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Hellos, hope you are all ok….thanks soo much for yesterday’s comment..i was flying on cloud nine after reading them….thanks Again and love you guys….
To episode…which is going to be really long…but its last fully based Abhigya oriented story sooo please endure, hope you enjoy…and I really enjoy this FF it makes me taste my mind’s creativity!!


I am busy solving a wrangle between to ladies, honestly I think they are just wasting my time because seriously who the hell argues about cereal…people cereal like cornflakes and choco pops!! You are wolves for pits sake argue about steaks and meats and I will get it not f**king choco pops!!
Anyway I want to claw mi eyes out and that’s when I feel the sharp pain across my face, like five claws have been dragged down the side of my face! I touch my face quickly but nothing so I look up at Kanha! seriously this god is one mischevious one! In my head I send him a message and like hey Dude Kanha Ji, I was joking about the face clawing you know…don’t do it…
I am still having my funny head conversation with Kanha when I feel the second set of claws, it rips down my back…it hurts soo much I actually bend over, then the third in my side, then the fourth from my chest down my stomach, I double over in pain and the she wolves shut up..welll finally!! One looks at me in shock and asks “whats going on?” I am in soo much pain I can’t answer…then when I get a breather I say claws I am being clawed!! The second one laughs and say Abhi, I know arguing about choco pops is silly but you don’t have to fake pain! I look up at her and now I want to claw her eyes out, the other she wolf closes her eyes and steps next to me, and points her nose in the air, then she opens them widely and says “ shit you are in real pain and no one is hurting you, so the only reason you feel like that is because of your mate, she must be in pain?” holy shit! PRAGYAAAA!!?? NOOOO! Shit…I jump up forgetting the pain and run, I call on my wolf and I shift mid stride. If I am feeling like this it means someone is busy clawing my mate!! I have never known so much fear in my life! Whoever it is DEAD!! I run to the front of the house and try to scent the air but nothing, I am in a real panic right now, I meet Raj who sees me and immediately shifts to his wolf too as he must have figured something is wrong! I run around the house and when I reach the back, I catch her scent and follow it, it leads to the woods, oh and also along with her scent is the distinct scent of fresh blood. Soo much blood!! Pragya’s blood. I increase my speed and track the blood scent, it goes deeper into the woods and finally I find Pragya, my Pragya, she has been torn to pieces, soo many pieces she is barely recognizable, no part of her was spared, she was in pieces from head to toe! I think she is dead! I feel my heart fighting and resisting, it just wants to stop beating too, but I hold on and move closer to her but as I draw closer I hear it, her heartbeat, it’s too faint and far between, but it is there? I have never felt soo much hope and relief in my life. I quickly shift to human and carry her, apart from her faint heartbeat, she looks dead, but I hold on and hold on to the hope I have as it’s the only thing I have going on for me. I see Raj run off in the opposite direction and I guess he has gone after the wolves that did this!! Right now though I am running back to the house, I am saying a Prayer to Kanha and Radha, begging them to keep her alive, telling them I will do anything if she can just stay Alive!! I am trying my best not to let the tears I fell fall, I have to be strong for her….


I feel I am being carried, strong arms are carrying me, but I think those are angels taking me to meet my creator..or something…I feel the darkness call to me, I can see it, but I fight and fight…I don’t want to leave the light, the light has Abhi and I don’t want to leave him. I fight the darkness, I will fight it for as long as I can!!


I am looking through my Glass, I can see her, I made Abhi strong, strong and special with a very beautiful heart, and her, I chose special for him, whispered her name to him at birth, she was made human but very special for him, only she can ever fill him. But I am helpless as I can’t help her, she is human and that life I can’t control, if she was wolf filled like him, I would have held her life but I can’t so I do what I can I chant and whisper my chants in her ear, hope they give her the strength to keep fighting, hope she sticks to my voice..
Fight child fight
Hold on to the light, use your strength and your hope
Let your hope keep you in the light
See his face and fight for him
Hear my words child and let them give you strength
I am Radha, listen to my voice!
Fight dear child FIGHT!!


Ok I am dead for sure coz I think I just heard Radha say I am Radha listen to my voice!!


