Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Gulfaam sneaks in Tiwari’s house

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vibhuti and Daddy drinking. Daddy says I m very happy for Angoori. Vibhuti says you know about the baby, its Angoori’s child, but not Tiwari’s, its someone’s else child. Daddy asks who. Vibhuti says its me. Daddy gets shocked and asks what, you…. he leaves.

Its morning, Daddy comes home and calls out Tiwari. Tiwari comes running with love and hugs him. Daddy slaps him. Tiwari says I made you Nana, why did you slap me. Daddy says you fooled me. Angoori, Amma ji and Vibhuti come. Vibhuti asks Daddy to forget it. Amma ji asks what did Tiwari do. Anita comes and asks what happened. Vibhuti says we shall go. Daddy says Angoori’s child is not of Tiwari. They get shocked.

Anita asks what are you saying, whose child is it. Vibhuti says come, lets go. She says no, its imp. Tiwari asks what nonsense is this. Daddy says she has Vibhuti’s child. Angoori asks what, its nothing like that. Anita asks Vibhuti about it. He says no and nods…. She scolds him. Angoori asks Amma ji to say. Amma ji tells that Angoori lied about her pregnancy to make Tiwari responsible. Vibhuti tells the entire matter. Anita asks him to come home. Daddy says my dreams broke. Angoori apologizes. Happu comes to meet Micky. Micky says your dad is not your dad, there is a twist. Happu asks what do you mean, who is my dad. Micky says your mum can say this better. Happu says you mean you can’t tell me. Micky says I made a mistake. Happu asks who is my real dad. Micky asks him to find out.

Tiwari reads the newspaper. Angoori comes and asks what will he eat. He asks her to make aloo paratha. He asks what will you do if you catch me with another woman. She says I will kill you, she says its tough path. Gulfaam comes and asks him to give her a place to hide, she will tell him everything later. He asks her to go to Vibhuti. She insists. She runs upstairs. She says I will hide in your bathroom. He worries. Anita asks Vibhuti to check bathroom, water isn’t coming. He asks why. He jokes. She says I have to take bath, please call the plumber. He says why don’t we go to Angoori’s house. She says that’s not a bad idea. Tiwari says what’s this new problem.Vibhuti and Anita come there.

Tiwari screams. Vibhuti says why did you scream as if I caught you with Gulfaam. They argue. Anita says stop it. Angoori comes and greets them. Anita says we are not getting water in our house. Vibhuti says there is blockage in pipe. Tiwari asks him to do some work or call plumber. Anita says plumber can come late, shall we use your bathroom today. Tiwari says no, our bathroom also has shortage of water. Angoori says no, its fine, come. Tiwari says we will go and bath in Ganga. Vibhuti asks did you go mad, you did sins, we didn’t. They go upstairs. Tiwari upsets them. Angoori stops them and tries to open washroom. Vibhuti says its locked from inside, somebody is inside. Tiwari says there is no one inside. Vibhuti says so this was the reason, some item is inside. Angoori says I will call Amma ji. Gulfaam comes out. They get shocked and stare at Tiwari.

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