Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-31

hi friends, here is the most awaited update. O’bros’ knowing that ishanya is their mutual friend and ishanya knowing that all three are brothers. Hope you enjoy reading this.


We are there for you

Ishanya went to the wash room to get fresh. She stood in the warm shower making her senses active and thought about the situation.

‘Rana can’t harm me. ACP kulkarni has the permission letter which I took from minister before helping those women. I did everything legally. Now what if media accuses me?’

‘I should not care about it. I should think about those girls. I just hope media is not torturing the women in orphanage with their questions.’

‘It’s good that I arranged a private security for them, now I can only hope they are capable in stopping the media.’ She thought to herself and ran her fingers in her hair making them away from her face.

Omkara was in the club with his friends discussing about a painting exhibition they are going to conduct together. He was talking with his friends and suddenly, he saw Ishanya’s face on TV and got shocked.

He asked the club manager to increase the volume of the TV and shocked to see the news about her.

“We are here infront of the so called orphanage, from which Ms. Srinivas operates the s*x racket. You can see here there is private security. Why is a private security needed for an orphanage? If there isn’t anything wrong going in orphanage why are they stopping the media from entering the orphanage? What is happening inside?” It is clear that something wrong is happening inside. Said the reporter

Omkara flinched at the accusations of media on Ishanya, he got angry at the media people for talking rubbish about her and thought about Ishanya.

He remembered her smiling face in the orphanage, he doesn’t want to imagine how she would be looking now. He decided to visit her to support her morally.

Honestly he was so worried for her that he thought to meet her personally rather than talking to her on phone. He bid bye to his friends and went to Ishanya’s house.

Shivaay was in his office room of Oberoi mansion when he got message from one of his associates about the news. He switched on the TV hurriedly and shocked to see all the drama.

“We are here infront of the fashion house, but as it is Sunday the office has been closed. We tried to talk with the employs of fashion house to get any information or the address of Ms. Srinivas’s house. You all will be shocked to know that no one from her office knew her house. What is the need for keeping her house address in secret? Why didn’t her employs know anything about her personal life? Is she maintaining privacy or is she keeping any secrets?” said the reporter in TV shocking and making Shivaay angry.

He got worried about Ishanya and called her. He got more worried when there was no response.

He hurriedly went to her house and surprised to see Omkara there who was pressing the door bell from 10 minutes now and thinking of breaking it, when Ishanya came out of shower wearing casual pants and full sleeved shirt and went to open the door without giving Shivaay anytime to ask Omkara anything.

They had relieved seeing her. Omkara sighed seeing her audibly making his reactions noticeable to Shivaay. He got surprised seeing Omkara there and now confused seeing his reaction.

For a second Omkara was lost in her. Her fresh face devoid of any make-up her wet hair from which water droplets which are falling on her shoulder.

But Omkara got surprised to see her blank eyes and stared at them in an attempt to read them. Omkara got back to reality when he heard Shivaay clearing his throat.

He looked down embarrassed and then at Shivaay who was looking at him with his one eye brow raised, silently asking him ‘what’s happening?’

Just when they were about to enter, Nandita came with Rudra shocking all of them. They all entered inside Ishanya’s home and she closed the door behind them and stared at them who were already giving questioning looks to each other before anyone can say anything Nandita said, “Ishanya, why had you switched off your phone, I was worried about you.”

To which Shivaay too agreed saying, “yeah!” and Omkara asked, “I was pressing your door bell from the past 10 minutes, I was about to break the door what took you so long?” shocking everyone present there.

“What?” Shivaay asked, “Why?” Rudra asked. Making everyone confused.”Why are they here at this time? Are you planning anything?” Nandita asked.

“How do you know her?” All the three O’bros’ asked in unison. Like this everyone are asking questions not letting anyone answer any of them and making Ishanya irritated.

“One second, let me answer one by one.” She said taking a deep breath.

“I had switched off my phone because I know, I will be getting more calls from my foes than friends and I am in no mood to hear any of their questions.” Ishanya said explaining Nandita and Shivaay.

“I was in shower, so you had to wait for the door to open, I am sorry about it.” She said looking at Shivaay and before anyone can reply she asked, “Now answer my question, why are you all here?”

