Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update Angoori to be kidnapped.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu asks Vibhu to get coffee quickly,Vibhu says here exactly how you needed and gets comfortable,Anu asks why are you getting comfortable, Vibhu says Anu i need a break,Anu says you have just done the kitchen whole of house and clothes are remaining go do it,Vibhu says you know what you are a Hitler,Anu says done go do the dusting,and clean the floor and then have coffee.

Anu reading news as per research jobless people thinknof crime and theft atleast once, Anu asks vibhu I hope you don’t have such thoughts,Vibhu says I’m educated,there will be no embarassment from my side,Anu says good and leaves. Boys at tea stall and ask to lend tea and biscuits,Tilu says why dont you pay him his debts,Gupta says boys why are you arguing,Tika says just general and you have been to yuganda right,Gupta says yesand look i got peanuts from there and leaves talking on phone. Tilu says he is so weird,Tika says forget him and has peanuts, Gupta walks back and says are you fool why did you eat them, they were hybrid,now face the reactions and leaves.
Tika starts feeling weird

Angoori tensed, Vibhu walks to her and says hello bhabhiji, and fools her in his talks.Vibhu asks why is she tensed,Angoori whispers will you do me a favour,Vibhu says tell me, Angoori says kidnap me,Vibhu says i cant,and why,Tiwari walks to him and says i will tell why,its a drama to get away from my compensation money,Vibhu says shame on you,you using her,Tiwari says the compensation money is 50 lakhs,and no one will give money on my kidnap but when she will be kidnapped her daddy will pay us,Vibhu asks why me,Tiwari says because you are our neighbour my friend we trust you,atleast for your sister Angoori do it, Angoori says please,Vibhu nods and leaves.

Anu in balcony enjoying weather and calls Vibhu says come out of bathroom let’s get romantic,Vibhu says what,Anu says lets get wet in rains and get romantic,Vibhu says and then we will see doctor for a week dont you remember last year,Anu says forget it,and dont underestimate me, Vibhu says okay bye i have to go see my friend from London he will leave tomorrow,Anu says let him go because we are enjoying this weather.

boys wake up scared due to voice,Tika asks whats wrong,Malkan says its smelling so bad what kind of bomb was it,Tika says i farted, and goes back to sleep Tilu says i cant bare this smell let’s go out and sleep

Tiwari waiting for Vibhu,he opens tge door and pulls him in,Angoori very excited to be kidnapped,Tiwari scolds her,Vibhu says why are you doing this,bhabhiji just think we are on a trip,Angoori says that will be fun.Tiwari says look im trusting you and ,Vibhu says 50000 please, Tiwari says what only 10000 or else there are many others, Vibhu says okay done deal.

Pre cap : Vibhu makes call to Daddy anf asks him for 50 lakhs to free Angoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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