Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti behind the bars.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gupta examining Vibhu, and says you have gas problem, they see Saxena and foreigner and get into character, Saxena says they are hard working. Tiwari meets Arora, and explains situation and apologies, Arora exmaines the shop, Arora says tilu you said you were sleeping inside shop when ut was on fire,tilu says yes i ran out, first i dont get salary then will burn too, Arora says then you did this fir revenge,Arora says then Tiwari did it to take revenge from tilu because he insults you and will claim insurance too,tiwari says anything wrong with you,just get to the claim, arora says max 2 lakhs yiu can’t get anything more

saxena and foreigner walk to them, Tiwari and tilu get in character,arora joins too. Vibhu asks Angoori where is Tiwari, she says insurance office to claim,

vibhu insults him, Angoori says dont he is my husband,vibhu asks and me,she says my love, Vibhu imagines singing and dancing with angoori. Tiwari and tilu walk in and ask him where he is lost, Vibhu asks who am i talking to Tiwari or Ravan, Tiwari says I’m already pissed off due to insurance,vibhu says you should have asked me for it,tilu says shop caught fire,vibhu starts laughing and asks how much you claimed, Tiwari says 50 lakhs and the agent thinks im fooling.

Vibhu says dont worry i will handle how is agent,tiwari says vicky arora,vibhu says he is my good friend and my 1% share mine,Tiwari says deal. Arora in restaurant no one taking his orders, vibhu walks to him and says hi vick,arora says vibhuti,vibhu says yes and im into acting now and gives order. Vicky says you were so bad dyring working days, vibhu says forget past,do a think help my friend tiwari you will get your share, Vicky says bribing me,okay and calls commissioner,.

boys at tea stall with happu, teeka says other than who will go London, hapu says what does that mean,malkan says i am doubtful about hapu,prem says i will surely go dont know about you guys, hapu insults him. Saxena and Foreigner walk to them and says look they are dying to go London,all get into their character, and perfrom a scenario, laddu dressed as monkey comes there and hits them.

Commissioner scolds vibhu,vibhu behind the bars, vibhu says it’s general in insurance business,vicky says it’s not im an honest officer unlike you so im here and you behind the bars, Hapu walks in,with Angoori and Tiwari,hapu says tiwrai is real culprit, angoori says he isnt, it was all vibhutis plan.and tiwrai Vibhu get into argument, commissioner says just put them behind the bars.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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