Jhansi Ki Rani 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar and Manu’s sakarpura solemnized

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The Episode starts with Tatya guru worrying about Manu’s. Tatya Dikshit says they shall start sakarpura rasam and calls Peshwa. Peshwa does the rituals and tells Manu that today it is the proud moment for him and prays for her success. A lady does her aarti. Manu smiles and feels drowsy. Moropant thinks why she is lost, something is bothering her. Ross comes there and sees Manu seated for Sakarpura. He greets Gangadhar and Janki. He thinks it is not possible to go to ladies section, but he will find out. Tatya guru thinks Manu’s condition is not looking good and thinks if Raj vaid finds out the truth then…He thinks what is important is treatment now. He goes. Smith goes behind him. Laccho thinks to gift her something and takes out her anklet and asks Manu to accept it. Saku Bai thinks if she wants to make Manu dance on her tune, but the music will be mine. Laccho bai asks Manu to put her foot front and says I want to make you wear anklet with my hand. Manu thinks if she sees my wound then and says elders don’t touch younger’s feet. Janki asks Laccho to behave like royal family member. Laccho Bai asks can’t I give the anklet as gift. Ross thinks how to go to ladies section. Moropant thinks Manu and Tatya are hiding something. Everyone asks Manu to wear the anklet. Laccho Bai asks her to keep her right foot on front. Kashi gets tensed and recalls Manu’s words. She slips intentionally. Laccho and Janki go there.

Kashi tells that she slipped. Manu wears the anklet and tells Laccho. Laccho says it is looking good in her foot. She asks how did you wear so fast. Manu says I don’t want to refuse you and that’s why worn fast. Laccho smiles. Tatya guru is going to Raj vaid’s room. Smith is following him. Tatya guru senses someone is following him and thinks if he follows me then it will be difficult to take vaid to Manu. Kashi sees blood near Manu’s foot and thinks if anyone sees. Ross sees it and asks from where it came? Manu asks how do you know? Ross says it seems to be Hindustani blood. Manu says we, Hindustani makes our blood flow and don’t suck it. Ross asks why is she getting angry and says may be you are hiding something and requests Janki to check if would be queen is having injury anywhere. He thinks he will expose Manu infront of everyone. Manu and Kashi get tensed. Janki asks Manu if she is hurt and asks will you not tell your Aai. She asks what happened? Kashi says this is my blood, my hand was cut with the vase. Ross thinks liar, she trained her servant also. Tatya Dikshit announces that Sakarpura is completed and invite them for ritual after 3 days. Manu gets up and greets everyone. She gets up and goes. Smith is following Tatya guru. Tatya guru thinks I came out of Palace, but how to go back, this foreigner is after me. Smith thinks what is he upto? Tatya Guru fools him and goes. He thinks he shall take Raj vaid to Manu. Kashi takes Manu to room. Moropant comes there and asks what happened, why are you looking unwell. Manu says she is fine.

Moropant asks Kashi to tell the truth. Manu gets drowsy and faints. Moropant lifts her and takes her to bed. He asks her to open her eyes and gets worried for her. He sees injury on her foot and asks Kashi. Kashi says Maharani was having a bullet shot. Just then Tatya guru brings Raj vaid there, blind folding him and asks him to treat the patient, without telling her name. Raj vaid treats Manu. Tatya Guru asks him to come out and talk. He tells everything to Moropant. Moropant says engine was blasted, Manu was shot and Raj vaid was brought here by blind folding and asks why he didn’t tell him. Tatya guru apologizes. Moropant says if Maharaj comes to know this, you made Manu go to war place. Gangadhar comes there and calls Manu.

Precap: smith tells Ross that someone contacted Raj vaid. Ross threatens Raj vaid. Raj vaid says the lady is in the palace. Gangadhar tells that all the ladies will be checked. Raj vaid checks pulse of all ladies. Manu looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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