Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update : Adult schooling.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu asks Hapu why are you and that too in adult schooling, Hapu says iits a long sad story,Vibhu says dont then we dont want to waste time,Anu says why wont he,he will,Hapu says i hate this man why did you marry him anyways i cheated in school and now i want too.

Anu says okay we shall begin with teaching today and prof Vibhu will teach Botony. Vibhu says what nonsense is this when a professor enters you need to greet and respect,Tiwari says we dont but,Angoori says i do but,Vibhu says thats enough for me,these people dont matter,Tiwari says now shall we start lecture,Vibhu says sshutup you animal and now no nonsense and does anyone no about Botony,Vibhu denies everyone chance,Tiwrai says will you teach instead,Angoori gives wrong answer,Vibhu says dont laugh she is right,and manipulate and turns the lecture into lovelogy,Hapu says one minute iits all confusing,Vibhu says what nonsense is this,Tiwari says because you are nonsense,Vibhu says class am i,all ssay yes

Vibhu says lets begin Botony is study of plant, Tilu cracks a joke,Vibhu hits him and says iim watching you, Angoori says iits strange we study plants too, Hapu says but this botanical names will confuse vendor, Vibhu says they arent used,Tiwari says then why are they invented,Vibhu says what else can i expect from an illiterate like you,Angoori asks whats mutter called in botony,Vibhu says pysan,Angoori says oh, Tika laughs on the name,Vibbu says I don’t want this nonsense in class close your face,Angoori asks whats my name called,Vibhu says vine,Angoori says oh i loved it, lacho asks do plants breath, Vibhu says good question, boys cheer for her,Vibhu says its called respiration,they do all human activities,Hapu asks do they shit because I haven’t see them do that,Vibhu says they do they exhale carbon dioxide.

Angoori asks do plants eve tease, Gulfamkali says they always do inhave experienced,Tiwari says even plants havent left her, Commissioner says i will arrest that plant,Prem says i will uproot it,Vibhu says sshutup plant dont do that they are lovers,when two flowers meet they transfer energy and that’s love. Tiwari says whats wrong woth him he teaches nothing of Botany,

Boys at tea stall argue over Lacho,Saxena says enough you three,you guys are so cheap,Tika says stay in limits, Saxena slaps him,All start whacking Saxena. saxena says thank you i was missing my shocks i feel much better good work now it’s time for your class. In class, Tiwari forces Tilu to go back and insults him.

Anu to conduct the lecture,Anu says we shall learn English,Pelu writes it down as Anu addresses, class shocked to see Pelu write in English, Anu says we can learn English soon,Tika says in 2 hrs,Anu says not this soon,All get into argument,Anu says enough discipline is very necessary in school qnd today we shall learn tenses,Pelu writes it down,Malkhan says Tika this Pelu looks very educated.

Pre cap : .Saxena whacks Tiwari and Prem for being late for class.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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