Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update Angoori the auto driver.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari gets a call from his business rival, and asks him how much business you made,he says 15000, Tiwari says call yourself ambulance because i made 15 lakhs business. Angoori walks in,Tiwari asks i was so hungry where were you, Angoori says temple i just served poor people fiid and spent around a lakh, Tiwari asks what, Angoori says why panic business is doing so well Tilu told me,Tiwari says business isnt doing well,its so bad that we even might have to strive for food,uts like people have given up on lingerie so stop donations,Angoori says okay i wont.

Angoori thinks oh god his business is doing so bad and i was busy spending,i have to do something. Anu waiting for Vibhu and he enters, Vibhu asks you look upset whats wrong,Anu says how would it matter,my students have reduced so

is income how will we manage,Vibhu says any hopes from me,Anu says not at all, you are good for nothing,Vibhu says you just called me good for nothing,it was so hurting,Anu says oh god then please go find some work, what is use if getting hurt, Vibhu says you are so mean,Anu says do something find a job go earn,work hard get some money,and now go get me coffee, Vibhu says you hurt me today.

Angoori thinking what will i do that will help Tiwari,i just want to help him, Saxena walks to her,Angoori asks whats wrong with your hand,Saxena says i was attending mad people conference and it was night i was waiting for auto and finally i found one but the auti driver was drunk and he banged into a truck thinking they are two separate bikes, Angoori says oh please take care of yourself and if you need help tell me you look so injured .Saxena says i am but i truly enjoyed the bang.

Angoori says Saxena you said there arent much autos in kanpur especially at night,saxena says right,Angoori says what if a women wants to ride an auto,can she, Saxena says why cant she. Prem arguing with an auto driver says past a month you giving me just 500 as income and your expenses are 1000, how is that possible the auto is bought just two months back,driver says im not a mechanic to know all this details,Prem says you are fired,driver says heres the key there are 1000 of autos but wont ride yours and leaves.

Angoori walks to Prem and greets him, Angoori says i heard you talk to that man,this means this auto is vacant right,Prem says yes theres no driver,Angoori says then you found one, Prem says i dont want Vibhu, Angoori says no no its me and please don’t deny and i just want to help my husband in hard times,prem says the society isnt good and you being an women,Angoori says dont worry i will dress as a man and then join buy promise this stays between us,prem says done Angoori leaves.

Vibhu walks to Prem and says i need help can you appoint me as driver,Prem says all my auto are booked you can work on one of my night cycles,Vibhu says done but i shall change my identity.

Malkan struggling with lamp,and says why isnt genie coming someone fooled me,teeka walks to him and says oh god you fooled and makes fun of him,you are fooled for 20₹, malkan says stop it, teeka says you behaving as its 20000, malkan says a man was here and if i rub this lamp a Genie sha arrive but nothing has arrived out of it.Teeka says lets sell it to someone else what say, malkan says you are genius.

Tiwari on call, Angoori gets him a glass of milk and thinks im sorry i added sleeping pill in this so that you sleep and i can get to work, sorry. Angoori says here have milk,Tiwari says no no im full,Angoori says this will be good for digestion cmon, Tiwari says it’s heavy,Angoori says cmon it has calcium,and cmon finish it or else i will call amaji,have it quickly, Angoori forcefully gives him milk and says now sleep good night.

Tiwari goes to sleep. Teeka dresses as Genie and asks malkan how he looks, Malkan says so similar and now get ready,teeka says look he is here and both hide. Hapu on call arrives, Malkan goes and kisses his cheeks, Hapu scolds him,and says i asked on call and not you and what are you doing here so late, malkan says look at this lamp it has genie, hapu says ok show me, malkan rubs,teeka bursts a cracker and arrives. Teeka says hello my master,Malkan says this is my friend and we wish to have dinner at 5 star give us 10000,teeka says okay my master,performs a dance and throws money at Malkan.Hapu checks the money and teeka leaves. Hapu asks where did he go,Malkan says work done he ia gone, malkan purposely leaves lamp and then comes back and says oh i left my lamp did you see,hapu says no i didn’t you go have food at five star bye.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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