Dev (Colors) 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev motivated to find Mahek

Dev (Colors) 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kinjal is working in kitchen, she is making lunch for Dev, she says to Narvekar that we can do this for him, Narvekar says I had to bear a lot because of Dev and Mahek, you decide what you want. Kinjal says okay I will throw this food, Narvekar says you decide.

Dev sits in Apa’s wardroom, he says I lost Meera first, Apa is in trouble, Mahek and my baby is missing, I couldnt do anything. He comes out of room and says I cant lose the hope, I have to make a safe place for my baby in this world, someone killed two elders in this city, I have to bring justice.. he thinks where are you Mahek? comeback. Dev imagines meeting Mahek, Mahek shows Mr. and Mrs. Koten and says you will find a way to solve all this together. Dev wakes up, he thinks that I will find Mahek and I will bring justice to those elders.

Dev is roaming around the city finding Mahek, he recalls promising Mahek that he wont let anything happen to her, gupt plays, he recalls his moments with Mahek.

Dev comes to police station and asks officer to bring hammer with which Koten was killed. Officer brings him to evidence room, Dev sees Mahek’s laptop there. He asks officer to bring tea, officer leaves, Dev takes laptop from there.

Dev comes to Meera’s hacker friend, he says I have Mahek’s laptop, please hack her password. He says what if I find anything against Mahek in Meera’s case in this? Dev says then do what you want.

Shanta and her husband are brought to police station, Narvekar says she was abused, Shanta says I did abuse her and beat but I didnt kill her, Dwani says such cruelty, Shanta says uncle used to scold me for coming late so I used to beat aunty but I didnt kill her, I left with my husband to go to village, you ask maid Manju that left early that day, she says I was late that day to Koten’s house, I worked in house and then my husband came to pick me up, I didnt kill them.

Narvekar says to officer that find out if they were going to village for real, search in their relatives house for jewelry, we cant stop them as we dont know if they are saying right or wrong but elder woman was abused. Narvekar and Dwani sees Dev there. Narvekar says you dint want to work on this case then what is this? Dev says you do what you want but you know.. I love you too, Narvekar gets angry and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Dwani shows lift footage to Dev, Dev says when Koten cameback home? Dwani says he cameback at 11AM, he was killed between 11-2PM, many people came in building between that time, Dev says did they find finger prints? Narvekar says no. Dev says killer knew about jewelry and safe, safe was not broken, it was opened, killer also knew Koten would leave for bank.. does anyone match with that description?

Dev, Narvekar and Dwani comes to Sangeeta’s house, Narvekar says to her husband Sunil that you have not been working for 6 months, you closed Koten’s house after maid left, you knew about their jewelry too. Sangeeta says we didnt do anything. Dev says you people are most important suspects, Narvekar says you cant leave the city, you will have to come for lie detector test.

Dev and Dwani comes to hospital, doctor says that Apa is awake but she doesnt have memory of last 48 hours. Dev and Dwani comes to Apa’s room. Apa asks how she got injured? Dwani says dont your remember anything? Mahek.. Dev says you were injured and Mahek was gone from home, Apa says Mahek is kidnapped? she is pregnant with your baby, you have to find her, Dev says I wont let anything to her. He leaves. Dwani thinks that Dev doesnt want to understand but I will prove that Mahek did this with Apa.

Kinjal recalls how Dev was tensed about Mahek, she thinks to help Dev, she recalls how he helped Kinjal, she thinks that he always helped me, Amol Narvekar might be offended but I will help Dev.

Hacker says to Dev that there is no proof in her laptop. Dev thinks where are you Mahek?

PRECAP- Narvekar says to building people that murderer of Kotens is from this building so you people cant go anywhere, residents are angry on that.
Dev looks around Koten’s house and says two murders and one robbery.. one person cant do it in such less time, someone else must have helped murderer, he looks around the crime scene.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Mehak is tooo cruel and smart, sometime i wonder she is planner of chakaryuh.??

    2. Dev and Amod cat jerry fight is my fvt., na ek sath reh skte hain or na ek dusre ke bina..???????

    3. I hope Amod don’t lose his love kinjal again and neither dhawni should die …

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