Bigg Boss 13 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid gets angry over Arti’s decision

Bigg Boss 13 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 107
Hina says they have to tell why you are better than the other one. Asim says Sana flips. Hina asks Arti. Arti says Sana takes a stand for others, she supported Vishal as he was weak in nominations. She doesn’t flip. Rashami says Sana just wants attention, this show is not about showing drama all the time. She should take a stand for the right things, I can trust Asim but Sana’s mood can change all the time. Hina asks Mahira why Sana doesn’t deserve it? Mahira says I don’t want to talk about it. Hina says you are showing that you have a problem. Mahira says we have no problem, Arti and Paras were better performers in the comedy task but I think Sana should win this task. Rashami says I don’t Sana deserved more than Arti, Sana got it by chance. Sid says people are liking her, they voted for her. Hina says we all know acting but a person like Asim standing here is a big deal. Paras says we didn’t expect Asim to do comedy because all he has shown in this show is aggression. Sana does everything, she does work, she does drama and she entertains too. I don’t like Sana but I think she should win the membership. Vishal says Sana didn’t do any comedy, Asim actually did a stand-up comedy. Hina asks Sana if she agrees with them? Sana says I can’t change their perception, I don’t want to put Asim down for this task. Asim says this house doesn’t like me, I have made friends naturally, I have taken a stand when someone insulted me. I didn’t make friends for a reason or game. Sid laughs and says he is lying. Shefali says you became my friend for the game. Asim says I had trust issues with you but I became your friend because of Himanshi. Hina says I got your point Asim. Sana says I respect this show, I don’t know if I will be beaten after this show at my house, whatever I show here is real. Hina says I want to tell you that this house is difficult, I salute your patience, you go and pacify Sid so much, it is cute, you put in so many efforts but you forget yourself, put your self-respect first, don’t let others affect you, think about it. For now, I will give it to Asim, I will observe you Asim. Sana nods. Hina asks Asim to show his funny side now. She gives him the jacket and hugs Sana. Bigg Boss says Asim is the first member of the elite club. Hina opens the club room. She asks Asim to use this wisely. Hina hugs everyone and thanks them. Bigg Boss asks Asim if he will use his immunity for this week as he is nominated. Asim says no, I will use it later. Hina greets them and leaves. Rashami hugs Asim and congratulates him.

7:15 PM
Asim is sitting in the club room. Paras says this person got it because he took off his shirt. Asim says he should mind his business.

Arti tells Sana that you take their side who put you down like this, we are always standing with you. Vishal doesn’t appreciate you. Sana says he thanked me. Arti says they called you a flip and said he didn’t need your support, you hurt your own people.

7:30 PM
Sana asks Vishal if he said that he didn’t need my support? Vishal says I was just against calling me weak. Rashami says you can’t tell him he is weak, making him feel weak is not right. Sid says to Arti that she called you puppet too. Arti says to Rashami that you broke my confidence too. Sana tells Vishal that I fought my people to support you, I took your name and you thanked me for that time. Vishal says I have a problem with this weak word. Sana says to Rashami that you people call me Sid’s puppet but that is fine? Sana tells Vishal that you are fake. Vishal says okay and says get lost. Sana says you are a dog. There is no reason to take a stand. Rashami says then take your stand first, don’t lie to yourself.

7:45 PM
Rashami tells Paras that Sana is calling Vishal weak but he is still here. You can’t keep calling a person that he is weak. Sid comes there and says Rashami you keep telling Mahira that she is supported by Paras and that she is weak, that is not breaking her confidence? Rashami says I tell her that Mahira is seen because of Paras only, you are saying this because she is good with you now. Asim tells Sid that you call me a follower which brings my confidence down too. Sid says we are not here to bring confidence up of people. Rashami says she doesn’t have to say it again and again, it’s wrong. Sid says there is nothing wrong or right. Rashami says Vishal is not comfortable but she keeps saying it. We told her that we didn’t need her stand, she changed her support that day for her personal reasons.

Sana tells Shefali that Paras told me at the start that Mahira is jealous of me. Then Sid makes a show of sitting with Mahira, it irritates me. Shefali says you should open your eyes, you can talk to Mahira, that girl has never said anything against you to me. She gets upset when you fight. Sana says she doesn’t like it when Paras talks to me. Shefali says she doesn’t like it when you taunt her. Sana says I taunt her with work only. Shefali says you should have patience and fight for yourself only.