I have reached the house now, and the moment I stepped in everyone ran out to meet me because they smelled the blood. I am caring Pragya and I am helpless I don’t know what to do, Aaliya comes gives me one look and grabs Pragya, I hold her and growl at Aaliya, she gives Purab an eye signal and she grabs Pragya again, this time Purab holds me and stops me from going after Aaliya. When Aaliya has her in her arms she immediately sprints off outside the house, Dadis, Akash follow her and Purab shoves me out the door, I think I went numb for a second, but I re-gain my brains and we sprint after them. I know where they are going so it’s easy to follow.
In two minutes we have made it to the center of the pack lands, and soon we are going into the underground cave, known as Radha’s womb as it is said to be the birth and dwelling place of this packs magic and only here can a human be turned to a wolf as it has the most concetration of Radha’s power and the with greatest concentration of Pack magic! Aaliya has already laid Pragya on the sacred Altar that sits in the exact center of the cave and she is now getting the sacred lamps and Dadi is moving the Aarti Thoolis and offering them to all present.

Normally the changing of a human to a wolf is an auspicious and very beautiful occasion, I have witnessed about six, three in this pack and three on my various travels. It is a week celebration and always done on a full moon. Not that it is a must but full moons are special for wolves and we love all our occasions on them, but this is not an occasion, this is a life and death situation for the Alpha’s mate! And for that reason, everyone is moving about with hurry and panic and not the usual grace and happiness. More wolves are filing in in big numbers and soon the cave is filled. The wolves that have joined in the den, are helping in the quick ceremony arrangement.

The pack seer Subadhara, an old lady of 1500 years old, she is the oldest in the pack and was mated to the Pack beta in her time, she stays in the elders houses next to the den and is always a source of wisdom and guidance along with the 7 other elders, my Dadi and Dasi are among the seven as Dadi is 1380 years old and Dasi is 1236 years old! Well Subadhara has arrived and she is lighting her seven lamps in the sacred symbol of the lotus where she stands and presides over the ceremony.
At all Soul morphing (changing a human into a wolf) ceremonies, Subadhara resides over them as she is the seer, it is said that she shares sight with Radha as everything she sees, Radha sees! and on the soul morphing ceremony she has to chant and reside over it as then Radha is watching over the ceremony through her. It is said, that she chants with Radha too and Radha guides the wolf soul into the changeling through her words. Anyway she has arrived to along with her daughter Rachna who has no seer bone in her, such a shame!

At the moment I have been attacked by the cleansing ritual, I can’t do it myself as I am numb, but another Elder, old Rama does it for me with the help of Akash! As the person to change Pragya I am supposed to go through the process since it’s my wolf essence I am passing on, it’s my wolf essence that Radha is going to use to guide the wolf into Pragya, but right now I really don’t know what is going on I am only looking at a bleeding Pragya.
Everything is moving soo quick; they quickly arrange and are ready to start the Pooja. All wolves are holding their Aarti thoolis, trust wolves to use their super speed in any situation!! The special lamps are lit and handed to all wolves, Aaliya is moving too fast between every one and soon all is set and Subadhara starts the Pooja, the wolves raise start their Aarti and swing the sacred lamps in one hand and all together with Subadhara leading they join in the ancient wolf morphing chant…..

Sub: here we come mother,
Back to your womb once again
Bringing yet another soul
Seeking your presence once again
All: Mother Radha hear us
Mother Radha hear us again
Sub; Gain this soul into your womb
Welcome it into your bosom
All: Mother Radha hear us
Sub; light the light that guides it
Spark the fire that forms it
All: Mother Radha hear us again
Sub; Call the wolf that frees it
Form the essence that defines it
All; Mother Radha hear us!
Sub: beat the drum mother
Call the ancient soul to this your child
All; mother Radha hear us (Drummers start drumming and chant picks up speed)
Sub: (raises her voice and it gains a singing quality, matches the drum beat, raises her hands in the sir and swings to the beats)
Raise the soul mother
Raise it, Raise it, Raise it

At this, the light on the sacred lamps glow brighter, the flames grow with the magic that has been awoken, it looks really beautiful but honestly I don’t care! The drums beat louder and soon the magic causes the women’s thoolis and lamps to float in the air, this is always a cue for them to start to dance the special Mudra for this occasion, and so they start, the drums beat louder, Subadhara goes round and round, swinging two thoolis and claping them against each other to make a clanging sound! the light of the seven sacred lambs around her glows and engulfs her in seven different beams of light twirling together and around her! The drums beat faster, the dancers become more energetic and hit the ground harder with their feet. Their Mudras soon turn synchronized and they now look like one great moving body! The magic sours and the light of the lamps soon turn and form colours!
I feel the wolf take over, and soon I change into my wolf, all the men shift too as it’s a result of the magic filling the place!
Subadhara throws her hands wide and the seven beams of light swirling around her spread and form a lotus flower around her! She chants the last lines in song..

