Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika kidnapped by Panday

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Sahil was shocked to hear the voice of an accident on the phone and shouts Vaidika’s name out of shock. Near the spot of accident, Panday ji gets a call from Nidhi and assures that Vaidika’s dead body can’t be found now. Nidhi appreciates that this is the best he did after coming out of the jail. She warns him against touching Vaidika’s body. Nidhi thinks Sahil’s love is no more, he will now have to spend whole of his life with her.
Bari Amma tells Sahil to be an elder brother to Shruti and do her bidding ceremony. Sahil remembers how Vaidika convinced him to be an elder brother of Shruti and fill the missing father figure in her life. He greets Karan and Shruti who leave after being married.
A police inspector arrives at Agarwal house and informs Sahil that a car registered

after his name faced an accident on highway. Sahil leaves the house worried as Vaidika was in the same car. At the venue, the inspector doesn’t let Sahil down the forest and says they couldn’t find any dead body, the condition of the car shows no one would be saved. Sahil was hysteric and shouts Vaidika’s name.
At home, Yash questions Bari Amma about Vaidika. Bari Amma says she would have done it earlier if she had to kill Vaidika. Deepak says Bari Amma is right, he was away because Vaidika was no more supporting him. Prachi taunts that Vaidika must have flown with some other rich and young guy. Gauri gets a call. They all reach City Hospital.
Sahil moves to identify a body which was badly burnt. Nani recognizes a ring they found near the body and cries. Nidhi poses being in disbelief. Nani cries hugging Yash. Sahil wasn’t ready to believe and says Vaidika is alive, this body doesn’t belong to Vaidika.
Panday enters a dark room.
Sahil tells Nani that Vaidika is his heartbeat, and till its beating in there she is alive.
Panday spills a glass of water over Vaidika’s face. Her mouth had been tightly stuffed. Panday tells Vaidika that he was sent by Nidhi to kill her.
Anjana convince Sahil that Vaidika is dead. Sahil wasn’t ready to listen and leaves the hospital promising Nani to bring her back.
Panday says Vaidika’s ending would be a nightmare for her, he held two other girls hostage for girl’s trafficking and promises to arrange a client for Vaidika as well. After they have left, the girls untie Vaidika’s hand and open up her mouth. Vaidika hugs the girls and decides she won’t let this happen.
At Agarwal house, everyone cried while Yash prayed in front of a flower decorated photo of Vaidika. Shruti and Karan reach there and pay their respect. Aarya badly cries. Karan thinks Vaidika had gone to finish Nidhi’s story but she is fine, and Vaidika is no more. He asks Bari Amma about Sahil. Bari Amma was worried and says he has gone crazy. Karan assures he would find Sahil somewhere.
Sahil comes to meet the driver’s widow and pays her some amount. He says Sanjay had been working in the company for the last six years and offers them any kind of help. Sanjay’s widow asks why he would personally come. Sahil says Sanjay was the last person who saw Vaidika.
In the room, Nidhi asks Karan why he is looking for Sahil. He must go and enjoy his newly wed life with Shruti. Karan says he is guilty, and can’t start over anything. Nidhi holds a knife and warns Karan that if he doesn’t stop discussing about the baby she would kill herself.
Sahil returns home, he removes all the flowers off Vaidika’s photo and tells the family that he is sure Vaidika hasn’t died. He assures Aarya he will bring Vaidika back. Yash tries to stop Sahil give Aarya any false hope, Sahil wasn’t ready to listen to anyone. He says he doubts everyone in the house and is sure whatever happened to Vaidika is a planning against her. Sahil blames Yash saying Vaidika came to this house to support him but she instead supported him (Sahil). Yash says he has no proof. Sahil says he will find a proof as his heart verdicts this is a planning by someone from this house, his pointing finger stops at Nidhi.

PRECAP: The police brings a woman at Agarwal house who just had plastic surgery. She insists of being Vaidika but no one was ready to accept this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh lorddddddd…..nooooooooooooooo…..??????????????….ladies, I just saw some YouTube videos and I saw a new actress as Vedika….and im ????????…as hell… Why why why did Suhasi Dhami leave??????……she has amazing chemistry with Karan Jotwani, it’s never going to be the same, ever again ?????????…and now I’m really crying. Why couldn’t creative team make her more glamorous if they wanted to do changes to this character?? I hate when this is done…. I hope and pray that the writers have Suhasi hidden somewhere and would bring her back and that this is a friend who’s helping her….or maybe she has lost her memory and…whatever…something….i remember a serial a few years back, something like that had happened…can’t remember the name of it…I’m really sad…???