“I am worried for you, Ishanya.” Came the reply in unison making Ishanya raise her eyebrows in shock.

“But why?” Ishanya asked this time they got shocked.

“Slapping fairy, the news……” Rudra was saying

“Ishanya they were talking rubbish……” Shivaay was saying

“I know you hadn’t done any……..” Omkara was saying

“We should talk to press to……..” Nandita was saying

All started to talk on top of each other. Ishanya closed her ears and eyes in irritation and yelled, “Stop! Just stop it!”

“Can’t you talk one by one? What’s your problem, guys!!” she asked making them silent.

“Good, now one by one.” Ishanya said and they all looked at her like nursery kids.

“First you Rudra, why are you here? You don’t even have my number how did you get to know my house and that too with Nandita?” She asked Rudra.

“I was passing by and Nandita asked lift as she was very tensed I asked her about the matter. She told me about this news. I got so worried by knowing that it is about you and thought to meet you as I was coming here. Don’t worry……” He was about to say something else, she cut him in middle and asked ShivOm “What about you two? Are you both too come here seeing the news?”

They just nodded in yes trying to understand what their brothers doing there and before anyone can say anything Shivaay asked, “First of all answer me how do you guys know Ishanya?” as he was not able to tolerate the curiosity anymore.

“Actually…….” Ishanya and OmRu started at a time only to get irritated again.

“First you Omkara.” Shivaay said.

“I met her few times randomly and we became friends.” He replied. ShivRu got shocked hearing this.

“Is she the acquaintance you were telling about?” Shivaay asked to make sure.

“Yeah.” He replied making Shivaay raise his eyebrows and Rudra to coo, “Ohho…..!” he got silent seeing the glares of ShivOm and Ishanya.

“And you, how do you know her Rudra?” Shivaay asked him.

“She is the ‘slapping fairy’ bhaiyya.” He replied and both ShivOm exclaimed, “Oh!”

Ishanya and Nandita were about to say something but Omkara asked, “But how do you know her Shivaay?”

“Business circle Omkara.” Ishanya replied before Shivaay.

“But how do you people know each other?” She asked shocking them and Nandita.

“We are brothers.” They replied in unison and then looked at each other smiling making Ishanya confused.

“Yeah, they are oberois, you didn’t know?” Nandita asked surprising her more.

“What? And I didn’t even get a hint about it!! Am I for real?!!” Ishanya exclaimed.

“Exactly, we too don’t know that the others know you.” Rudra said.

“That’s really surprising.” Shivaay said.

“But how is it possible? How we didn’t even get an hint of it before today?” Ishanya asked still confused and shocked about the revelation.

While the O’bros’ are remembering the others mentioning Ishanya. Omkara remembered Rudra saying about slapping fairy and him teasing Shivaay about caring for some ‘friend’.

Rudra too thought the same, he remembered teasing his brothers especially Omkara for sending messages and being acquaintance.

Shivaay was having more clarity than his brothers. He understood her reason for taking Rudra’s help and saving the girls and also her rigid behavior with Omkara and limiting him just as her acquaintance, he know her reasons behind her actions with his brothers very well.

Ishanya was thinking that how she failed to know or get any clue that they are brothers. ‘If I have known it before I wouldn’t have become friends with anyone.’ She thought as she might have become more doubtful in believing that all three brothers want to become her friends without any ulterior motive of theirs. But now she is happy to know they are worried for her genuinely.

“Ishanya you are thinking about this when media is tarnishing your image!! It is not important how the three O’ bros became your friends without letting the other or you know. The most important thing is to answer all the accusations and prove yourself right.” Nandita said trying to make Ishanya see sense and bringing O’bros and her out of their thoughts.

“But why? Why should I prove anything to that media? Why should I give it that importance?” Ishanya asked shocking everyone.

“But, Ishanya your reputation….” Omkara said and was cut by Shivaay saying, “yeah, we know that you hadn’t done anything wrong, then….” He was cut short by Rudra saying, “yes, we have even called ACP kulkarni he told us everything.” Everyone shocked hearing him.

“What?” ShivOm and Ishanya said in unison.

