong He plyed with your feelings not only yours He plyed with a Girls feeling you should had punish him and one more thing runing from situion is Not good keep that in your mind…and how much will you Run away han try how much you can but the situion will Follow you…

Sw: thanks sanskar for trusting me I know runnig away is Not good but..intrupedt by sanskar

San: its okey swara dont need to thanks and yeah for party tonight and now i have to go i have some meeting i have to complte those meeting before party… He again Kissed her forehaed before leaving her alone swara was now very happy overhelmd….

Precap: swasan dance finally and some swasan Moment or their first Kiss I dont know…you have to tell me what you want

  1. Simin

    No no no not now let them fall for eo and confess it then their first kiss

  2. Superbbbbb

  3. Whr is the part when swara told sanky about laksh? in last part whn she ws abt to tell then uttara came and now this? Is that part included or not?

    1. Rabia0032

      Dont know I dont have that part this the continue part After swara told…
      Guys this was my completed ff 1st so there will lots of mistake

  4. Arshaanya

    Loved it rabia…
    So happy she told him d truth n i knew he wil b angry on laksh not on swara

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