Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori leaves Tiwari’s house

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori on phone talking to Bhoore says your husband is taking you to Darjeeling we it’s good have fun hungs up and says to Tiwari Bhoore’s husband taking her to Darjeeling. Tiwari says he took 2 lakh from me for his juice business. Angoori says yes but he returned you with interest, what’s your problem. Tiwari says yes I have have he is spending without any reason. Angoori says he is taking his family on vacation and you think it as extravagance. Tiwari says you sister husband took your sister Mumbai too. Angoori says yes they went to Gateway of India but why do you feel bad if other people are going. Tiwari says yes I feel bad because it’s hard to earn money and how will you know you are always in kitchen and talk nonsense. Angoori says you mean I talk nonsense. Tiwari says yes you are dumb. Angoori says then why did you marry me. Tiwari says because I was in love. Angoori says then why are you living with me I’m going and leaves. Tiwari says where she will go, only to Bhabhiji’s house.

Angoori knocking on door. Vibhu shouts from inside wait I’m coming and open door sees Angoori and says what are your doing this late in night, you could have call me. Angoori says I want to come that’s why I didn’t call you, I left everything and come here. Vibhu says what are you saying what everyone will think. Angoori says I don’t care at all of anyone, I have left everything and come. Vibhu thinks I am seeing her like this first time. Angoori says tell me will you live me here. Vibhu thinks she is finally here hut what I’ll do about Annu. Angoori says what are you thinking will you not calk me inside. Vibhu says I’m extremely sorry and invite her inside. Angoori gets inside and says tell me will you keeo me inside. Vibhu says ofcourse yes but what about Annu, when she will learn about this she will be in shock, I’ll try to make her understand to start new ritual and if she don’t understand then I’ll rent a room for you in Jhakarkatti, in night I’ll spend with Annu and in day time with you. Angoori says what are you saying I need to talk to Annu and start calling her. Vibhu says please for god sake please don’t tell Annu or she will be in shock. Angoori says why she will be in shock. Vibhu says a women can never share her husband with another women I’ll try to make her understand.
Annu walks in and ask what happen what you will make understand and ask Angoori what happen you come late this night to us. Vibhu thinks what if she tell about our relation. Angoori says I’m hurt and I had fight with Tiwari, he said that you are only for cleaning and doing household work, you cannot be business women and you are dumb. Annu gets angry and says why do men carry this much ego with them. Angoori says don’t be angry and tell me can I live here for few days. Annu says yes. Angoori says but Vibhu said you will say no and said that he will rent a room in Jhakarkatti and will live with me in day time and night time with you. Annu scolds Vibhuti and says why do you think I’ll have problem with this. Angoori says thank you Anitaji. Annu says no worries you can live here till you want and ask herto come with me to my room and says to Vibhu you know what to do. Vibhu says yes I’ll get my things down. Annu says before that get all Angooris stuff from her house. Angoori and Annu leaves. Vibhu say a poem and go to Tiwari’s house.

Vibhu ring door bell with his slippers. Tiwari open door, cleaning his specks says I know your anger was for only short period of time, but whu you look different. Vibhu mocks him. Tiwari says use your specks then you will know I’m Vibhuti. Tiwari wear speck and ask what are you doing here. Vibhu says a lady use to live here, who was your wife but you tortured her and she left home. Tiwari says don’t talk rubbish she went out because of her anger. Vibhu says and you didn’t even think where she went. Tiwari says I know she will go to Bhabhiji and she always come back in 15-20 minutes. Vibhu says this tiem she will not come back. Tiwari says why she will not come back. Vibhu says because she sent me to bring her belongings now let me go inside. Tiwari try to stop him but Vibhuti dodge him and goes inside.