Birth the essence mother
Ride on its purity
And guide the soul home
Guide it , Guide it Guide it..

While she sings the guide it, the drums beat louder and faster and the dancers’ feet stamp harder on the grounds and hand movements form in complete Unison the pataka mudra, this pushes a great wave of magic in me, when I have absorbed it all, the ladiescontinue the dance with more vigor, energy and favor they move to a series of Mudras, the dance picks up speed with the drums and soon all you seen is one quick moving body of bodies, hands feet and colour.
This is the peak of the ceremony and at this point due to the wave of magic I absorbed, my urge to bite Pragya and pass my essence to her so Radha can guide the wolf spirit on it, is very very strong! At this point the magic is at its peak and I am can feel mouth open and my fangs expose….
However everything within me is fighting the Magic. All I can see is my teeth biting Pragya and causing her more pain, and as her mate I can never knowingly cause her pain, the dance is going on, the magic is swirling in colour, and me, well I am fighting the urge to bite her, the magic moves my paws, but I fight it…and then I hear a voice soooo sweet and soo calm whisper in my ear..
“Abhi child, you know you have to turn her to save her, the wolf spirit will heal her but if you wait any longer she will die, she is a warrior your mate, and she has fought, I can see her and feel her fight, the magic here Is lending her more strength to fight and I am giving her as much as I can to aid her fight, but she is a human, a very wounded and almost bled out human and she is losing the fight, if you don’t do this she will die, child she will die, but bite her and I will ensure she doesn’t feel the pain of your bite, I will turn it into the sweetest thing she will ever feel but you have to do this, the ceremony cannot go on without the bite and the wolf spirit cannot find its way to her body without the essence to ride on! so do it child do it now!”
I know for sure this is Radha, and I let loose all my fear, I know she cannot go back on her promise to let Pragya feel pain and also I need to assist my Pragya in her fight, I let all my walls fall and I let the magic fill me, I follow instinct and as soon as I step on the Altar, the lamps around it light up too and the altar catches fire, we are standing between Radha’s fire..Subadhara chants one last line..

Guide it motheeerrr!!,

The drums beat louder, the dancers gain a stronger bout of energy, the thoolis float higher and the lamps move and form a lotus…the light from the Lotus lamps soars and all the lights in the cave soar…they meet at a peak in the center of the highest point of the cave, then I follow instinct, I let out a loud howl and sink my teeth into Pragya’s shoulder.
I can feel my essence flow from me and at this point, all the light in the cave turns white, I am shocked as it has never happened before, but the light is white and it makes a downward spiral and hits Pragya were my teeth meet her skin, I am thrown off the Alter and Pragya is engulfed in pure white light!!
All action ceases, all men who have taken on their wolf forms sit on their hunches with their snouts raised high in the air….the ladies have rested the dance in the Anjali mudra with their head bowed and Subadhara too has taken the same position.
All the flaming and glowing white light swirls and engulfs, it forms the shape of a lotus and then transforms the shape to a wolf and then collectively dives into Pragya in bright sparks and beams. When it is all done and the light has all disappeared into I look down and I have to gasp, then a collective gasp is heard in the entire cave because where previously lady a torn beat up and blo*dy Pragya now sat a beautiful graceful purely white wolf!!
Ok let’s take a moment to recognize the fact that I am a totally completely and also black wolf!! But hey this is not about me..Pragya or as I will call her from now on Snowie doggie throws her wolf head back and howls in to the cave, that right there is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! the women all call on their wolves (apart from Subadhara and Rachna who are not wolves and Bulbul who no one had seen come in and had actually joined in the Mudra dance) and we join her and let out one collective howl in the cave, the echo makes it sound more beautiful!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE HAPPIER!!


