Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari coming and he is shocked after seeing vibhu farming. Tiara comes and says what is this nonsense? Vibhu says don’t insult a farmer. Tiwari says if you are so adamant then go outside this town and do you farming. Vibhu says I am a farmer and I will start from here and farm this entire town and just see. Anita says he is right and go out and farm yourself. Vibhu says I am a poor farmer and no one respects a farmer but I will still do my work even after being insulted. Anita walks out but her leg hurts and says after jogging I want this stuff out of here, Tiwari goes with anita and tells anguri that go from here now and don’t help this fraud man. Tiwari and anita go. Anguri smiles and says vibhu don’t worry I am with you and I will help you. vibhu says thanks bhabhiji. Anguri gos. Saxena tika and malkhan come. They say we thought about your offer and we are in. vibhu says yes that’s nice and come on, saxena says but I will be a scarecrow. Vibhu says okay. Saxena says give me advance first, vibhu slaps saxena 2 times and he says I like it.
At home anita and Tiwari are there at anitas house. Anita says what do I do? Tiwari says if vibhu was not your husband I would have killed him for troubling you. anita says why will you kill him and I will do what I want. Tiwari says I meant I am angry. Anita says what should I do now? Tiwari says do 1 thing and he will come home for food and don’t give him food at all for 2 to 3 days then he will come to senses and go to meerut. Anita says that’s a good plan. Vibhu comes and says hey wife give me food and I have to go for work again. Anita says no I will not give you food. Vibhu says why? You are keeping a hardworking farmer hungry. Anita says yes I am and go and earn in meerut. Anguri from outside shouts that vibhuti ji come out and I have brought food for you. vibhu smiles and says see a farmer always gets his food. Anita and Tiwari look at each other. Vibhu goes.
Outside anguri says I brought food, saxena there is standing as a scarecrow and tika and ,malkhan are ploughing. Vibhu says thatnk you Bhabhi ji and you help me a lot. Anguri says I always respect farmers and don’t worry I will give you food everyday in afternoon and night. Vibhu says that I nice and here my wife did not give me food and here you are who helps everyone. Vibhu then says so lets eat I hope its aloo paratha. Saxena says I am feeling itchy, vibhu scratches saxeans butt. Saxena says I like it. tika malkhan hear that its paratha and say give us too and even we are farmers, vibhu says shut up and you are workers and I am a farmer and go and have your own food. Tika malkhan say come lets eat ours. And go. Anguri then removes plate and removes hard bajra roti and only whole onions. Vibhu is shocked and says what is this? Anguri says this is a farmers food. Vibhu takes the roti and says you should have brought hammer too, then he bites it. tika and malkhan have brought paneer and rice and dal curry. They savor their food, vibhu says tika come here son and lets eat together, malkhan says sorry we will have our own food. Vibhu eats the hard rotis.
At night anguir is watching a movie and is in tars and says she is farming alone. Tiara comes and says what are you doing? And why did you give vibhu food? Anguri says because he is a farmer and anita did not give hims o I will give him everyday. Tiwari says shut up and he is jobless and that wont change. Anguri says that’s not true and he is farming. Tiwari says he is doing because he doenst want to go to meerut for a job he has got and that is why he is doing these tantrums. Anguri says that is not true and he works hard like a farmer and grows crops for our country. Tiwari says shut up and you will not give him food from tomorrow, anguri says give the phone. Tiwari gives. Anguri says I will tell mom you are not allowing me to help a farmer, tiwai takes phone and sleeps. Anguri watches movie.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and say our body is paining. Tika says yes because we worked so much for the first time but honestly I am satisfied and feel happy after working hard. Malkhan says yeah man and that is true. Malkhan says massage me and after my massage is done I will massage you. tika says no you will sleep, malkhan says no believe me I will not and I will massage you. tika says okay come on. Malkhan lays on the tea stall seat and tika massages him. Saxena says whats up boys. Tika says our body was paining so I am massaging him and then he will massage me. Saxena says that’s nice to see you working hard and your work will earn fruit. Tika says yes. Happu comes and says what work? Tika says we have become farmers and now work. Happu laughs and says what farmers? Saxena says it is true happu and tika malkhan vibhu and I have become farmers and we do farming. Happu says oh okay and then laughs and goes. Saxena says he is dumb. Tika then says malkhan now massage me. Malkhan sleps. Tika hits him and says I knew he will sleep and he cheated. Saxena says massage me and I will massage you. tika says what is you too sleep like him? Saxena says I never sleep. Tika says okay come on. Tika saxena pick up malkhan and put him down and tika massages saxena.

precap: anita is shocked to see tomatoes growing in the farm and says yesterday night the seeds were put and how did the plants grow so quick. Tiwari says there is some fishy here I think.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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