Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yamdut come to take gyarahi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh, kartikeya, subodh and gyarahi doing pind daan. Subodh does the pind daan of gyarahi according to rituals and then gyarahi gets a new body, a body of salvation. Gyarahi says yes I have attained a new body. Subodh smiles and says father you will soon get moksh.
Suddenly a huge storm appears and the sky bursts and turns dark, 2 yamdut of yamraj come down and land near gyarahi. gyarahi is worried and scared and says who are you? The yamdut angrily say we are the yamdut of yamraj and we have come here to take you gyarahi to yamlok. Gyarahi gets shocked and says what? Now I have to suffer going to yamlok as well? Gyarahi is angry and also sad, he says ganesh ji what is this? When I was alive, I was killed and punished for the sins I did! Then I became a ghost and

I suffered my life as a ghost as well, now subodh has done pind daan and I should have got freedom but I got another body and the yamdut have come to take me to yamlok, I don’t want to go to yamlok. Gyarahi says yamdut, I am not gyarahi, he is someone else, I am not coming. Gyarahi then says to ganesh, I would rather die now and let me turn back to a ghost, I will stay in Kailash on a tree there rather than going and suffering through the hands of these yamdut. The yamdut angrily say gyarahi, you have done many sins when you were alive and you shall be punished for that after death too, you wont easily get moksh. Gyarahi says what? I am not coming. Gyarahi then turns to ganesh and says I knew it, this was all your plan to make me suffer more! I have already suffered so much then why do I have to suffer after death as well? Why have you given me a body? You did this! Kartikeya gets angry and removes his spear. Ganesh stops him and says it is okay brother, gyarahi ji is scared and angry now! don’t do anything.
The yamdut say, gyarahi enough now! you have already wasted so much of our time, now we wont accept any more time waste. The yamdut remove a paash and one yamdut attacks it on gyarahi and holds him by his paash. Gyarahi gets hurt and screams in pain. Subodh says father, no! ganesh says bhakt subodh, don’t get up from the Pooja place, if you get up now then the pind daan and Pooja will be incomplete.
The yamdut then leaves gyarahi who falls down and has tears and says don’t make me suffer more. One yamdut says now it is time for you to leave this world, the yamdut holds gyarahi with his paash and another yamdut attacks his axe and kills gyarahi. ganesh and kartikeya get up shocked and say what have you both done? Why did you kill gyarahi ji? We had brought him here to help him get salvation and freedom but you killed his body of salvation as well, why? the yamdut say pranam pratham pujya ganesh ji and pranam dev sena kartikeya ji! What we have done is not wrong, we have done right because this body has not been given to gyarahi to live, it is the body of salvation. One yamdut says ganesh ji, we killed gyarahi because before his death, gyarahi had done many sins and after death every soul is either punished or sent to heaven according to their good and bad deeds. Gyarahi had done only bad sins in his life and after death, a body of salvation is given to spirits who have done bad sins in their life, this body is then made to suffer, every time we make them suffer through this body and kill them and give them pain and torture until they are punished equal to the sins they did! Every time they are killed, their body is given life again and then they are made to suffer again and killed, this continues until their suffering and punishment is complete, then they are freed. A yamdut uses his powers and gives life to gyarahi and gyarahi comes back alive. Gyarahi says why do I feel so much pain in my body as if something hurt me very bad, but there is no mark on my body! Gyarahi gets up and the yamdut tell him he shall be taken now and then sent to hell! Gyarahi has tears and suddenly the sky opens with a portal, gyarahi starts getting pulled in it, he has tears and he says prabhu now I understand! I have done many sins in life and also insulted you many times when I was alive, I never did a good deed which is why I have to face many punishments ahead, it is certain that I am going to hell but even after all this you helped me come till here to help me get salvation, prabhu forgive me and you truly are the kindest god. Gyarahi says but before I go prabhu, I need one last favor, I want you to recite what has happened here through you to this world so that they know my story and the sins I did, I want every living being in this universe to know and understand that bad karma will punish a person even after death and they cannot escape it so then they all will be inspired to follow dharma in life, I could never teach my son anything good in life but prabhu always keep your hand over my son and give him the strength to follow as well as preach everyone to follow dharma and do good deeds in life.
The yamdut go with gyarahi. ganesh says gyarahi ji is gone now.

Precap: ganesh says mata must be waiting for us in the temple as I told I would be back soon, but now we have to solve another problem of gyarahi ji. There gyarahi’s various punishments are shown.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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