Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber acts with Kriti

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia asking Amber to do some acting so that Kriti gets happy and leave from there. Amber says I can’t do wrong with Guneet. Nia says who will tell her and tells that they will find out who has sent those messages to her. She asks him to use his charm and romance with Kriti a bit. Amber comes out and says happy birthday. Kriti says so cute, you have done all the arrangements for my birthday, you knew it all, but trying to pretend. Nia asks Amber to go. Kabir asks where is Guneet ji’s bracelet. Amber says I gave it to you and asks if he lost. Kabir says I was checking it and tells that now he remembers that he had asked Swara to pick it from jeweller. Swara plays music. Kriti dances with Amber. Nia smiles to see Amber acting and dancing with Kriti. Pehla Nasha plays on the mobile. Nia comes out laughing. Guneet calls her and asks what is your dad doing? Nia says Dad is dancing with a stranger lady. Guneet asks if Kriti came. A fb is shown, Guneet and Nia make a plan to keep Amber busy. Guneet says we have to trouble him and tells that she had met Kriti and she was happy knowing that we were marrying and asks shall we make her meet Amber ji. Fb ends. Nia tells Guneet that she knows that she wanted to keep Amber happy. Guneet appreciates Nia for handling her father alone and says as I have come, will handle both. She asks her not to let her dad stuck with Kriti much, says Corona time. Nia teases her. Guneet says do you want me to come there. Nia says no. Kabir comes out and asks why are you laughing so aloud.

Nia says he was acting so nicely. Kabir says I really lost the bracelet. Kajal says we will start mission bracelet. Kriti asks what else he had planned for her. He says he has done a little decoration. Kriti asks him to read poetry. RB says Sharma senior is a poet too. Kriti asks him to start the poetry. Nia says it is good. RB says wonderful idea. Nia says if you don’t tell her poetry then she will stay here till then. They all search for bracelet. Kriti calls Amber. Amber asks did you find the guy who sent her messages. Nia says no.

Kabir tells that he has searched everywhere, but didn’t find it. Shri says we shall start it from the start. They think everything. Shri says it was beside the batter on the table. Nia realizes that it had fallen in the cupcake. Everyone realizes too. Bhakti comes and takes the cup cakes outside. Amber calls Nia.

He asks them to send Kriti to her house. Kabir asks her to do some romance with Kriti. Amber asks for bracelet. Kabir says they will find it until he tells poetry. Kriti asks him to tell the poetry. Amber starts poetry. Everyone praises him. Kriti says it was so good. Guneet watches everything on the call and laughs. Amber tells poetry on Dr. Pandey. Dr. Pandey also tells the poetry. Kabir says how he can say this. Amber says Kabir will tell poetry on my behalf. RB asks him to say on friendship, love etc. Kabir asks RB to say. RB tells poetry looking at Nia. Nia says good one. Kabir gets upset and tells poetry on Nia and his relation. Nia understands what he wants to mean. Amber says I will be back. Dr. Pandey asks him to get him tested for diabetes. He tells the poetry. Amber asks everyone to be silent and goes to Kriti. He says today is your birthday, I want to tell a poetry on you. He tells romantic poetry holding her hand. Guneet is surprised and upset. Nia tries to stop Amber. Amber says I didn’t feel this before and asks why you didn’t meet me before. Nia asks what are you doing? Amber says mandap is ready, we shall get married.

He asks Dr. Pandey to do their rounds. Kriti tells that she can’t do this marriage as she has a boyfriend. Amber says even I have my would be wife there. Guneet smiles. Kriti tells Nia that she didn’t tell her about the rounds. They all laugh. Nia asks when did you find out? Amber says I came to know when Nia told that she has proofs. He says he understood when Swara was doing live telecast. He smiles. Kriti congratulates them and says she is very happy. Guneet thanks her.

Precap: Shri tells that Guneet’s report came and it is negative. They all get happy. Guneet and Amber get ready for marriage..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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