8:30 PM
Sana tells Shefali that I love Sid. Sid says whom? She says to you. Shefali says I think so too. Sana says does he love me? Shefali says ask him, I don’t want to involve in this. Sana says why are you not hearing me? Do you love him too? Shefali says I love him a lot. Sid says for many years. Sid tells Sana that she was my girlfriend many years back then Parag came as a story. Shefali says she wouldn’t understand our story. Sid tells Shefali that we can meet openly now. Sana says now you will have an open relationship? Sid says it was open and now it’s closed. Sana says go to the washroom. Shefali says I went with him to the washroom. Sana says to go now if you have guts. Sid says go. Shefali takes Sid’s hand and goes to the washroom with him. They lock the door. Sana is shocked. She knocks and says this is too much, I know you kissed her. Sid comes out and smirks. Sana says good, do it. Shefali says Sid tomorrow then. Sana tells Arti that they were in the toilet for 3 minutes. Arti says why are you feeling bad?

9:30 PM
Sana tells Sid that why you always say that I don’t have an option? Sid says there are 10 people here, when you go out, you will have many options. You might find Kartik Aryan waiting for you. Sana says I will be with you, I won’t care about Gautam Gulati too. Sid says I am too old for you. Sana says you are filthy, I am not asking you to love me, you are my family, I want you to care for me, I expect from you and I will do in life too. Not everything is about that kind of love, it’s not just friendship also, I have an attachment.

Sid tells Sana that I won’t be able to give you attention after this show as I have a life. Sana says I will be busy too but I want to talk to you on calls for 10 minutes. Sid says when I am working then I don’t call anyone. He tells her that Sheena is my best friend but we don’t meet much, it’s not fake here but right now I don’t have anything here to do, I spend my best time here with you but it won’t be same outside, you shouldn’t be affected by it, we will meet and talk but it won’t be like this, the world outside is different. Sana says it will be different, we are 10 people so we have made habits, I need you here in the bed and it will be difficult outside but I will have to go back to my life.

11:45 PM
Sana brings the batteries for Madhu. Arti says he didn’t find anything so he ignored Madhu. Sana asks Madhu to not react to Vishal, he will change his mindset about you. Arti says yes. Vishal says she is making an issue. Madhu tells Vishal that you wanted this, talk to my foot, you don’t even deserve my bum. Vishal says oh darling focus on yourself.

Sid tells Vishal that if you can’t sleep then talk to Madhu, she is a little crazy, curses at people and not good for a relationship but you can talk to her. Sana laughs. Vishal says people think that I want to fight her. Sid says you both will start talking again, you have memories. Vishal says it’s about memories only, she is sorted with other people, she doesn’t talk to you much. Sid says I have no case with her, I have one case who needs praises only (Sana). Vishal says she can curse me out because I took her cigarettes. Sid says is Rashami with you too when you talk about cigarettes.

12:30 AM
Vishal comes to Madhu and says I need to talk to you. She goes out with him. Sid looks on.
Vishal tells Madhu that Salman asked to respect each other. Madhu says you started the fight. Vishal says I was joking. Madhu says when I joke then you become angry, do you want content? Vishal says I don’t content, I just asked you to talk with respect. Sid and Sana go out to see them. Madhu tells Vishal that you are a loser. Vishal says don’t talk to me, go from here and talk to your family. Madhu says your family doesn’t even talk to you, you always fight with your family. Vishal says don’t say rubbish. Madhu says it was your fault. Vishal says my fault was that I dated you. Madhu says you are a crybaby. Sid and Sana laugh and say that’s it? Madhu leaves from there.

Day 108
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song tara ra ra. They all dance. Paras says the best song till now.

10:45 AM
Shefali tells Mahira and Paras that Sana was talking to me yesterday. Mahira says she clears herself behind my back in front of the camera. Shefali says I told her that if she doesn’t have a problem with you then talk to you. Paras says she will never do it. Mahira says she thinks she is a Katrina Kaif and thinks she can’t be jealous of me. Shefali says she is a spoilt brat, I was not like her even when I was 12 years old. Paras says she thinks she is cute.

2 PM
Madhu is washing the dishes. Sid says you can’t wash non-stick like this. Madhu says you don’t tell me, you wash this dish and I will accept you. Rashami comes there. Sid asks her to not make faces, it’s the same. Rashami says you are noticing me too much these days. Sid says we did scenes very close so I did notice. Rashami says that time is gone. Sid says you have left a mark. Rashami says at least you accept it. Sid follows her. Rashami says don’t do it. Sid laughs. Sid tells Vishal that you are not smiling these days because I am talking to Madhu? Rashami says you don’t leave her alone these days. Vishal says leave me alone. Sid says people talk about things, you can’t hide things. Vishal laughs.

