Tantra 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Dr. Dakshi finds a proof of Tantra

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At Jalsa, everyone waited for Niyati and Akshat during the Pooja. Niyati tells Akshat she will tell him what she did last night, only if he tells her whose soul he is. Akshat decides to sit on the stairs. Sumati asks Niyati didn’t she tell Akshat they are also participating in the Pooja. Akshat makes up that he has pain in his arm. Prithvi says this Pooja has been arranged for him only, he will get rid of all the trouble. Akshat goes to join Prithvi. Sumati whispers to Niyati that he is trembling being in front of Sankat Mochan. Prithvi asks the ladies to join them as well. Pandit ji lights the Havan. Akshat wipes his tears, feeling extremely uncomfortable. He warns he won’t spare Niyati after this Pooja. Niyati asks if he would stay till the Pooja ends.
There, Dr. Daksh worked in his laboratory.

All at once, Niyati receives a call from Dr. Daksh. She leaves the aarti to take the call. Dr. Daksh gives her the good news. They know the location where they must go. Before Kanchan and Akshat can know their plan, they must go and find that proof. He forces Niyati to do anything and be here, it seems to be their last chance. Niyati wonders what she must do now. Akshat calls Niyati to sit with him in Pooja. Prithvi and Nani also tell Niyati that she must sit here in the Pooja. Niyati replies she felt a little uncomfortable there. She walks closer but was thrown back as if by a shield. Everyone was concerned. Sumati comes to help her. Niyati whispers this drama seems important. Niyati tells the family she felt uncomfortable, and as if needles pricked her body. Sumati agrees that Niyati is effected by Tantra. She might not be able to sit in Pooja, and doesn’t want any interference as well. She requests everyone to continue with their Pooja. Akshat offers to accompany her in the room. Niyati forbids Akshat as any one of them must be in Pooja, she swears him on her life. Sumati says Niyati is right, Akshat must stay back. Prithvi takes Akshat back to Pooja. Akshat thinks this game will cost Niyati heavily. Niyati tells Sumati to take care of Akshat till she returns from Dr. Daksh.
In the room, Niyati joins some bed sheets. She was able to climb down and get into Dr. Daksh’s car. Dr. Daksh had directions taken from Akshat’s hair; he was unsure what they will get but it might be useful. Niyati guides Daksh the way through compass. She asks him to stop the car and points towards a deep valley. Daksh says they must go down there by foot. Both reach the spot where needle begins to take speedy spins. Daksh says this seems to be the right way. He looks down towards the earth and says they must dig this place; then goes to bring the tools from his car.
In Jalsa, Akshat turns to leave the Havan. Akshat makes up that he wants to go and see Niyati, she might need water. Sumati says she left water bottle in the room, Niyati must already be asleep; he must complete the aarti. Everyone was asked to stand for aarti.
There, Daksh removes the soil from the spot. Niyati brings another scalpel and helps Daksh.
During the aarti, Akshat feels uncomfortable.
Niyati and Dr. Daksh reach a coffin hidden under the earth and gets a jolt as they push over it. Dr Daksh says they must break the coffin and find out what’s inside. Kanchan was worried and thinks this can’t be done.

PRECAP: Dr. Daksh tells Niyati that he freed Kanchan’s black magic. Now they must free Akshat from the devil soul and do the cremation of the body. Kanchan calls Akshat through their mind connection, and orders him to stop Niyati and Daksh. All at once, strong winds blow and a pointed log hits Daksh straight in his stomach.

Update Credit to: Sona

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