Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, anguri says to tiwari tat she wants to talk to him and tiwari gets scared nd asks wat u want to talk and she says I want to shave ur moustaches I really want to see u without moustaches and shows him the foam and shaver aand tiwari says tat ok wait I will do it on my own and tiwari says no and when anguri removes the handkerchief and when she sees him shaved already she screams.later vibhuti comes home and anita says to him tat now she has decided tat he can have moustaches as for so many years u were without moustache because I wanted to so I have bought these fake moustaches as the real one will take 6months so I will stick these fake ones and she asks him to remove his hand and anita gets shocked to see already the moustaches
Vibhuti is talking to Roshan

chacha on phone asking him when will he come here to visit and then asks how is chachiji I heard tat she has got the habbit of playing cards hearing this chachaji hungs u and anita comes and asks wat happen and vibhuti says tat roshan chacha is not coming because at last moment bunty played a trick he placed red marks on his face with red pen and when they took him to doctor they found tat it was his naughtiness and anita then says bunty ohh tat boy who stole ur mothers wig during our marriage and vibhuti gets upset and asks her u just remember tat and asks her to stop it and anita laughs vibhuti asks him to pls stop talking about it and anita gets angry and leaves and then vibhuti gets the idea of bunty to use it on tiwari and then gets happy and goes behind anita saying her I love u baby
Vibhuti at night takes a ladder and goes to tiwaris room and with the red sketch pen draws the dots on tiwaris face and says the fun will start tomorrow morning and when he sees anguri he says she is such a sweet lady and this tiwari does not deserves to be beside her in bed and then anguri in her dreams says I love u vibhuti gets excited after hearing this and anguri says tiwari I love u and vibhuti gets upset and leaves while going home back by keeping the ladder back tika and his friend see him
Next day anguri is singing song in kitchen and cooking and there comes vibhuti and tells her tat he had a bad dream last night tat they all have went to goa and u and me are having a bath in sea while anita and tiwari are around and comes a shark and eats him and throws his bones away and anguri says no wat kind of a dream is this and vibhuti asks have u met tiwari from this morning and she says no and says lets go and see if he is fine and anaguri says ok I will open door and vibhuti says tat no need I have the habit to enter from window and comes in and by mistakenly sits on hot pan and asks the pan was hot u didn’t tell me and asks anguri to ahead and he gets up from the pan and reacts and goes upstair and when they see tiwari vibhuti tells anguri that he has got chicken pox and naguri say oh my god and then vibhuti tells tat now u have to stay away from him or u will get the infection as I have already had chicken pox when I was small so it wont affect me and then tiwari says wat is the remedy on this and vibhuti says tat u have to stay in this room only u cant come out of this room and I will take care of u and asks angur ito go out and locks the room and asks tiwari to get up and see his face in mirror tiwari when sees he believes tat he has got the chicken pox and vibhuti tells tat u cant take bath no water and tiwari ask can I go to wash room and vibhuti says u can go to washroom but u will not contact water with the reaction on face and then asks him to rest and leaves and anguri was seeing all this standing out of room and she leaves a mark of lipstick on glass door and vibhuti gets it on his cheek
Vibhuti comes down and calls anguri but does not finds her in home and anguri comes and says tat y r u shouting I was loading clothes in washing machines and she goes in and vibhuti says crazy lady and comes anita and asks where r u I m searching u from morning and u r here and vibhuti says tat there has been a tragedy and anita asks wat and he tells tat tiwari has got chicken pox and vibhuti asks her to go and meet tiwari and anita says am I mad to meet him as I will also get the alergy and she sees a mark of lipstick on his cheek and asks him to turn and show and asks whose mark is this its definitely not mine as I don’t have this lipstick shade and then vibhuti says tat this lipstick mark is of anguri bhabhi and anita asks did she kiss u and he says know she got emotional so she kissed tiwari and when tiwari hugged me his mark just got on my cheek and anita says u have met him and came go first go and take bath first go home.
Tiwari is thinking tat how will I live without seein anita bhabhi and he then goes in window to see her glimpse and then anita also comes out as she is feeling very hot in room and when she comes in gallery and tiwari calls her to say hi she sees him and shouts no and goes in and tiwari gets very upset at her behavior.

Vibhuti tells anguri tat there is a film in theater which tiwari wanted to see with u but now he cant due to chicken pox and so he has asked me to take u to film and then anguri says no I will go only with tiwari and vibhuti says tat tiwari knew it so he gave u his promise to go with me and anguri says oh he gave me promise by his name.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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