Rashami tells Asim that Sid is trying to talk to me, I answered in sarcasm. Asim says he is trying to act funny, don’t entertain him.

Sana tells Sid that I have cramps because of the gym. Sana tries to hug him but he pushes her away and says it’s greed. Sana says you are putting me down? Sid says that’s Vishal.

3 PM
Sana tells Sid that I have started kissing his upper lips. She kisses her lips and then puts her finger on Sid. Arti laughs.

Asim sits inside the club. Rashami and Madhu tease him.

Sana is massaging Sid’s hair. He says to do it fast, please. Nobody would ask so nicely.

Mahira comes to Asim and teases him about the elite club. Asim says Paras is coming so you better not talk. Mahira says he doesn’t care.

Shefali tells Sid that I massage Parag’s hair like this. Sid says if you were my wife then I would keep asking you. Sana slaps him and leaves.

Sid comes to Sana. Sana asks him to kiss her. He kisses her hand and cheek. She says on lips. Arti says why would he do it? Sana says it doesn’t mean he is smooching, you people are cheap. Sid says my mother is backward.

6 PM
Paras reads the task. Team A will be Mahira, Paras, Vishal and Madhu. Team B will have Sana, Rashami, Asim and Sid. Arti and Shefali will be judges. Both the teams will make ads for Kurkure. Mahira and Sana will be Miss. Kurkure from their teams, they will lead the team. They have prop baskets to use as well. The winning team will get items from the BB market.

6:15 PM
Mahira and Paras start making the ad. Vishal gives ideas to Paras.
Sid reads and tells Asim that we will make a boring relationship and then with masala it became twisted. Sid tells Asim to make a story with Rashami. Sana says I have to be sensible.

Vishal tells Paras that we will use the tagline. Vishal uses a hairband. Madhu argues with him.

7:45 PM
The task starts. Mahira’s team starts their ad. Mahira and Madhu act like daughter and mother. Paras and Vishal flirt with them. Vishal is Paras’ father. Vishal uses a puppet. He romances with Madhu. Paras has come to propose Mahira but Vishal proposes her mother Madhu and that’s the twist. Mahira calls Paras her brother. They say the tagline and ends the ad. Arti and Shefali clap for them.
Sana’s team starts their act, Sid romances with Rashami. Asim is pampering Sana. Sid goes to her as well because she has Kurkure. All clap for them.

8:30 PM
Arti and Shefali have to decide now. Arti tells her that I liked Rashami’s act. Shefali says to the inmates that you all did good but we liked Mahira’s team more. They all cheer and hug them. Sid says what was the twist? Arti says Mahira made Paras her brother, in the end, we liked their act. Sid claps and says what was the twist? There is no sense in it. Shefali says it’s our decision. Asim says Arti didn’t say anything, it was all Shefali’s decision. Sana says we made a bad ad. Rashami asks her to not irritate her. Sid says fine, you should praise their ad, what should we have done? to dance naked? Kiss each other?

The winning team decide to send Paras and Vishal to BB market. They have 10 minutes.

Sid tries to talk to Arti and says I am sorry. Arti says you want to talk about the ad? Sid says get lost.

Buzzer plays, Paras and Vishal go to the market. They buy important items.

Arti tells Sid that their ad was entertaining. Sid says their ad didn’t make any sense. Shefali says they had a good twist.

Vishal brings the pasta and says I will eat pasta without stealing it.

Arti tells Sid that we couldn’t understand your ad. Sid says you look nice when you are silent. Arti says you don’t have to tell me that. Sid says you won like this in life. Arti says end this. Shefali says that Sid can’t rejection. Paras says he has this issue. Arti says he has gone mad.
Sana tells Sid that we had to make them smile, it’s okay.

9:45 PM
Sana tells Arti that Sid got angry because he thought you were taking Paras’ side.

10 PM
Shefali says who is making rotis? Asim says I made rotis. Shefali says I need love from Asim.

10:15 PM
Asim comes to Vishal and says I don’t love someday then I don’t. I won’t cook for her. Rashami asks him to calm down. Sana says to Asim that I am proud of you, you keep your self-respect above everyone.

