Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Fraud Punjabi.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says Tiwari i know you very well,you will go Dubai,i can’t digest this fact,Tiwari says Angoori is with me too,Vibhu says dont worry im there for her,Tiwari says excuse me,anyways i meant i will go Dubai earn for 3-4 years and come back,waiter asks what will you have we have biryani special, Tiwari and Vibhu find it suspicious.

Hapu walks to police station, commissioner apologise and says sorry i take my words back get back to work,Hapu says i resign im going Dubai, Commissioner says Shaikh there will ruin your life,my friend from there has told me the experience,Hapu says nothing will work im going Dubai bye.

Boys at Gulfamkalis bar,Hapu says this is last night with Gulfamkali,Tilu says lets creat hatred for us,Malkan says i have an idea, Gulfamkali comes and dances,boys irritate and ill treat her, Gulfamkali says how dare you get lost.

Vibhu and Tiwari have biryani and recognises its one Angoori cooks, Tiwari asks who cooks food here,waiter says our boss fools one hotel daily and gets food and this is how we function,Tiwari says can we see your boss please ,he says sure,Punjabi walks to them and says welcome,Tiwari says you fooled us,Punjabi says so,i have no regrets,Tiwari says i will,Punjabi says you can do nothing, and shows knife,Vibhu says lets just leave.

All upset,Vibhu asks boys to stop crying,Hapu says i resigned too,Tiwari says dont forget you blackmailed vibhu for job,Angoori says enough of fighting,Daddu walks in and says you owe me 20 lakhs,Tiwari says yes daddy he will give you and points and vibhu,Daddy slaps him and says you owe me,it was all your idea, Tiwari says it was Punjabi and he is very scary walks with knife, Commissioner walks in and says here’s your 20 lakhs and heres Punjabi.

Angoori says oh god, Commissioner says please be alert of such people,vibhu says please let us, Commissioner says sure and all hit punjabi. Anu says to Meenal on call says yes do visit us in Dubai,Vibhu walk to her, and says program cancelled Punjabi was fraud,Anu says why always you,and all my dreams shattered,Vibhu says what will i do he was so convincing even you would fall for it,Anu says please im not fool like you,Vibhu says i wilo make it for you,Anu says come to me dressed as shaikh go quikly.

Angoori worried and waiting for Tiwaris result from court,Tiwari walks in with lawyer and says thats my fault your evidence turned at last moment now pay my fees,Tiwari says sure,and starts hitting him,Angoori says calm down tell me how will we manage such huge amount,lets ask daddy,Tiwari says you know thats never happening he hates me,Angoori says but he loves me,let me call him,Angoori puts call on speaker, and tells about case and 50 lakhs compensation,Daddy says good for him let him get arrested he fooled my innocent baby,Angoori says what about me, Daddy says i wilp look after you but bot a singie rupee for him bye
Hapu walks in, Tiwari asks him for help,he makes excuses,Angoori says but eat so much bribe, Hapu says i am defamed dont believe all that,Angoori says oh such good man you are.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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