Nima Denzongpa 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Sia hurts Nima with her behavior

Nima Denzongpa 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tulika comes to the water tank line and tries to talk to other women. She asks if there is something going on in society? The woman asks what do you want to know? Tulika asks if something is going on with Nima and her daughters? The woman asks her to stop it. Mania comes there and asks her to stay away from their matters as she is not like her Ayi and can answer you back easily. Mania comes home and tells Nima that I talked to Nari, her competition is going well. Sia wakes up and ignores Nima. She starts leaving the house, Nima runs behind her and asks her to take her lunchbox. Sia says I don’t want to talk to you. Sunita sees them. Nima tells Sia that I can’t see you angry like this. Sia says Ayi wants to control our lives. Mania says don’t blame Ayi, you lied to Shiv that you are already engaged and then he got married to someone else. Nima says let’s go home and talk. Sia says I am late for the job that I was trained for since childhood. She goes from there. Mania says how can she talk to you like that? Nima says she is angry right now, give her time. Paras thinks luck is not on his side as he couldn’t talk to his mom about Mania. Mania calls him and says I am sorry, you were so sweet and romantic with me in the cafe but I left abruptly, Paras says you must have your reasons. Mania says some issues are going on in my family so I need time. Paras says take your time, I just want to say that I like you a lot. Mania says me too, you must be blushing. Paras says yes, we should meet to celebrate our love. Mania says once my family matter settles then I will meet you. She ends the call. Suman comes to Paras and says you have to get married to Mitali, you will fall in love soon. Paras says I don’t feel anything for her, I can’t marry her. Suman asks if he likes someone else? Paras says I am not interested in Mitali, I don’t want to lead a boring life, please help me. He cries and says do something for me.

Sia is working at the bank, her manager tells her that you got your salary in the account, you are hardworking so keep it up. He tells her that your Ayi must be proud. Sia recalls how Mania told her that it was not Ayi’s fault if Sia lied to Shiv. Sia sadly looks at Shiv who ignores her.

Suresh comes to Nima’s house. He asks her to eat something, Nima says I am not hungry. Suresh says don’t take your anger out on food. Nima says you didn’t go to work? Suresh says I got free so I came to meet you. He tells her to not worry about Sia, she is mature. He says Sia is going through all this for the first time but she will come around again. Nima says she is so angry because of me. Suresh says trust me, everything will be fine, just give her and I time. Nima sees Sia calling but it’s Suresh’s phone. Sia calls Suresh and says I have to give big news to you, I got my first salary in life. Suresh gets elated and says your Ayi would be so happy. He gives the call to Nima but Sia cuts the call. Nima is hurt but says Sia got her first salary, I am so happy that she shared this big news with you. She didn’t even make me part of her happiness because of my one mistake? She starts crying so Suresh hugs and consoles her.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This sia is an ungrateful daughter for a Man U have known for a month or less you have so much hate for your mum

  2. Agree dear

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