Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update Uncle impressed with Tiwari(Kaddu).

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Uncle having drinks,vibhu throws drink on him and says kaddu dont you know how i need my drinks, uncle says calm down, Vibhu says i am but these servants, uncle says fine kaddu make another one.

Uncle says so you are a professor, Vibhu says yes i am, uncle asks which college, Vibhu says its a university the one i studied in,its ciatal University, kaddu go get us snacks, uncle says i like your servant so quite, Tiwari gets snacks,vibhu says kaddu where’s chutney go get it, uncle says bhuri always praises about you, and i dont wish to ask him for the loan back after meeting you,anyways whats your salary, vibhu says 14 lakhs, Uncle says too much for a professor, Vibhu says yeah.

Vibhu and Angoori in bedroom, Angoori says will you sleep here,do a thing you sleep here ill sleep down, Vibhu says you sleep comfortably on bed i will go home, Angoori asks what if uncle comes, Vibhu says dont worry i will come early around 5.

Uncle calls Kaddu holds his hand and says give me a back massage and relax me.Tiwari gives him a massage. Boys see Vibhu get down Tiwari’s bedroom and ask him what all is this, Vibhu says don’t mistake,come with me i will tell you truth,boys say tell us here,vibhu says some things are confidential.

Tiwari gets in bedroom and calls Angoori,she gets scared, Angoori says i missed you a lot, Tiwari says me too but your uncle made me massage a lot forget it, and he wants aloo paratha, uncle walks in and sees tiwari and Angoori on bed. Uncle says kaddu what are you doing here, Angoori says my legs are aching so i called him to massage my legs, Uncle says not good, he may take advantage, Angoori says no no i trust him a lot, uncle says you are right he is very loyal,come down i need more massage,when you are done with hers.

Kaddu gets paratha for everyone, Angoori doesn’t like it, Uncle says very yummy breakfast, Vibhu says thank uncle he praised you, Uncle says i dont believe in thank you,even bhuri thanked me but i said no need because you will return me some day, Vibhu says he is servant he should have manners. Uncle says i have observed Vibhu troubles kaddu a lot, but he is so quite, where as servant’s at my place dont stay my daughter she insults servants a lot and so they run away and this guy gave me a hope, he will marry my daughter Najuk.

Boys tied to dinning by vibhu,boys say we will reveal this truth how will Vibhu trap us, we will relise ourselves. tiwari vibhu and angoori in bedroom, tiwari says i won’t marry, Angoori says yes how will he, Vibhu says what about uncle, Tiwari says will you marry even when you have bhabhi, Vibhu says im married to Angoori bhabhi, Angoori and Tiwari scold him and ask him not to joke, Vibhu says calm Down the girl will reject him.

Commissioner scolding hapu, Boys walk in, and say a guy is fooled in our colony, commissioner says why didn’t you inform me, boys say we did look for you but your wife told you were on secret mission but gulu told us you were with her.

pre cap : Najuk throws Golgappe on tiwari. Najuk agrees to marry Tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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