Wait what? I am howling? what on earth!! I look down and god bless my dear heart but where I thought to see my hands I see paws…pure white paws, hell even the bottom of them
is white…ok this is creepy!! I turn and where I thought I would look at my ka butt, I see a totally white wolf back, apurely white wolf tail and more pure white hair..i am confused and giddy, my tail excites me and I start to chase it around thinking I can catch it, then it occurs to me, I am one of those stupid dogs that chase their tails around!! I stop but hey even as a human I wasn’t the brightest!! So I am a wolf huh!! WOAHH HOLD ON!!…I AM A WOLF, A WERE WOLF!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!! Or at least that’s what I thought my scream sounded in my head problem is all I am hearing is a BRRRRRRAAAAGGGGGHHHHH sound….Absolutely not cool!! So I shut right up and look around, now that I am a wolf I can understand wolf facial expressions and all the wolves in this…wait where am I exactly..I move around, it looks like a cave…so yup all the wolves in this cave are looking at me with wonder and totally amused expressions. Only thing I can think is relax doggies, this doggie is new to town!!
I look at my hind legs they are white too, I sit and raise my hind paws and they too are white, even under them ok seriously Radha what the hell, this is me Pragya, clumsy Pragya why on earth would you give me a freaking white everything!!!! You know, I have to walk, right? like walk in mad when it rains, and dust and the forest, very dirty forests? You know that Radha right??
“Hahahaha” is what I hear next…a soft laugh, in my head..I didn’t do that!! I raise my ears and then the laugh gets louder and more full of mirth…it’s in my head…WHAT THE HELL why is there a thing laughing in my head!!
Then the things talks..
Thing: relax honey it’s just me?
Me; you who?
Thing: me your wolf silly, and I wanted to introduce myself better but you have funny thoughts and I couldn’t help the laugh. So vwaallaaaa!!
Me; Woooahhhh hold it!! hold on!! my wolf?
Thing: Yes your wolf, you know the one you have turned into, the purely white thing you are looking at!
Me; You mean you can talk in y head?
Thing:Yeah totally we like share a head now
Me: Holy shit!!! Abhi didn’t tell me this part! I have never seen him talk to his! What’s your name?
Thing: Pragya silly!
Me; What Radha didn’t give you your own name?
Thing: Nop she gave me yours!!
Well she made me white all over and I am one clumsy person so I guess she really does weird things sometimes
The wolf just chuckles, then says you know you totally forgot him
Who? Ohhh, that’s when I turn and see him, he is standing on the altar next to me and I am just realizing right now he is totally, completely and also black!! I just break into laughter but it sounds like a howl!!! Radha is one mischievous goddess!
I walk to him and cuddle my head in his side, pure white on pure black! He bends hes head and nuzzles my neck!! I look at him and pour all my love for him in my eyes hoping he sees it, and when I look at him, his wolf eyes shine back at me with all the love he feels for me. I AM HOME, AT LAST!

Krishna holds me in his arms as we watch them, as I knew she was special, I create wolves, but I never determine their colours, their character and nature and essence does, so when the light at Pragya’s Morphing turned white I was shocked and when she turned to a purely white wolf, I was more shocked. I have seen wolves for sooo many years, non of then has ever come out pure white with not even a speck of colour on them, the most white I saw was about 4400 years ago, her body had 3/4s of pure white but she also had a brown, grey and black streak run from her right eye across her back to her left hind paw!!
I know Krishna is amazed too by her and we all watch her through my glass as she leads the pack alongside her mate Abhi and they run through the forest!! I am happy!
Krishna; so Pyaari Srimati, now that Abhi is there, who next?
Me: ohh dear, you are quite late to the party! I have already started on my next!!
Krishna; what, and you didn’t tell me, you know I love watching the first meeting of mates, but who are they!
Me; Purab and Bulbul ofcourse!! And I can replay their meeting for you, it was quite funny!!
Krishna holds Radha’s hand and they turn to a glass, Krishna’s laughter is heard and he says
Krishna; oh my love, this seems to be fun too, please let’s get on with these two..
Radha; as you wish my love!! As you wish!!

