Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti walks to Tiwari house and calls bhabhiji,anguri says oh hi hello,come seat, Vibhuti says bhabhiji,it’s not good, even you will be shocked to hear, I’m so sorry you take wrong decisions, married a wrong man, he is a snake,anguri says are you mad, Vibhuti says I saw him eating rat big fat rat, anguri says you are lying,Vibhuti says I swear on god I saw him,anguri says what will I do now,Vibhuti says call animal welfare and ask them to take him away,anguri says shutup I will talk to Amaji about it.

Anguri calls Amaji,and says Vibhutiji saw laddu bhaiya eat rats, he is turned to a snake,Amaji says don’t be scared pandit Rampal says no need to worry, anyways I will talk to Panditji again.Anguri says to Vibhuti, Amaji said don’t worry, worship him and she will find a way soon.

Vibhuti at his house says how can one eat a rat, that snake man I hope bhabhiji understands it. Tiwari walks in and sits beside him and asks hi, how are you,Vibhuti says you what are you doing here,Tiwari says just came to cheek whether you are safe I mean that snakes and all,Vibhutiji says shutup keep away from me,Anita walks to them and says hello,Tiwari says I’m here to invite you two to dinner at our place,Vibhuti says no we wont I will not come to your place for dinner,Anita says show some manners how can you say no,Vibhuti says no I will not go to this mans house,Anita says enough of your drama we are going to their house that’s it,bye now.

Vibhuti says God I’m so screwed. Happu at tea stall,and says these boys are of no use, malkhan and tikka walks there and ask so what’s up,happu said ays you two I told you to do my work,where are my rats,malkhan says we will give you rats but our rate is 1crore for one rat, happu says what,tikka says we know your secrete you want to feed that snake for that pearl,we know everything,happu asks who told you,malkhan says newspaper,happu says what’s the deal so,tikka malkhan says 50-50,happu slaps them and says you will throw a deal with me how dare you,malkhan says ok we won’t then,tikka says but remember one thing we will broadcast this secrete in whole Kanpur and also a fake news that you are against it and trying to finish the snake.

Happu says ok,partners then,malkhan says done deal then,malkhan purposely teases happu Singh and he slaps him and gets very angry. Anita and Vibhuti go to Tiwari house, anguri welcomes them,anguri asks why are you so upset,Vibhuti says no I’m good,Tiwari walks to them,Anita says thanks for inviting us,Tiwari says you enlighten our house welcome,and Vibhutiji why are you so scared,Anita says he is fine see smile Vibhu,Tiwari says no look he is so uncomfortable.angruo says come lets have dinner,Anita and anguri walk to kitchen. Vibhuti says I will come too,Anita says seat here what will you do Inside.

Tiwari keeps starring at Vibhuti and makes him more uncomfortable, Tiwari says be alert you may be attacked any time,Vibhuti says sure,Tiwari makes an excuse n goes behind sofa and pushes a fake snake under the sofa and scares Vibhuti,vibhuti says Anu please come out soon and jumps on sofa,Tiwari walks to him, Anita and anguri come out and says dinners ready come lets have it,aniat says seat properly Vibhu you have no manners.

Happu Singh ,malkhan and tikka busy on their search, tikka scares happu with a rope and he slaps him and says find the snake we looking for and don’t waste time,tikka says these kind of snakes can be disguised as humans too. Tiwari dressed as snake walks in garden and starts dancing,Vibhuti hearing the sound comes out and says oh my god,happu malkhan and tikka see him too.

Anguri from window sees Tiwari dance as a snake,Vibhuti says this is just like films scary my god,Anita asks what are you doing here,Anita says look Tiwari his a snake,Anita says are you mad,it’s like a fancy dress,Vibhuti says believe what you see,Anita says please he is mentally ill,he needs psychological help.vibhuti says look at this man,you find it fancy dress,Anita says look at those three stupids,whole colony has lost it come lets go to bed.

Tiwari rushes in and says before anguri sees me let me change,Tiwari walks in bedroom and gets shocked.

Pre cap: Tiwari as snake to Vibhuti I will forgive you only when you will take bhabhiji as your sister,Vibhuti says no ways.
Anguri dressed as ichadhari nagin walks in bedroom to Tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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