Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari who is snake going in the room, he is shocked to see anguri. Anguri takes aarti plate and says I have seen you nagraj and I am so lucky that I am a wife of a nagraj. Tiwari is baffled. Anguri does the Pooja. Tiwari thinks that anguri knows now and she will spread it everywhere. Anguri says should I ask you one thing nagraj?tiwari says yes. Anguri says where is you snake gem? Tiwari says its in my head and not outside. Anguri picks a bamboo to break tiwaris head. Tiwari says what are you doing? Anguri says I want to see the gem. Tiwari says it will come out itself on nagraj full moon day. Anguri says when will the day come? tiwari says it will come. Anguri asks how big is it and what is its color? Tiwari scolds and goes. Anguri says I made nagraj sad.
At tea stall vibhu is sad and says what is happening? And Tiwari is a snake and these creatures are behind me. Tiwari comes. Vibhu says why are you doing this? Tiwari says now I will bite you with my snake into pieces. Tiwari starts hissing. Happu singh tika and malkhan come and tika starts playing flute. Vibhu says what are you doing and he will bite. Happu singh says we will make him dance and we just want his gem as he is a wish give snake. Tika plays flute. Tiwari is hissing loudly and says go now otherwise I will bite you. They run away. Tiwari keeps hissing at vibhu continuously. Vibhu runs away. Saxena comes and says bite me as I like snake bites. Tiwari says you will die, saxena says when a cobra couldn’t do anything to me then what will your bite do to me? Tiwari bites saxena. Saxena says I like it and goes. Tiwari laughs and says these fools believe me.
At home anita comes and tells anguri what is this Tiwari doing? Anguri says he is not doing anything and he is wish giving snake. Anita says he is just acting and its nothing like that believe me. Anguri says no he is nagraj as mom told her as when he was child he was bitten by a snake so he will turn into a snake and its true. Anita says oh god and what is this foolishness and don’t believe it and I will tell you the truth. Anita goes. Anguri says why doesn’t she believe me?
Vibhu is coming and says I hope Tiwari doesn’t come. Vibhu enters the gate. Tiwari is sitting in and he goes hissing behind vibhu. Vibhu says please leave me and I am sorry what have I done? Tiwari says you disturbed 2 snakes loving each other. Vibhu says they were romancing at the wrong place and I did it by mistake and pleas leave me. Tiwari says you have to call anita sister as we snakes give this punishment to those who disturb 2 snakes romancing.vibhu says how can I call my wife my sister and I cant do that. Tiwari goes hissing to bite vibhu. Vibhu says okay I will do it please leave me. Tiwari goes hissing home.
At night at home vibhu is in bedroom and says how can I call anita sister and I will not do that. Vibhu is crying and says I wont do that. Anita comes and smiles and says she is in a mood to romance and lets romance. Vibhu is sad and says I am going to sleep, he goes at bed. Anita puts him down on bed and says come on lets romance. Vibhu says please leave me and then says sister leave me. Anita says what the hell? And what are you saying? Vibhu says sister again and again. Anita is angry and tells shut up. Vibhu says I am sorry sister. Anita says why are you doing this and you are calling me sister? Anita says tell me right now why are you doing this? Vibhu says Tiwari told him if I did not call you sister he would bite me so I had to. Anita says this Tiwari is doing too much and he should be a taught a lesson and I will do something. Vibhu says thanks, anita says lets romance now.
Tiwari is coming from shop, he tells a man on phone that you have not given me my 5 lakh payment since 5 months and if you don’t give in 3 days I will bite you. He keeps phone says I will pee here near the tree. Tika listens and says he cant be wish giver snake as he is dirtying the nature. Tika goes to call malkhan and happu to attack Tiwari and take gem from him. There Tiwari thinks that he should not pee in nature as swacch bharat abhiyan is going and he cant dirty his surrounding and he will pee at home. Tiwari goes. Happu singh tika and malkhan comeand tika says Tiwari is behind that tree and catch him. Happu goes and says Tiwari come out we want your gem, a snake bites happu. Happu says Tiwari bit me. The snake charmer comes and says its not Tiwari its my pet snake and you will not die get up. Happu says then why is it burning so much? Charmer says because his snake just ate a peppermint. Charmer goes. Happu laughs and says wow even a snake eats peppermint.
At home Tiwari is in bedroom, anguri comes suddenly wearing a white long dree like frock with snake crown. Tiwari says what is this you are wearing and what are you doing? Anguri says you are my nagraj so I am dressing as a wish giving snakes wife. Anguri comes and is dancing like female snake and says you must feel like living with a snake wife. Tiwari is feeling annoyed and says I have work and I have to sleep. Anguri says no you will not sleep today and I want to romance with you as she wants to know the snake romance. Anguri and Tiwari are romancing on a song. Saxena from the window is listening to song and removing his tongue out and he looks at anguri and Tiwari dancing and is smiling. Saxena calls them. Anguri and Tiwari are shocked.

Precap: tika malkhan and happu singh tell Tiwari to give them the gem. Anita tells Tiwari that she is happy that he is a snake and even she wants to open a secret of her to him tonight at her home and she wants him to come in his snake character.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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