11 PM
Sana asks Sid if he is still grumpy? Why are you not talking? Sid says I don’t want your point of view, you can say what you want. Sid says I don’t like people talking from both sides. Sana says to leave it, I love you. He says I love you too, tell me you won’t do this. I don’t want you here right now. He leaves.
PRECAP- Madhu tells Vishal to look at his bad face like a girl. Vishal throws water at her. Bigg Boss says don’t throw water at your mics. Vishal throws more water at her and says sorry Bigg Boss she is taunting me. Madhu hits his bum with a stick. All are shocked. Bigg Boss says this can’t be forgiven, as a punishment… Vishal says I don’t accept this punishment, I want to leave. Rashami cries and says don’t do this.
Krishna comes into the house. Arti hugs him and cries. Krishna says my proud moment was when someone said that I am Arti’s brother, you did very well.
Mahira’s mother enters the house and hugs her. She tells Paras that your girlfriend Akansha is very pretty, Mahira is your friend so don’t kiss her.
Sana’s father tells Sana that whatever you have with Sid, don’t take this forward. Your biggest enemy here is Paras. He tells Paras that you used to flirt with Sana in the first week and tell her that Mahira is jealous of her and now you tell Mahira that she is jealous of Sana? You started this jealousy matter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So I don’t know if a specific person read my respond to them, Pradeep Verma this is to you. I am sticking to what I said about Mahira. I am not character assassinating her. She is being fake and confusing. She sits and does her man marzi, like Paras said “maze leti hain”, and then she starts crying about her family watching. She snuggles up in bed with Paras, but then she cries about ammi watching when Paras kisses her. Lol then why do anything? Either stop saying my family is watching and enjoy, or stop doing what your “family” would not feel comfortable watching. She does something, then tries to justify/make herself feel better by saying my family is watching. That is just fake and it makes her look dumb. Whether 24 hours is shown or not, that has nothing to do with anything. We already know that they are not “best friends” they are more, which is fine.. if Paras was SINGLE.
    Also, Paras is by far one of the most pettiest people in this house. “He won because he took off his shirt” like shut up. Paras was doing so much overacting, it wasn’t funny… it was cringey. Personally, I feel that Asim deserved this because Shehnaaz was acting up. She needs to find herself first rather than getting more and more benefits. The way she has been acting is just unacceptable and too creepy. Even now, she is acting psycho… and it is definitely because she is scared to lose the one attachment she has made in the house.


      Dear Pari… I don’t want to argue with you regarding this point. I am not supporting Mahira at all, but I put my points based on my understanding.

    2. I am not saying you are supporting Mahira, but you made a comment about my comment, indirectly to me. That is what I am clearing out. You made it seem like I went on her character, when I didn’t. I stated how she is making herself look dumb with her antics.


      Ok Ma’am, I understand your point. I commented on a general basis only. Meanwhile, if it hurts your feeling, then I am extremely sorry for that.

  2. TG they didn’t show asim’s’s gonna be a surprise treat

  3. I think what Sana is doing and shown on tv is very disgusting. And Sidharth was even warned and that Sana is in love with him by Salman sir and they still keeping kissing and talking nonsense. Someone should Sana when she says that I am going to myself that go ahead and do it and that nobody should give her any attention.

  4. Wow, that’s an awesome episode. It brought down everybody’s colours. And the people (Sid,Asim,rashmi,Vishal,zari) who are trying to make progress are in their way, and as i said yesterday the people (paras, Mahira,madhu) are nowhere making any contribution to progress. Arti has shown her progress.
    Finally Sid has got some progress in the Sana’s drama and hope so will be an end card from tmrw. Everybody’s fan can cherish this episode as they got some worthy moments to watch.
    Asim was deserving elite club and hope so the doubts were all cleared and don’t go by the promos to an opinion. Would be fun to watch the comments about HM’s equations with one another today. And teams shuffling was done as expected and results also came without much fuss. After task discussions and arguments were all meant to happen and prove their point of view from every HM’s aspect.
    Sid has dominated today in the task and appearance also, but it proves what he is doing and behaving. Can see everyone’s reaction. Some are happy and some are angry and some are calm and some has ignored. Notice who has which feeling, will be fun.
    Task judgement also will be worth of discussion but i want to see others opinions first who are loyal fans. Wanna witness their POV.
    Finally everybody has pulled up their socks and seriously in the game, watching others and reacting. Keeping an eye on the rivals and showcasing their strategy. The team bonding was awesome and mutual understanding. The equations though are rivals but task has brought them together and worked without any rival feelings. That’s worthy of watching.
    I am eagerly waiting to read the comments first.

