Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hapu Singh says Maheshwaris son got kidnapped,Tiwari says who did so,happy Singh says if I knew that person would be in jail now, n no calls for money , God knows what’s the matter,let me check Tilu, Tiwari thinks I hope bhabhiji hasn’t kidnapped the son for money.

Malkha on call talking to his girl friend,Tiwari sits beside him n says when will I stop stalking girls,do some work girls will run behind u, Saxena joins them n says there’s no light in house n so no current plz slap me,both say no no we won’t do it,Tiwari says go ask Vibhuti ,Saxena says good idea,Tiwari says come lets go.

Vibhuti digging,Anita asks Vibhu did u find anything,Vibhuti says no nothing here,I’m tired its 12 hrs now I haven’t eaten anything,Anita says oh Vinu have this badam milk,Vibhuti says I need food,Anita says if u eat u will get lazy cmon start digging ,this for us after all cmon,Vibhuti says my sugar level are down plz,Anita says no Vibhu keep digging,don’t take any more time,Vibhuti says I’m sleepy plz,Anita says no cmon.

Saxena rings bell, Tiwari hides near compound,Anita opens door n comes out n says Saxena what’s wrong,Saxena says I want Vibhuti bhaiya plz,Anita says he is sleeping,Saxena says I need slaps plz,Anita give slaps to him n leaves,Saxena says wow Iike it, Tiwari says why didn’t u go in,sa end says I don’t a de my works done.

Tiwari says I think Vibhuti has kidnapped n Anita bhabhi is stuck with him,Tilu says sir what’s the matter tell me,Tiwari says go cook food n don’t bother me,Tilu by ,is take drops water on Tiwari,Tiwari says good boy u gave me an idea,go get me a towel I need to take a bath.

Tiwari goes to Anita’s house with towel,Anita comes out n says what’s ur problem,Tiwari says no water in my house,Anita says two whole country is facing this consequences what u want,Tiwari says I need to take a bath, Anita says anguri told me u never take bath for 15 days n so if u dint bathe today u won’t die,n this is my house n not s free bathroom,Tiwari says remember u n bpvibhuti too came to my house to take a shower,Anita says so I counting on us,ok will give u a rent of 10 Rs okay,now enough of bothering n insulting me leave,Tiwari says u insulted me n, Anita says u hurt me never show ur face get lost.

Tiwari thinking what must be going inside Vibhutis house,Tilu comes n starts irritating again,Tiwari says get out,Tilu says I will complain to Amaji,Tiwari says go cook something in kitchen,hapu Singh comes in n says wassup Tiwari,Tiwari says nothing this Tilu is so irritating,hapu Singh says after all he works free of cost here,anyways why u called me,Tiwari says first swear u will take care bhabhiji will not be bothered,hapu Singh says ok tell me,Tiwari says something fishy in Vibhutis house,hapu Singh asks what,Tiwari says no one is allowed in their house since morning,I think the kidnapping is by vibhutiji for money,hapu Singh says Tiwari what are u saying,Tiwari says I’m not sure I think come lets check tonight what is cooking but remember bhabhiji shd be safe,hapu Singh says yes even I care abt her n more than u.

Anita try searching Vibhuti deep inside the pit dug by him,Anita says wait let me get a rope so that u can climb up and did u find anything,Vibhuti says just water its 20 ft down,I need to go bathroom baby plz get rope quickly,Anita throws rope,vibhtui says I caught it pull now,something breaks down.

Pre cap: hapu Singh n Tiwari rush in n hapu Singh says we are here with a search warrant,u have dug this pit to burry the dead body,Anita says what rubbish n what dead body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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