Woh Apna Sa 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia confesses her love to Arjun

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Scene 1
Jia says to Nisha that you lost, Nisha glares at her. Jia says Nisha you can stay in this house but behave yourself. Arjun thinks that I dont know what this Jia thinks and do, dont know how Adi used to handle her.

Baba says to Jia that you gave me peace today. Kaki says Jia never lost faith, Chinni says why you allowed Nisha to stay here? Jia says Arjun still trusts Nisha because she is giving him medicines, I have to bring him to his family back too.

In morning, Arjun comes to Priya and says our plan failed. Priya says I think Jia is very clever, you got 20lacs so we should leave before Jia catch us too. Jia comes there. Priya hides. Jia says Arjun I have to talk to you. Arjun says I have to listen to you. Jia says not here, lets go somewhere. They leave. Priya sees them going.
Arjun and Jia comes to isolated in park. Jia says I have to win your trust, Nisha is playing with your mind. Arjun says dont know why Nisha thinks my family has tortured her, you must filled Nisha’s ears against family. Jia says you are still thinking about Nisha? Arjun says dont fool me, tell me where are your rented goons? call them. Jia says I will do anything when I know you are fine. Arjun says you think I am a fool? I wont be in your trap, keep this drama with you, he throws away papers and leaves. Jia calls out to him, she runs behind him and asks him to listen. Arjun says you called me to waste time, Jia falls down and her foot nail starts bleeding. Arjun comes to her, she says listen.. he says shh.. he takes off her slipper, mana k hum yaar nahi plays, Arjun wipes her wound carefully. Arjun says you have to be careful, how you do this everytime? Jia says what? he says nothing. Arjun thinks why I feel pain for her wound? maybe because I dont like blood. Arjun ties bandage on her wound. Jia says you have to listen to me, Arjun says we will talk at home. Jia approaches him and says you have to give me a chance, Arjun moves back but slips and falls down from cliff, Jia shouts Arjun.. Arjun holds a tree branch, Jia crouch down and asks him to hold her hand, he grabs her hand, Jia tries to pull him up, she pulls him up and asks if he is okay? she hugs him tightly and cries. Arjun says why you saved me? you are my enemy? you hate me? Jia says you are stupid, I dont hate you, you irritate me but still I love you.. I love you Arjun.. Arjun is stunned. They share eyelock, Jia is in tears and says please try to understand my love. Arjun recalls flashbacks of Adi and Jhanvi.. Jia says why you are silent? I never said it to someone else. Jia says I never felt this for anyone else, I want to help you, please come with me to London for sometime. Arjun says give me time, he leaves.

Nisha is calling Arjun and says to Priya that Arjun must think that I lost so he has gone to Jia’s side. Priya says you are Arjun’s wife, he wont leave your side.
Arjun comes home. Nisha comes and says why you were not taking call? Nisha asks why your hand is bandaged? he says I got injured. Arjun looks at bandage and recalls how Jia applied it, he smiles. Nisha asks what are you thinking? Arjun says I didnt feel good that Jia insulted you. Nisha says to Arjun that I want to take revenge from Jia for the insult she did. Arjun ignores her and leaves. Priya says Arjun must be in shock, she leaves.

PRECAP- Arjun pins Jia to wall, she blushes and says what you want to say?
Arjun says what you said, I want to answer that.. I.. me.. he blushes. They hear Nisha asking for Arjun and get tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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