Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update : Tiwari gets beaten up


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu points at Tiwari says he is a terrorist, he should be shot dead, Tiwari says you are talking nonsense, Vibhu says shut up you will be given chance to talk till then quite, Tiwari says you dont allow me to keep my point, Vibhu says you are a devil, Tiwari says you are your family is, Vibhu says your mother is a devil, Tiwari says and what is your mother, Helan says i am right here, how do you call such people in program, Tiwari says i don’t want to be on such show where a person is not allowed to talk, i will sue you, Angoori says all shout here a lot.

Helan and Vibhu drinking, Vibhu asks her views, Helan says catch few big faces for scandal, Tiwari walks in says why i was not enough, why did you do this with me, Vibhu says you are blaming me for no reason i just showed what the truth was, which was you were defecating, Tiwari gets angry and says your son has defamed me a lot, Vibhu says today i showed on side of picture tomorrow other, Tiwari asks meaning, Helan says he will let you speak your side, Tiwari asks is it are you sure, Vibhu says yes.

Angoori crying, Vibhu greets her, Angoori says i dont want to talk to you, you insulted my husband. Vibhu says i didnt but i was gathering TRP, Angoori asks meaning, Vibhu says fame, Angoori says defaming my husband, Vibhu says i am not instead all will know your husband now and his business will also boom, Angoori gets excited.

Vibhu drying Anitas saree, Vibhu gets call from Prem inviting him for party, Vibhu denies says Anu will irritate, Anu video calls Vibhu and asks about saree, Vibhu says i am trying, Anu says keep trying the saree needs to dry, hand fan the saree it should dry by evening any how. Helan asks Vibhu can she wear red saree or the yellow. Vibhu says you cant be there because you call me khachedu, Helan call him wifes pet and leaves.

Public protesting in front of Tiwaris house. Tiwari asks what nonsense is this, All say you are ruining the Environment, Angoori tries to support, Malkan swear her on Tiwari and ask her to leave. Angoori leaves. Tiwari gets beaten up.

Vibhu starts shooting for his debate show, Vibhu says Kanpur wants answer, lets see todays ground reality, lets see what Saxena has, Saxena live says there is no change instead worst, Vibhu asks where other people there too, Tiwari says stop it you are insulting me, first you invite me then insult me, Vibhu says you want me to praise you, Tiwari asks what did i do, you are editing this video, Vibhu says look he is so arrogant, Tiwari asks what proof you have, Vibhu says we have chat from his personal number, Vibhu shows Tiwaris chat with Teeka Malkan Tilu on defecating in jungle.

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