Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update : Suki kisses Tiwari

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suki walks in and hugs Tiwari, Angoori says what are you two doing, Suki says lip massage,and im best in town, Angoori says even i would like to have one, Tiwrai says she is just joking, just get food and let her go, she must be bust, Suki says dont worry, luki will manage my work, i will be here spend time with you, romance with you.

Angoori says here i made noodles for you, i will get sauce for you, Angoori leaves, Suki kisses Tiwari on cheeks, and says im feeling so romantic here lets share noodle abd forces him,both kiss, Angoori sees it.

Angoori angry on Tiwari and says how dare you not take any action and allow it, Tiwari says its just their culture calm down, Angoori says to hell with it,im so angry, i never gave you kiss the way she gave, Tiwari says forget it these chinese

people are like this, Angoori says stay away from her im warning you.

Boys discussing about biryani massage,hapu hiding and keeping an eye on them, master passing by, boys attack him, rob him and escape. Hapu sees it. boys checking money they got and discuss how they will spend it, hapu says so all this theft for massages.

vibhu greets angooriy, Angoori says dont bother im very angry,vibhu asks whats wrong,angoori tells.him what happened,Vibhu says he is having an affair with her, Angoori says no she is trying to trap him, Vibhu says cmon it cant be one sided,angoori says if tiwari runs away with her, vibhu says throw him out of house and he will realise his mistake,like anu does, Angoori says yes i have seen that it works.

Tiwari says this suki is a mess,she will take my marriage to divorce, Angoori throws bag at angoori and says right im throwing you out of the house, Tiwari says that suki is troubling me,she is taking revenge because our forces are fighting with china, Angoori says i may look mad but vibhu was right it cant be one sided, prem told him the truth, tiwari says come with me, i show you the truth.

tiwrai and Angoori at Chinese parlour, Suki goes and kisses tiwari, Angoori gets angry, Tiwari says she is lying,vibhu says im not he said he wilo Marry me, Hapu walks in and says wait this massage parlour is sealed arrest them, vibhu says one minute im Vibhu and he is saxena, angoori asjs what nonsense is this, tiwari slaps vibhu, Angoori says you didn’t do go, vibhu says he made me do that, he said anu doesn’t love me and so left and i wanted him to feel that pain, angoori says you are right say sorry to him.

Laddo and Arnav going to olay cricket and discuss about their bet, Master gets angry and scolds them, a man comes in running and asks how many signals are there in Kanpur,master gets confused,he says why are you thinking so much there are only three.

Tiwari gets to bedroom and sees Angoori dressed in Chinese attire, and says now you don’t have to go anywhere for chinese massage i learnt few tips from Vibhu, and now i will give you the massage,Tiwari says lets begin,Angoori and Tiwari dance together.

Pre cap : Angoori tells Tiwari i want that real gold embroidered Banarasi saree, Tiwari says not possible. Vibhu says i will get it for you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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