    1. Rajjo

      i have always liked the way Sid makes understand correct things to anyone in the house when they are his friends(even them who are not his friends)… like asim, sana, arti, paras… his explanation style is m fond of… seriously…

  5. If u think i am biased, yes i am. One thing i noted since the beginning of the show. Asim is always following the footsteps of Sid and is applying his brain too while implementing the same in his game. Be it attitude, aggression, behaviour, sarcasm, planning, fighting, argument, tasks, interaction, entertainment, fun masti and so on whatever. He is keenly observing Sid and applying the same in his game too by making some changes. He just needs some proper guidance and motivation always. Sid, Zari n Rashmi has done the same till now keeping their game in mind too. I want to witness him solo and fight once to test his mettle. His own brains. His own game. Without any help from others bcz he is always having some guidance and back-up.
    It’s just my POV.

  6. Rajjo

    I just had the problem while decision making time Arti said that she liked Rashmi’s act then why she didn’t took stand for her point of view Shefali manipulated her… Asim said right that Arti followed Shefali…

  7. No matter what sid and Rashmi together look the best. Sid and asim together was also good. Rest was ok today

    1. Seriously i want asim rashmi sid together
      Sid rashmi r best together..

  8. Rajjo

    I have seen Sid-Asim-Rashmi healthy argument like really…
    Shefali is definitely trying to poke Asim so that he say something n she gets some screen space… I felt bad for Asim today donno why but felt that…
    Thank god not much of #sidnaaz moments but these #virima are more irritating than them… I mean at 12:30 am he called her outside to fight??? N other couples were watching as audience even wanted some spiciness too…
    Sid can’t take failure but still I don’t found his point completely wrong… Somewhere he was also right but yes there was huge difference between the two acts…

    1. Don’t say Sid can’t take failure, it’s absolutely wrong. He thinks himself as perfectly used the concept and task procedure. The way judgement was made and on what basis the result is declared made him irked.
      He has lost some n number of tasks till now, he didn’t do like that. He raises his voice only when there is a confusion in what he thinks and what happened actually. Don’t go by one instance and make a stamp.
      But at the end of the day, it will be seen as Ego mainly. He has lots of that, and in this task he solely implemented his idea. That’s irking him much more.

    2. Rajjo

      No offence to anybody I also found his point correct… Maybe I am unable to portray my correctly but I wanted to say the same you said he got irked… Even I didn’t like Arti for decision making time… I said before too that she didn’t took stand for her point of view…

  9. Sid’s game is just like his task today. Point will be very clear and fair but presentation will be confusing and tough to get it.
    Nobody will understand it easily but when got the logic behind it, nobody will oppose his game. To be bluntly true, even i didn’t get his add in the first sight but after his narration only came to know the plot. And definitely he has the best point to win the task, but the presentation was not straight enough for many audience to understand. But when someone understands his logic, will blindly follow him. The problem with Sid game is he thinks way too ahead and his tactics are not easily understood. The plus point in his game is, he never changes seeing others and strongly believes in his own always. And self confidence is what matters the most. Understanding the task and implementation is very crucial. I appreciate the team who firmly believed in him and stood by the team even in tough times. That’s very good team spirit.

  10. Asim played wonderfully today,first he won the elite club task,then hi didnt argue much after losing the Kurkure task and accepted the loss with grace(unlike Shit Shukla).
    He also pointed out correctly that Arti was just following Shefali during the decision making.
    (Eventhough,I liked Mahira team’s ad more).
    Asim also ignored Shefali and did not give her any footage.(Which she is trying to get from him so that she remains in this show).
    Coming to FakeNaaz and ShitShukla,well they showed the same old splitsvilla crap again.Both of them suck at tasks,so they are always upto this crap.BB being so biased this season,has stopped giving more attention to tasks.
    Salman who used to bash inmates for not doing tasks nicely in the previous seasons hardly says anything about tasks in this season (because Shukla never won any task,except for the small ones).
    The person which I hate the most in this house is Paras Chhabra,but he is right about the Shehnaaz-jealousy thing.
    Sana has always been jealous of Mahira and that is it.End of story.
    Sana’s dad just repeated his daughter’s lines (which were not even true).
    The showmakers have already decided to make Shukla the winner and now it seems that Asim and Sana are fighting for the 2nd position.
    Well it doesn’t matter, because the real winner is Asim.

  11. Good morning folks,
    Yesterday episode was better than the earlier one… But had it own bitter moments which i dont like…. till yesterday i was moderate in my comments but seeing the reations to my yesterday’s comment, i have decided to go all out against the hypocritical fans of T-rash-sim….

