Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita and Vibhuti as laddu parents for school admission.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Master says stop this party, and why is this party,Vibhu says laddu passed so,master says he failed, Anguri says what nonsense is this,Amaji says why say this,Anita says don’t lie I saw his report card its 82 in English ,master says it’s 32 and these three boys,tikka malkhan and Tilu did this so they could enjoy free party and then put me in garbage,Amaji says all three in the room fast I shall give you free party, they do as Amma says.

Anita in bedroom says Vibhu why are you upset,Vibhu says you insulted me in front of Tiwari saying you corrected my English grammar,Anita says I said the truth ,remember your love letters I tell you had so many grammatical mistakes,me and my friends had so much fun on it,vibhu says you read my letters to your friends and tell me one mistake,Anita says you wrote angel spelling as angle and your lies,it’s a big list infact a dictionary,Vibhu says so dont you lie,Anita says me and lying never tell me one,Vibhu says you said you never get angry but look at you , Anita says it’s because of you,you are the reason behind my frustration,Vibhu says it’s me behind everything and both argue and go to sleep.

Anguri says Amaji don’t take laddu with you,Amaji says you spoilt him, Anguri says give him one chance,Amaji says I gave Tiwari five times chance but kept failing.tiwrai says Amma take him away he will do farming there,Anita walks in and says this is so unfare.

Anita says he is a kid he will do framing,Amaji says what will he do now,Anita says he just failed in English but let’s give him a chance,Amaji says Tiwari failed five times,Anita says I agree there are bad and poor students as Tiwari but I know laddu isn’t like him and laddu we shall send him to a new school which is very good in English and I have its principles number and here Tiwariji talk to him,Tiwari calls and starts fumbling and keeps the call. Tiwari says they have an condition martha madam will come and inspect the family whether it’s cultured and knows English,and if they see Amma then,Anguri says then let us be his parents,Tiwari says your English is worst too,Amaji says let’s ask Anita and Vibhuti to help us,Anguri says he sthis is good idea,Anita says ok I shall talk to Vibhu.

Vibhu on call gets upset over prem.anita walks in and says listen to me,Vibhu tries ignoring her,Anita says look we shall fight later and tells him the situation,Vibhu says you want me to teach him,Anita says no we will be his parents,andtells about the condition,Vibhu asks so,I won’t be his father,Anita says cant you do anything for his good future,Vibhu says I’m ntinteresyed,Anguri and Tiwari walkin,Anita says he denied,Anguri sayswhydid youdo so and starts crying,and if he doesn’t get admitted I shall suicide,Vibhuti says I won’t allow and for you bhabhiji I’m agreeing.

Tilu tikka malkhan at tea stall,Happu comes and sits beside master and arrests him,and says his son has complained that he torchers him,master sayshe wasn’t studying and so locked him, Happu says your son told me you locked him for three days,and so come with me and takes him away. Vibhu Anita and laddu waiting for Martha,laddu says Vibhu bhaiya behave in discipline,Vibhu says I just cant stand him,Anita says enough get in character,The door bell rings.

She asks is this mr Tiwaris residence,Vibhu fumbles looking at her beauty,and says so you are mrs Martha,she says it’s ms Martha,Vibhu says oh wow your single how nice,she says why are you saying so much interest in me,Anita says Vibhu who it is,Vibhu says ms Martha,Anita says please get in and all take their seats,Vibhu introduces Anita as Anita Mishra.

Martha says it’s a bit confusion how do you call her Mishra,Anita says it’s my before wedding surname and he likes calling me with that name,Tiwari Anguri and Amaji sneaking in,Anita says laddu say hello to ms Martha,Martha asks why is his name laddu,Vibhu says he looks like one so,Martha asks Anita what’s her qualifications and Anita says I have my grooming classes,and a MBA,and Vibhu says I’m a topper from chapra university,Martha sees the, peep and asks who are them,Vibhu says sorry uncultured neighbours Tiwaris.martha says how come they are Tiwaris too.

Pre cap : Martha asks laddu do your parents Harras you,he says yes they do. Anita later asks him why he did so,laddu says because I don’t want to go to that school.martha gets Happu and asks them to arrest Anita and Vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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