Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari and Vibhuti sell all of their belongings.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks in and says to Tiwari im not like you to sell lingerie, Tiwari says im atleast not unemployed,Vibhu says just get out you are creating differences between me and my wife,Tiwari says look at him,Vibhu says get out,Anu says who all will you stop,Vibhu says i have full proof plan abd we will play in money, Tiwari hiding and watching,Anu says your plans don’t work, Vibhu says its not mine its an MNCS you get money doubled in a night,Anu says its a shit,Vibhu says the whole Kanpur is enjoying benefit’s you can ask the boys,Anu says you go join too,Vibhu says i don’t have money or I would,baby give me 5000 i need this support,Anu says sorry not a penny,Vibhu says you will regret,its a golden opportunity,Anu says okay i will give only 2500, Vibhu says okay to start

with lets agree.

Vibhu sees Tiwari walk out of finance company, Tiwari asks you here how come,Vibhu says same question goes to you,Tiwari says i came here to invest,Vibhu says me too. Tiwari walks to Angoori in bedroom and asks why is she upset, Angoori says i don’t know i feel low,Tiwari says dont be we soon will be millionaire, we will open a big showroom, Angoori says wow si great.

Tiwari and Vibu with Dimple,Vibhu asks for returns and asks who are the people who give return, Dimple says we invest in companies and as shares increase we give you the double and Mr Tiwari heres your double and come let me click a picture of you. Mr Mishra heres your money and would like a picture of you too.

Prem walks in and says sorry im late, Dimple says no issues heres your double 25 lakhs,Vibhu says wow huge amount,Prem says im not like you i take risks,and I’m planning a bigger one to invest 5 crore, Dimple says thats great with huge amount like this you will be given 1 crore bonus.

Vibhu walks to Anu and says hello baby, and as i told you we soon will be rich, it is happening and tells her the whole scenario, Anu says im just saying I’m not getting convinced,Vibhu says baby we will sell everything and within a night we will have all in double and better quality,Anu says if something goes qring i will leave you and go to America,Vibhu starts selling furniture.

Tiwari meets pathan and loans 1 crore, Kalu records Tiwari’s statement,Kalu says if you don’t return 1 crore and 25 lakhs interest then,Tiwari says interest is a little more, Pathan says forget the deal then,Tiwari says no no we are in, Angoori says why do it,Tiwari says its matter of just a night,Pathan says quickly decide, Tiwari says we are in, Pathan says if you dont return me in 24 hrs all will be mine, Angoori says what are you saying,Pathan says this is the deal, Tiwari says don’t worry all is sorted,Pathan records the statement.

Boys at tea stall, discussing on what to sell for a night so that they can double the money,Hapu walks to them,Tika says I will buy a bike, Hapu says you can never,Malkan asks what are you thinking of selling, Hapu says my planning is a full proof,Malian says sell yourself,he slaps them,Tilu asks forget all that what business will you invest in after earning money,Hapu says i don’t want to talk to you,Saxena walks to then begging,Hapu says what wrong timing is this see come tomorrow i shall give you money, Saxena says who wants money,i have a lot,Hapu asks then what you want, Saxena says you can’t give anything,Hapu says just tell me what you want,Saxena says slap me,boys and hapu slap him hard.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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