Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh takes a woman’s disguise

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira praying for Vallabh. She says I can’t see him in pain, make him fine so that I can fulfill my promise to Pushpa, that I never see Akhilesh’s face. Akhilesh hears her and thinks Ira’s promise will break if I go in front of her. Ira leaves. He says I won’t show my face to you. Chandu gets jalebis for him. Akhilesh reads some news about the goon. He says these are big goons, Vallabh and his family are in trouble. He calls Ira to inform. She doesn’t answer. Bhavik tells Bhoomi that some woman has saved Vallabh. Bhoomi says don’t worry, we will find out about the attackers, I got a big assignment, my mind isn’t working, I m not getting a model. Bhavik asks her to have some food. They ask each other to have food first.

Akhilesh asks Chandu how shall I save Ira and her family without breaking the promise. They hear Bhoomi on call. He asks whom are you talking to. She says no, it was a blank call, I m not getting any model, I wish I could get that woman who saved Vallabh from goons, Bhavik told this to me. Akhilesh recalls getting a curtain on his hands during fight. He says it means Vallabh thought I m a woman, a curtain got stuck on my kada. Bhoomi asks what, you saved him. Akhilesh gets an idea. He says I can save Ira and her family by becoming a woman. They get shocked. He says Bhoomi will make me ready. He sees some saree to her and says I m ready to become your model. Chandu asks what are you saying. Akhilesh says I can protect Ira while keeping her promise. He smiles.

Its morning, Vallabh asks his wife did he send that woman yesterday. He laughs. Ira smiles. He says that woman was like your mum. Bhoomi asks Akhilesh to get rid of the hair. She removes the hair by waxing. Akhilesh shouts and says I don’t want this. Akhilesh bears it. Vallabh says I didn’t see any beautiful woman than your mum. Chandu gets apples. Bhoomi asks him to fix it. Akhilesh says its tough to become a woman. Vallabh recalls Sarla and says she looked great in flower design saree. Bhoomi asks Akhilesh to try the flower design saree. She fixes a wig and eye lashes. Akhilesh gets the make up done. Ira says I don’t remember it much. Vallabh asks her to get roses for Sarla. Chandu says you look great. Bhoomi says I m feeling jealous seeing you, you look gorgeous. Chandu says you changed gender to get love tender, don’t make anyone fall for you. Ira goes to buy roses. She scolds the goons for teasing her. The man says I didn’t whistle seeing you, look there. She sees Akhilesh in woman avatar, and doesn’t identify him. He thinks did Ira identify me. Ira asks him won’t he say anything to the loafer. She calls him Maasi. He says I look so young, though I m 40. He slaps the goon. He slips by banana peel. Ira holds him in arms. She asks are you fine. He says sorry, your roses fell. He picks the roses and says sorry. He hugs her and smiles. Ira goes after her. He says I saved that man from goons yesterday, I m going to take his welfare. Ira asks was it you, he is my dad. She hugs him and thanks. She asks him to come inside. He thinks if anyone knows my truth, I will be gone.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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