    First …. Stripper, motormouthed, hatred, abuser-in-cheif asim got first entry to elite club which is highly undeserved, if comedy is criteria then it should have been Arti… but between Sana n’ abuser asim it should be Sana… but she was betrayed badly by the T-rash-sim gang which the stupid sana will never realise… hypocritical fans of abuser-asim now wont say that the show is biased bec their filthy choice is in elite club…

    Second thing is…. team Sid lost bec of the hatred between shefali n’ asim, she twisted in favour of other team, though there was no twist in their task…

    Filthy abuser advising T-rash not to entertain Sid is the re-enactment of T-rash earlier advised abuser to get away from Sid… These two are the venomous characters purely n’ surely made for each other…. Abuser first riding on the shoulder of Sid to position himself, and then ditched him and started riding on the shoulders of Shefali n’ himanshi and then ditched Shefali and now riding on the shoulders of T-rash… shameless fellow doesn’t he has an individuality??!!

    I read one stupid commentor yesterday saying that Sid is zero with Sana…. my foot… He is Sher Sid doesn’t need any shoulder to sail through… He is one man army…. he think, talk, act bold, straight, blunt and plain and never even bother about fake image, or hypocritical fans…never do anything to impress upon TV or audience, he never strip to impress upon audience like striper-asim always does.. His plain truthful self and acts commands so much fan following that the others like sana, T-rash or abuser have only the far distant following of fans…

    I am Sher Sid supporter, i dont pretend like few Sid supporters who are trying to convince hypocrite T-rash-sim supporters everyday here…. Why should? You cant change any one’s opinion by convincing here in this forum, they will follow their choice only, so it is utterly waste trying to convince the hypocrites…

    So i dont damn care about what others thinks about Sid…. It is my choice and i will continue to support Sher Sid till the end, and when he is at wrong i will say so, which i do it for myself and not to impress upon hypocritical T-rash-sim followers….

    So far so good Sher Sid… you dont need to be in elite club to win the title… it is yours to win… go for it…. let the hyenaaas keep howling… let the dogs keeps barking…. Sher Sid keep roaring and go for the glory…. 🙂

    Mind it i am RjR…Sher Sid supporter… 🙂

    1. Hehe I can understand and feel ur pain from ur words bro. Itna gussa baap re.
      But kya kare janta ne jyada vote diya :p

      Yad he jab isi filthy, striper and abuser ne Akhade me tumhare sher ko bhigi billi bana diya tha.

      Ab vahi janta jab Asim ko show jita de to gussa mat hona, jakar medical se burnol le lena 😀

  12. Jariwala is definitely the most toxic person in the house, she has just one job of fuelling the fire n b*t*hing. She definitely tried to instigate asim to gain some screen space but asim’s reply was savage. Happy that the teams were shuffled n result was visible. Sana’s team definitely followed the guidelines but their act was not clear n sid had to explain it later to the judges. Jariwala was definitely not in a mood to let asim n team win but arti should have taken a stand for it. Moreover it was very clear that sid cant take defeat easily. Coming to the sidnaaz drama it is becoming disgusting day by day hope it comes to an end early. Good that sid has started to explain sana but it needs to be a little quick. Jariwala has no problem in going to washroom with sid just to tease sana but had a problem in cuddling with asim n gave clearification. This is the reason why asim is upset with her. Asim had won the elite club membership as he was worth it. Rashami said true sana flips just to get attention n she didnt take mahira’s name cos she had problem with her n acted great by taking vishal’s name.

    1. Rajjo

      I can’t understand Jariwala… she is being irritating now… all time try to poke someone especially Asim I clearly don’t know what happened between her and Asim but if he does not want to talk to her let him be in his space Its good that asim didn’t let her to talk just for footage… every time says that she be with couples so that they does not look weird outsied I mean why whats the need???

  13. Sana is getting crazier by the day! If Sid continues to say “i love you” to her she is definitely getting deeper into her psycho madness and he may have a HUGE problem after the show. At times her desperation for body contact makes me wonder if she HOR#%?? it is no longer a family show with her continues desperation and insistence of body contact and begging for kisses. Is it a case of fatal attraction?? Is she suffering from bi polar or is she really faking her different personas?

    Did anyone see Sana’s father interview where he blasted Mahira’s mom? Behind him was a man with a gun!! Sid better watch out. If he runs away from Sana after the show..her dad will send that man after him hahahha!!

    Shefali is extremely obnoxious and practically begging for footage by poking people. She looks terrible when she yells and tries to act smart. Asim has told her time and again NOT to speak to him and yet she feels that it is her entitlement to do so and he SHOULD reply to her lol . She has the cheek to get mad when he refuses to oblige hahaha…another psycho in the house.

