Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update honey bees attack.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

anu and angoori chit chatting,tiwari and vibhu get in and close the door,they are bitten by honey bees,anngoori asks what’s wrong,tiwari says we hit honey comb with stone and bees stinged us,anu says who told you to do this way,angoori says you burn fire down and not throw stone,door is knocked,vibhu says its honey bee don’t open the door,anu says relax,master walks in.

master says im here to warn your husband’s,anu asks what did they do,master says they hit honey comb when queen of bee was bathing and because of them she was exposed nude and now they are out for revenge,anu says i dont belive all this,master says i was here to warn.

aanu with Vibhu in bedroom and angoori with tiwari,aanu and angoori ask who did you go to get honey for,both lie saying for you,anu

says let me open window, Vibhu says don’t please.

anu and angoori in balcony and both discuss their husbands stupidity,anu says see Vibhu isn’t getting out he says there are bees out,angoori says same here i ccant see any bees,bees attack aanu and angoori both rush inside.angoori blames tiwari and says it’s all because of you,vibhu says baby in sorry let me think of solution.

angoori next day says how will i go out,i feel so weird,first time im not going out watering plants, performing pooja, Tiwari says its ok one day wont matter if you go out you will be attacked so stay till we find solution.angoori says i wont stay inside I will go out i have an idea.

anu checking marks on her face in mirror,vibhu says you looking hot,anu says shut-up i was restless all night gi get me coffee,vibhu says no milk,anu says go get it,vibbu sees a bee and shouts i will go from kitchen window and says baby there was a bee here she will go and inform her mates and they will be waiting near kitchen and i will go from frint gate im so smart.

angoori in helmate and raincoat singing and oerforming pooja,vvibhu comes and joins and then asks why this get up,angoori says protection from bees, Vibhu says relax there are no bees here,and iim chocolaty face everyone loves me, Bees come there,both run away.

happu in jail,anu calls him,and says its important iim n problem i need help and tells about bees,please call forest department,happu says forget them im here,i will come and save you,anu says come soon.tiwari slowly sneaks out,and says there are no bees they are behind Vibhu i will go to shop now, Tiwari is attacked by bees,he jumps in mishra house through kitchen window.

anu asks what’s wrong,tiwari says bees,anu says why did you get out, Tiwari says o saw bees behind vibhu so i stepped out,anu says god vibhu.

vibhu says i escaped bees good, Vibhu sees lot of bees at his door and rush to tiwari house and closes the door, Vibhu says these bees bhabhiji.

angoori says its your and tiwaris fault and me and anita facing consequences too,vibhu says im sorry, Vibhu restless.

happu creating smoke master says why trouble them,they already where angry now face consequences and leaves.bees attack happu.

pre cap : master says the best i can do is fix a meeting and then you apologise,vibhu says we wont.
prem says dare those bees sting me,prem is attacked by bees.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice entertaining show. All characters are very well defined. Great acting and dialogues.

    But why is Amma always unhappy with Tiwari? Even though it’s situational comedy at least once in a while they can bond. Doesn’t even look like Mother- son relation. Though I like both !! Their individual performances are too good.

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