Precap: ok! Ok! Ok!..Bulbul don’t freak out…don’t freak out, you just saw wolves!! Were wolves!! Nothing new there, they ran off to hunt, your sister leading them…she is one to now!! Just doont freak out..don’t…dooonnn’tttt…..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

So guys this is end of Abhigya, Tomorrow is Rabul, I know there are mysteries left unsolved in this one, like where is Tanu, you talked of Nikhil and what the hell happened to the wolves that maimed Pragya and most importantly no love confession between ABHIGYA, but like I said Abhigya is the central story, the core, the characters change, the story develops but we still get to see them, Aaliya’s story will come last, and in it will be the grand solving of the big mystery! Remember demons, those are coming up!! Just hold on tight, this story has just began!!

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Awesome o awesome diiiijj loved it n love you too diiiiiii wonderful fantastic diiiiiiiii superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb waiting fr nxt parttttt diiiiii

    1. SavitaVidya

      i am totally humbled first of all that a pure Krishna fan/devotee (am asuming because of your profile pic) is commenting and loving this!! thanks soo much Princess Krishna.

      1. Princesskrisha

        Yes di your asaumption is right im krishna devotee will you call me or accept .e as your choti

  2. woh woh what an update ji areh wah so so fantastic yar keep it up
    but pls pls update tmrw yar pls

    1. SavitaVidya

      update today is coming right up…

      1. SavitaVidya

        thanks Heena soooo much. kisses

  3. Man U Are AMAZING AMAZING JUST AMAZING ????????????? ! DD why being so amazingggggggg ???! I can’t get over this?? ! and hope u know that i am always reading your updates regularly ?! No matter what happens …. i might not be commenting due to situations here ! But then will surely read all MY DC’s updates without fail !??? Keep Rocking Dulhari Didi ! ???? Love Love Happy Love ????! And I loved the whole update and the song that u used was ????! Love u?

    1. SavitaVidya

      arey here comes my DC i missed you sooo much, i missed your light, and beamingness. but am glad you are ok dear. love u and kisses!!

  4. Diiiiiii!!!! This stuff is made of pure-awesomeness:):):):):) absolutely and truly rocking to the core:):):) I really look forward to your ff every night:) it’s like the best bed time story of all time:):) I loveeeeee it veryX10000 much:):)

    1. SavitaVidya

      i always felt bad for posting this soo late but noow i feel awesome because, hey bed time story hahahahaha I AM GLAD i post at night, i never wanna take away the bed time story now!! thanks Nisha. thanks soo much

  5. no words dear. awesome episode yar, its amazing.. n bout pragya thought bout bcome white its really funny so funny

    1. SavitaVidya

      hehehe Thanks Vigan, actually if you find that soo funny then i think you have an awesome sense of humour!! sometimes people never get that kind of idiocy. but you actually do. hahahaha.

  6. Wow…wow….what an episode…i have no words to say di…fantastic….mind blowing episode di……

    Eagerly waiting for waiting for next part di..love you soo much di..take care….

    1. SavitaVidya

      Priya Choti, why were you awake at 4am? but thanks for reading FF and enyoying…at 4am..i am too flattered!! kisses

      1. Di,i saw bad dream?(in my dream,i saw my professor??)cause of that i woke up early in the morning…ofcourse di i enjoyed lot ur ff di…

        Lotts hugs nd kisses for you di?????…

  7. Rithu

    Mind blowing epi

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear….

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      thanks Sugan dear, thanks soo much.

  10. Saranya24

    Omg no wrds at all dii i jst loved it muuaahh love u and ur thoughts??????

    1. SavitaVidya

      hello pyaari Choti,….thanks for loving me and my thoughts dear…hahahaha the love your thoughts is funny!!

      but love you too From Radha’s layer to the wolf cave!!!

      1. Saranya24

        ??love u dii but dii pls gve more romantic scenes na pls?????

      2. SavitaVidya

        ok dear….i am turning the romance up!!

  11. Awesome!!!! di just loved the entire episode it is like watching another Avatar hollywood film.All the pov are very nice loved pragya’s thoughts so funny. Pragya as white wolf is superb and montage is nice eagerly waiting to read more love you

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Minu….this is awesome compliment yaar. Avatar hollywood film..flattering complement!!

  12. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi di…. Eagerly waiting for next part

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Choti….update coming Up.

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    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks soooo much choti, i hope to keep rocking your world!! i am always glowing with the love you show me dear!! i can just feel it to my coree. i love you and realy really really love you!

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