    Mahira has improved a lot and showed her maturity but her constant dramas of “ammi dek rahi hay” liners are totally boring. She cuddles up close and personal to Paras and he has felt that he has the liberty to do whatever with her and yet she comes up with such silly stuff.

    SID is totally egoistic and feels that he is ALWAYS right and the best in the house. He cannot accept defeat in arguments and tasks. Self confidence is good but OTT behaviour and being hostile when he is wrong and lost in task is totally unacceptable. Makes me wonder how much he has to persevere when he gets reprimanded by Salman cos he doesn’t accept anything from anybody. A very good actor who is probably always cursing Salman under his breath.

    Sid should stop trying so hard to be funny or even friendly. It doesn’t work and instead people know he is fake and it becomes lame.

    Happy that Asim won the task and he has shown he doesn’t need to get into fights to get noticed. Yes he has a great body and will show off. Why doesn’t Paras pass the same uncalled for remark to Salman. Salman also shows off his body!! Now the jealous word is back on Paras who started the whole on going saga about jealousy. PARAS YOU ARE JEALOUS!!

    Arti is a two timer. Her interest flags to the direction of her benefit. She keeps consoling Sana to be in Sid’s good books. But when he orders her to babysit Sana she gets angry lol! cannot have it both ways.

    Rashmi is busy strategizing her moves and living in her own zone. It is good that she is being cordial to Sid but smart enough to know he is a player.

    Vishal and Madhu are on a repeat mode. SSDD..same sh$% different day. Let them enjoy their few days of fame and hope it doesn’t escalate to physical violence.

    Just saying…

  14. Vishal n madhu fighting in the midnight was just for footage they r fake. Vishal was the happiest person since he got pasta in the luxury budget task. Seeing the promo if biggboss wants to eliminate madhu n vishal then pls let vishal have the pasta first. Sud rashami asim interaction was good thing to watch i have also an UUclip in which asim n sud were rehersing for their mahira n madhu act n rashami was helping them in their lines. The makers should understand that viewers r interested in this interaction than the sidnaaz crap.

    1. Rajjo

      Hahahaha…. pasta khaya vo bhi bina chori ke…
      Yes @Anjali I totally agree with you now viewers are interested in some new or mending relationships (At least they can be normal talking like today)like Sid-Asim, Sid-Rashmi, Sana-Mahira, etc… as we are bored of same pairing dominating over the episode from last few weeks(sidnaaz, pahira,virima)…

  15. Clear observation was that here everybody goes by the outlines only. And nobody bothers the intention and motto behind it. If someone argues, flips, fights, entertains, two faced, shows angry, funny, aggressive, shaming, degrading and what more. Everything they see it as only whats coming from mouth and blindly goes by it. And people won’t accept it, even when later the HM’s themselves had accepted and expressed their motto behind it. The don’t care about HM’s views then, but they actually care HM’s view when they are in temper, happy, sad, in task.
    Let’s suppose one HM said something in favour of X and the same HM will accept the truth later and says it in favour of Y. And mostly accepts their fault, but everybody still lies at X opinion only and don’t bother about Y opinion even after the HM self accepted.
    Everybody wants to gain by throwing shit on others but do note that what shit you throw will be same you receive.
    It’s a wonder that no one has pointed the views of HM’s were completely contrasting when they are in task and when they are normal. Don’t say see the task as task only, don’t compare it with normal. Majority of the fans were formed by seeing thier reactions in tasks rather than normal life. They find more positive nd negative in task only about a HM. Bcz test they can act as they want, but in task you have a specific motto. Pls note the difference.
    And major point is nobody keeps an eye on their own HM’s mistakes, even if they note it also they keep it till some time only in mind. But when the same mistakes were done by rivals, they keep in magnifying glass and keeps it in mind till the end of the show and keeps repeating it daily and never loses a chance to gain something out of it.
    Some people give many abuses in their views and only gives abuses regarding rivals and expect the HM’s to be humane. If you can’t do it on your own, why do you abuse them for the same ? Some people say we are unable to see fake relationships and unworthy romance, whats your views are filled of ?(comments)
    And what the makers can do, they can reprimand them but can’t force them to be good or bad. It’s their own self respect n image which they are spoiling or gaining fame. When they don’t have that consciousness, what will makers do ? They can simply show you what they are doing. You can have your own views fairly. And yes sometimes they do it for TRP, they are not here for doing any good to the public rather are on for doing business. They are right in their way. Their motto is always TRP, not a single HM’s favour. This is bcz some people still in the feeling of biased and some don’t accept it when it is in their favour but strictly oppose it when gone against. That’s silly.
    Finally, it may all look like preaching for you. Ok accepted the comment. But is there anything worthy of reading or is there anything wrong in it, pls note that. It’s a time pass for some people and it’s a learning curve for some people regarding observation and analysing a situation. This will definitely help on real life, the way we view people and have opinions on them.
    Sorry for my long essays, i am completely narrating my own feelings and couldn’t some feelings bcz of negativity i recieve.

