Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update : Don plants Vibhutis look a like Kallu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Don visits garage with Rosy, to meet Kallu, (Kalllu is Vibhus look a like).

Anu and Vibhu cold tucked in blanket, Anu says when i went to keep mmy purse in bank locker, it was so cold, mummys purse is like her life i have to take care of it. Vibhu says was it gifted by her lover, Anu says cmon she was so old tradition.

Angoori with her saree,Tiwari asks whats up, Angoori shows him her new saree, Angoori says it’s a gift, from Vibhu. Tiwari says this looks expensive, Angoori says yes 3000. Tiwari says he has Money why did you take it now poor bhabhiji has to bare expenses,bo worries keep this in mind.

Kallu shaves gis beard and gets groomed,looks exactly like Vibhu. Master on call,boys around hear him talk to his affair. Boys make fun of him and threat him that they will complaint to his wife. Master runs away.

Saxnea walks to boys, Boys ask him about Vibhu and money,Saxena says dont worry wr have a contract.

Angoori gardening, Vibhu walks to her, and narrates a shayari. Gupta and Prem walk to him and make fun of him. Anu and Tiwari join them jogging,and talk about menu,Anu arranges dinner party at her place.

Don says Kallu you look so much like Vibhuti Mishra, Kallu says im Vibhuti Mishra, Don asks who told you,Kallu says Kallu told me, Don and Rosy get scared, Kallu starts laughing and says its me Kallu.

Vibhu on call requests for money,no friend lends him money. Boys walk to Vibhu and ask having tea, give us our money back. Vibhu says im really sorry,i know i have to pay you 9000₹, but i dont have money now,i have arranged it will be done, Teeka asks from where. Tilu says our girl friends are cursing us,Vibhu says just one day,i promise tomorrow.boys agree. Saxena walks to them and says your contract says if he doesn’t pay you can hit him with shoes,Vibhu says take it easy i will pay.Tilu says tomorrow we want money.

Pre cap :Vibhu singing in party steps out gets kidnapped

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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