“Yes, Ishanya. We know that you are helping the ex-pr*stitutes by providing them medical and financial assistance to get them settle in another fields that too legally.” Nandita said surprising and relieving ShivOm from tension and worry.

“That’s great then let’s arrange a press conference and clear everything” Shivaay said and everyone nodded in yes except Ishanya.

“No, we are neither arranging any press conference nor talking to the media about this topic. Let them air whatever they want.” Ishanya said shocking and confusing them.

Everyone stared at her with open mouth and said, “What?” in unison.

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  1. Fenil

    And blast happened with Reality came before Ishanya’s eyes.Superb chappy.Really loved it.Can’t wait for read what will be the next move from Ishanya’s side i m sure she will talk about Rana to ShivOmRuDita.

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. You have to wait to know what ishanya do if she even do something or not. Will post the next part when all of my readers comments.

    Dear Veera
    ShiOmRu Meet Together In Ishanya Home??ShiOmRu Nanitha Talk With Ishanya?What Is Actually Ishanya Want?It’s Awesome And Intersting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. and don’t worry there is not going to be any triangle even if it looks like one. i am assuring you before only. Even i don’t like love triangles. I will take care, you too take care and stay safe.

  3. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous……waiting 4 next part update soon

  4. Nikita_jai29

    My head is spinning to think what is next move by Ishu…. Update is awesome

    1. Veera

      Thank you.

  5. Shilpa

    Awesome……the moment of realization lwas too good…hence one thing was cleared….waiting to see how Ishanya will be tackling the whole scam….and also curious if the realization that Shivaay,On and Rudy are brothers will affect her individual bonds between all three……update soon….take care

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. your questions will be answered in next parts. i will take care. you too take care.

  6. Niyati

    Amazing one dear. Waiting for next one . Update soon.Keep posting like this.

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I will post the next part soon. Hope you continue reading and liking this story.

  7. Maryam_ishq

    Amazing episode yaar !
    The best place to ponder over something or figure out stuff is the shower ?. Ishanya… wht should i say abt u… she’s not worried abt her image tht the media is tarnishing rather she’s worried abt the girls in the orphanage…. so selfless and pure…. yet the media are making fun of her and disrespecting the work she’s doing. Nowadays all the people like to see and wht media portray is masala which has lots of lies and very less truth.
    Nice to see all the obros at ishanya’s house… they genuinely care for her and even nandita was there as well. It was just so nice to see tht finally she has got the people she truly deserves…. people who care for her genuinely and have no ulterior motives behind her and feel lucky to have her as her friend and they are proud of her. Obros reaction on seeing each other there… and when everything was clear rudy was gonna blurt out abt om’s feelings …. thank god he didn’t. Shivay understands everything clearly as he knws ishanya’s secret. I feel like shivomru will have a talk when they reach home…. all these days they were talking abt the same girl but had no idea.
    Ishanya doesn’t give a damn abt media now… and it’s true why should she clarify to people when she hasn’t done any mistake and it’s nowhere her fault…. thankfully there was private security at the orphanage otherwise those poor girls would have to face the wrath of the society and media once again.
    wonder wht will be ishanya’s move…. the episode was amazing…. This story has become one of my favourites now. Take care dear and love u ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for the long comment. I am so happy to know that this story has become one of your favourite now. you will get to know about ishanya’s thoughts about media more in next parts. yes, ishanya finally got people whom she deserves and who deserves her. she know it. It’ll be expressed in next part. And yes obros will have a discussion about ishanya. Wait for the next part to know how will ishanya come out of this. I will take care, you too take care. Love you too.

  8. Mansi

    What a wonderful,cute update???????so finally our Ishana got to know about ShiOmRu being Bros☺☺????good going????update soon ?

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. I have already posted the next part. It will be published soon.

  9. Ankita27

    Wonderful update…. Finally ishanya and obros ek sath mil hi gaye.. Loved the way shivomru Care for ishanya finally ishanya ko achhe aur sachhe dost mil hi gaiye… Shocking.. Shocking… So ishanya neither arranging any press conference nor talking to the media….

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad you liked the part. Yes, ishanya is not doing anything.

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