    1. Rajjo

      seriously I require a lot of patience and piece of mind to understand your feelings for which m not that state so I will reply you later.. sorry!!!

  16. sidnaaz is totally crap and vulgar.OMG how could Sana be so cheap at national tv,this girl is really something,though i dont like Mahira but still she has bit of self respect than sana….sana should b evicted.she is spoiling sis’s game as sidnaz is v irritating ,it is no longer cute but vulgar

  17. Rashmi was asked to put points for Asim and she did that nicely. So Aarti pointing as if they betrayed Sana was wrong. Ok and that advertisement Mahira’s team was better so it was off that SS was fighting for it that long and particularly putting Aarti in bad spot. Asim was right ki SS apna funny side dikhane ki kosish kar raha hai but that is not that funny. But atleast that cuts off wo Sidnaaz ka crap. Sana’s antic of upper lip kissing was OTT and cheap. This girl knows her game and is doing good but itna pagalpan dikhane ki bhi jarurat nai. I love how Asim puts it clearly ki ushe Zari nai pasand toh nai pasand.

    1. really Arti gets involved in all the matters why she is in the game i couldnt understand………she is a real sewak of sid,jst to please him ,she keeps praising that fake sana and also sana’s acts these days are v cheap feel awkward to sit with family and watch

    2. Rajjo

      And still Sana was saying that lip kiss does not means smooch I was like what the hell!!! even then you can’t do that… either she does not thinks before saying or she thinks very much before her every action because normal people does not do that…

  18. I have been commenting on this page for a while now. It is worth mentioning that everyone has maintained their dignity except some sid followers. I want to specially mention their names @RjR n @shin-Uk. The language they are using is awful n cheap. It is because of their fowl comments ihave started commenting on the page. I have been a silent reader on the page since a long time but when i camd across them i felt that their is a need to reply them but it is of no use cos they have poison in their minds. It is just a reality show n one can like or dislike someone but how can you hate someone and pass derogatory comments without even knowing them personally. Calling someone chief abuser, trash, characterless, filth, blaming them for their failed marriage… is this the way to behave. It just shows their cheap mindset n mentality. I would also like to mention some sid fans like CS7 and Pradeep varma who have maintained the dignity of the page while supporting sid. Sorry if i have forgotten some names but it was just my pov which i felt was necessary to be put forward.

    1. Rajjo

      By passing such comments they are actually showing what Paritosh said that this bigg boss house is miniature version of whole country.
      If people being at their home or wherever, having all fun n enjoying can pass such filthy comments then those people, who are inside Bigg Boss house who can’t go outside can’t use gadgets be in touch with their families have to be with each other only 24×7, pass comments on each other in such frustration is justified because they have no other option to ignore…


      Anjali Ma’am… you are right that there are lots of commenters who are using abusive language even on Facebook and other social platforms. Everyone has their right to support one or two HMs, but using filthy & abusive language for other rivals is not the correct way to express their comments particularly on social platforms. As @ Rajjo Ji expressed above, I also feel that it is not easy to stay in any place without any connection with external world, particularly for such a long period. They may face the mood swings & it will divert to put on their frustration by blaming or commenting on each other as they have no other option. Being a fan of one or two HMs, we people may fight with each other but the celebrities who already done BB before are well known about the situation therein. Anyway, the best way is to ignore them & just enjoy the show.

  19. Sana is so cheap that she wants Sid to kiss her. Has she got no shame??? I think Aarti does not want to witness fights or foul mouthed arguments in the house n she tries to make peace by putting across her positive views which r taken in the wrong sense by some contestants. She does not instigate anyone. Don’t think Shefali is looking for footage but wants to b in good terms with Asim. Well Asim has learned a lot about games from Sid n he now thinks he is the king of the house being rude to Shefali. B civil to all in the house n keep the negativity away.

  20. Loved sid, rashmi, asim n sanas team today. This team can be called a team.
    Well can anyone tell me
    Why rashmis mother is not coming to meet her??

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