    1. The new lady who enters as vaidika, is a fraud though, I’ve heard news that it’s an imposter who tries to take vaidika’s place.

  2. Pandey should never get out of jail! And he will never change! And Nidhi I am sick of you!!

    1. This is my fav show. No dragging I love sahils acting can’t wait to see next epi

  3. So what!!! Nidhi could just kill herself, none of us care to see her alive. She doesn’t care for the baby in her womb either…plus, Karan could make some more babies with Shruti. I hope that Karan tells Sahil that he’s not the father of Nidhi’s baby but if he is a weakling, he will not say anything. How would he still live in the house and be Sahil’s friend and hide such a damning secret?? Friends, this is where the new actress comes in because Vedika’s face will be changed because of plastic surgery…you all think this is right..now im only going to be here because of Karan Jotwani

    1. dont worry dear..suhasi is goin no where from the show…she will be back next week..right now she is in greece on a vacation..
      the new actress is priyal gor and her character is negative..it was confirmed by her only..
      she is faking to be vedika…she will try to make everyone believe that she is vedika who underwent a plastic surgery..
      dont wrry …the show with all these crap illogical track..has trp juz cos of sadika suran and their amazing acting and chemistry…cvs will never make a mistake by changing them..so chill

  4. Don’t worry, the new comer is Kritika a fake vedika? Vedika (Suhasi) is kidnap to kill by Nidhi with the help of Pandey, this mystery will be exposed within a month. Lets watch.

    1. Oh really!! I hope it better! I will be more then happy if that happens!!

  5. Guys I think this is some fake person in the place of vedhika.. it might be to divert Sahil’s attention from finding out d truth.. vedhika will escape one day along with the other 2 girls and expose that dirty Pandey.
    I’m totally in love with Sahil now..??
    Love should be like this.. believing till the very end and so strong..
    That stern look of Sahil at the end when he points finger at that b*t*h Nidhi is absolutely…no words…???

    1. Dolly, you know I love him too….as long as he’s breathing, Vedika is alive!!! How romantic…. ??????

  6. Thank you friends, for the pacifier, I needed that assurance ??…can’t imagine this serial without Suhasi…

  7. Muniya

    After watching this episode…I only had one question in my mind….why is that Nidhi still alive and why doesn’t anyone hits her head off against an wall or just push her in front of a running truck???…just like she tried to kill Vedika???…
    And that disgusting Pandey is back again!!!!!….Whyyyy???
    Only best thing was to see Vedika alive though kidnapped…and Sahil’s faith on his love?????
    But precap…i didn’t like it…i read some spoiler saying that lady is fraud…and that must be true…as Vedika isn’t that much hurt to get a plastic surgery of her face???…Why will she do that??
    First i was feeling bad…as i thought Suhasi has left the show….but then i read some comments here…and i really felt better.
    And KJ is again back in no beard look after one month leap in the show…he is adorable in every look of him…though i found his beard look most adorable?????
    Anyways…let us just hope for the best.

  8. Ya Naz, Sahil is the most romantic and sensible character that I’ve ever seen in any of the serials so far..
    There was one more character, Krishna of Prathigya serial long back.. though not so romantic, the character projection dint change from the beginning to the end of the serial..a waste serial though..

  9. Ladies… I am so relieved to read that the Suhasi will be back because I cannot imagine the show with her. Beside she did not look like she needed plastic surgery. Sahil’s acting brilliant as usual. That’s true love ??? and he will get his love at some point. I loved it when he said as long as his heart is beating Vedika can’t be dead.
    As for that Nidhi?????grrrrrrr… I could kill her????. I think her days are numbered. Karan should stand up to Nidhi. Can’t wait for next episode..

  10. Atleast it was a little relieving to know that Karan is actually not in love with that b*t*h Nidhi.. but how will things work out later??
    Nidhi will definitely leave the Agarwal’s.. her kid will be with Karan and Sruthi.. Sadhika definitely together..

  11. While some thing is better in life of sadika, a new negative character join to separate sadika, writer sahab, please don’t drag the story such like. Now, following are negative character in sadika’s life:
    1. Bari Amma 2. Puneesh tiwari, 3. Pandey 4. Kritika (fake nidhi) 5. Karan (for short while) 6. Yash 7. Most dangerous – Nidhi.

    I think nidhi’s parents were in leave and they go for honeymoon to spend the money stolen by their mirchi daughter “NIDHI” ha ha. ha.a..a…..aa.aa.a.

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