Hello Pratibha 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunidhi was ashamed and crying, Sunjhive asks what else do you want to say. Sunidhi says that I know that she had made a big mistake, she says that to hide her one mistake she made dozen of it and she is feeling very guilty, Sundhi hold Sanjhive’s hand and ask to forgive her Sanjhive releases his hand and says that you have always lied to me now you are asking me to forgive you, today I have seen your true face, Sanjhive says that he understands you very well know. Sunidhi says that she accepts her mistake and has she not been a good wife, mother or a daughter in law, she says that she wants to accept her mistake and you are not going to help her. Sunidhi goes to Kashi and asks her to forgive her. Kaashi says there is no doubt she did a big mistake and this is true she is the younger in daughter in law of the house, she says to Pratibha that she is the culprit of Peehu and it is a matter of their house, so it is better house chores remain in the house. She takes Sunidhi to everyone and tells her to ask forgiveness. Kaashi tells Mahen the matter of house shouldn’t go outside the house. Mahen says this isn’t a matter of two people, it is a criminal case. Sunidhi says she didn’t harm Peehu nor take her life, she cries asking her forgiveness. Kaashi says she is regretting what she has done. Mahen says he is really shocked to see Kaashi is siding Sunidhi, did she think for once what he and Pratibha must have gone through. Sunidhi deliberately tried to betray them, and there is no place for a betrayer at his house. Sunidhi goes to Pratibha and asks if she would also not forgive her. Sunidhi says she would not be able to pay for her mistake ever, but please being an elder Pratibha should forgive her. Pratibha removes Sunidhi’s hand over her shoulder, she tells Sunihdi she wouldn’t have forgiven her had it been with her, but it was with her daughter. She blackmailed her daughter for so many days. Sunidhi says she never let Peehu get hurt, she even got the attack over herself. Pratibha says if it was someone else she must have sent her to jail, but she won’t do so because she can’t think about making Bubu separate from his mother. Mahen says that now the decision is in Sanjeev’s hands, he and Pratibha will favour him in any decision he takes. Sunidhi gets to Sanjeev’s feet to forgive her, Sanjeev asks her to stop this drama, he drags her out of the house and says when Pratibha had to leave the house, Sunidhi has no right to stay at home. Kaashi tells Pratibha and Mahen to stop them, else Sanjeev will destroy his family. She says if Sunidhi goes home… Mahen asks what she will do, can’t she see what Sunidhi has done to Peehu. He wont stop Sanjeev from pushing Sunidhi out of the house, nor he will stop her. Sunidhi jerks Sanjeev’s hand and says she won’t leave alone, Bubu will go with him. She calls Bubu. Sanjeev says he doesn’t want Bubu to be brought up by a lady who is such a cheater. Sunidhi says she must ask Bubu about it. Bubu comes running there, Sunidhi calls Bubu to come to her they will go their home. Bubu moves forward, Pratibha and everyone wants to stop him. Bubu comes forward and announces he doesn’t want to go with her, he wants to stay with Bari maa (Pratibha), he goes and hugs Pratibha. Sanjeev says this shows what brought up she did. He tells Sunidhi not to look at this house again. He pushed Sunidhi out of the house, she fells down. Sunidhi turns to see Sanjeev with her eyes red in rage, she then looks at Pratibha. Sanjeev shuts the door away and bolts it. Sunidhi stands up and says don’t think it as her defeat Pratibha, she will return and win each one’s respect and love; and will take up enemity with her.
At night, kids were happy that all the problems have ended now. Peehu suggests Mahen to take Pratibha for shopping. Mahen says they will go together, kids were excited. Mahen notices Pratibha was lost, and asks what happened. Pratibha says nothing. Mahen says she doesn’t know about lying. Pratibha says she is worried about Bubu, how will he live without a mother. Sanjeev and Bubu stood there, Sanjeev says Bubu isn’t a mother-less. Pratibha has brought Bubu up, he chose her today. He says that from today, she has three children. Pratibha says Sunidhi is his real mother, how she can take him away. Sanjeev says Bubu’s future is only secure if he stays with her. He says to Mahen that he has decided to divorce Sunidhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Good the mad woman is out of the house hear she na nobody can’t put she down n happen to her today she have been throw out of the house by her husband n she can’t do nothing about but i am still a Lil worry for prabitha cuz she say she will come back to enemity with prabitha and this kaashi all do sunidhi do so much still siding with her 1 tight she want in her face it like they forget to give sunidhi some slap she deserve some but prabitha have to be beware of her cuz she will not end it here

    1. Pratiba is too naive and believes that this woman should be given a chance again.If she gets back in that house she will target Pratibha and make a mockery out of her if this woman is not stopped untime.Sunidhi is backed by her disgusting mother and mother in law.This is why she is able to continue behaving like this.These two matriarchs of the family have not shown any good examples as mothers of excellence.They are just wicked women of disgrace.

  2. Wow….decisions are taken so easily and quickly in this family. I guess sometimes the story drags on forever, and other times its moves on in a heartbeat!

  3. am so happie dat stupid sunidhi is out ov their lyf

  4. MaressaStyles

    one still leave which is kaashi

  5. Wow good episode.I feel sooooo good that sunidhi gas expiso,wowwwww.now is kaashi turn

  6. I wish that tanu and aaliya will expose very soonnnnnnn in kumkum bhagya

  7. I am not shocked at mother inlaw standing by the daughter inlaw Sunidhi because she is to be blamed also for Sunidhi having no respect in the home as she conspired wit Sunidhi against Pratiba, she is worried tat she is now losing her Partner in crime. She is the oldest an shud hav been a good mother inlaw an not be partial , she is the instigater in all this. Does she not realise that Peehu had men running after her and almost succeeded in raping her if her mom did not reach intime , how darn stupid is tat mother inlaw , she shud almost b thrown out of the house, Her families respect would have gone to shreds, this motherinlaw is so bad. Ppl like them ar a Menace in Society.

  8. Happpy to see Mahen, Pratiba an husband put their foot down!!! Tat Wretch Sunidhi can actally think tat she did not commit a crime??? Blackmailing an a girl almost getting rape an a moother almost dying is not a crime????? An the mother inlaw , is she STUPID because Sunidhi was her partner in crime she is taking Sunidhis part???? Shameful , her family respect wud hav been lost if the granddaughter got raped , is ther a brain in tat head of hers!!!!!!! No man this is just the Limit!!!! An Sunidhi still not learning frm the Lesson, still wants to revenge ??? She n mother inlaw shud definately go to a Mental Assylum Lol

    1. Well said and I agree with you.

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