Malkhan and Teeka walking. Teeka says one time I had an friendship with a rich guy then evey evening I had blast for 2 months, every evening he use to call me and ask, Teeka trll me wehre you want to go out. Malkhan says then you had great time and party with him. Teeka says it’s all temporary. Malkhan says then he left you because of you. Teeka says I just got saved because he use to take different kind if drug, one time he was celebrating his birthday on ship but ended up cutting his cake in jail. Malkhan ask why do people celebrate there birthday in ship. Teeka says forget them they can do whatever they want why do we care this much. Malkhan says then we need a rich and decent guy who will help us to celebrate every day. Teeka says but where we will get thid guy. Malkhan says there are many stupid people available. Tiwari walks out of his house. Malkhan and Teeka walks to him and greets. Tiwari says you have ruined my good morning by showing your face. Tewka mocks him. Tiwari says stop your nonsense already Angoori has left me. Malkhan says what happen did she catch you with some other women. Tiwari mocks him.

Annu gets coffee for Angoori and ask did Tiwari try to contact you. Angoori says no I think he doesn’t love me. Annu says don’t think like that sometimes Men become so rock hearted, see its been so long and no contact from him. Angoori says that’s what I’m thinking and worried when did he change this much. Annu says is he seeing someone because you are quite innocent and these men are very cunning kind of. Angoori says is Vibhuti some kind of person. Annu says no he is in control, sometime he show anger I neutralize him. Vibhu standing behind them hear everything and greets her. Anu gets shocked greets him and ask when did you come. Tiwari walks in and greets Annu. Vibhu says get lost. Tiwari says good morning to Annu. Annu scolds Tiwari. Tiwari says what happen what I did wrong. Vibhu mocks him and says leave from here. Tiwari says I came here to take my wife. Annu says sorry Tiwari but you have lost the authority to take your wife. Tiwari says what are you saying and what my wife told you. Vibhu says you are a cheater. Annu says I’m sorry when things go out of hand between a husband and wife then outsiders come in between. Tiwari says there is something misunderstanding, nothing bad happen between me and Angoori. Angoori says really and what you said to me last night and says leave from here and said many things about Daddu, when I said you I’m going to Anita’s house what you said go and didn’t stop me too. Tiwari says I didn’t stop you because you were going to Bhabhiji’s house. Angoori says shutup and says I thought to control myself and was thinking you will come. Annu says now things will way long. Tiwari thinks I never thought this topic will go out of hand bit Annu and Angoori are serious let me try one more move. Vibhu says aren’t you gone. Tiwari says shutup to Vibhuti and says to Angoori are you coming with me or should I call Ammaji. Angoori says are you calling or should I call.
Tiwari calls Ammaji. Ammaji picks up and says why did you call don’t you know I’m travelling. Tiwari says I just called to know about you. Ammaji says I’m on Himalayan mountains its still 25km to go to top at Shivjis temple. Tiwari says okay don’t get tiered a lot. Ammaji says I’m not old like you and Pandit Ramphal called me said how are you so energetic, able to climb mountain like an professional. Tiwari says I was trying to say. Ammaji says I cannot hear you and hungs up. Vibhu says she hung up and offer her toast and tea. Angoori says I don’t eat bread but you can give me lemon tea. Vibhu says I’ll get for you and make push Tiwari to main door. Tiwari at door calls Angoori. Angoori scream at him and he leaves.

Angoori in hall sitting sad. Vibhu walks to her and says you don’t look good when you are sad. Angoori says I also want to be happy bit look what Tiwari did to me. Vibhu says I have an idea for you and says from tomorrow a new series is staring Balshiv and tell her everything about Balshiv and says I’ll get coffee for you. Angoori says yes and use ginger in that. Vibhu confused

Malkhan and Teeka sitting near tea stall. Teeka curse Sonpal. Malkhan says are you talking about contractor Sonpal what he did. Teeka says I was staring me girlfriend but Sonpal see me so he is increasing his house height so that I cannot stare my girlfriend. Malkhan says now we cannot see terrace of Gulzar from our terrace bit I would suggest to stay away from his daughter she is not good. Teeka says but I like her. Malkhan says you can love anyone. Saxena walks in. Teeka and Malkhan discuss about Saxena says why was he born. Saxena mocks them.

Angoori says to Vibhu tell me how’s he did he had anything. Vibhu says I was on another level and says let me show you. Angoori sees a video where Tiwari is with a girl.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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