agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 21)

Mantu’s pov
She’s so stuborn. Not even talking to me properly. And i think she won’t till i accept. But now how to leave her alone doctor only said that she’s tend to get blackout . What if i go and she needs something but she won’t allow me to stay here. I have to do some arrangement for her. Thinking this he leaves.
Amaya’s pov
He couldn’t wait also. I know i only told him to go but i wanted him to be here. Akdu couldn’t even admit that he cried but no he don’t want to talk to me then forget. I am also stubborn even i won’t tAlk to him.
A nurse comes in.
Amaya: doctor has done all the checkups. Why are you here?
Nurse: i know. I am not here to do any checkups. The doctor has sent me to look after you.
Amaya: you may leave as i don’t want anyone to look after me. I am not a kid.
Nurse: listen its my duty to look after your needs. I am not here as per my wish. So you bare me and i will bare you. But i will make sure that you don’t get up from your bed.
Amaya hears the door closing. She sees apart of mantu’s shirt and thinks this akdu has sent her here. She’s so rude. I will see him later. He has sent her to look after me? But he cares for me. May this is the reason i m falling for him.

On the other hand.
Rey: so what are you going to do?
Kriya: for what?
Rey: you promised amaya that you won’t let her bore in the hospital.
Kriya: yeah. But i forgot about it .
Rey: so what are your plans.
Kriya: so the plan is that there is no plan.
Rey: then why did you tell her?
Kriya: don’t worry we will plan out something .
Rey: we?
Kriya: i mean you will also help me in doing so.
Rey: are you sure? You think i will help you?
Kriya: ofcourse i m sure. You are also amaya’s friend and you will do it.
Rey: ohhk then. Let’s see what we can do for her.
Kriya: yeah now stop.
Rey: why stop?
Kriya: look ahead we reached. I need to go home.
Rey: but the plan?
Kriya: when you come to go to the hospital we’ll discuss or plan out something.
Rey: ohhk fine bye.
Kriya: bye.

After 2 hours in the hospital.
Mantu finds the nurse outside the room.
Mantu: why are you out? You were incharge of amaya and you are sitting here?
Nurse: someone has come to meet her and he’s inside. So there’s no need of me sitting there.
Mantu: who’s he?
Nurse: how am i suppose to know? Go check yourself.
Mantu thinks it might be rey. He thanks the nurse and opens the door. He sees amaya laughing.
Amaya: only you can crack such stupid jokes.
The guy turns.
Guy: yess? You need someone?
Amaya: wandle he’s mantu my friend.
Wandle: ohh! Hii i am wandle.
Mantu gives him a faded smile: hii mantu.
Amaya notices his smile and thinks jealous.
Amaya: wandle you remember those days in school how we used to ring the bell before time.
Wandle: yeah yeah how can i forget that. It used to be so much fun.
Amaya: then get punished for the next.
Wandle: but we never changed. Writing on the notice board that it will be a holiday and all that stuff.
Amaya: yeah that stuff was so much fun.
Mantu goes out. Amaya notices him but doesn’t stop him.
Outside the room he sits on the bench.
Mantu: wandle wandle wandle. It seems that i was mr. India there who was not at all visible for her. She never spoke about this wandle before. From where did he come?
Nurse calls him. He goes to her.
Nurse: here give her this soup and these medicines. Make sure she takes it.
Mantu: yeah ok.

He takes the tray and goes towards the room. Now i have to hear that wandles joke. He looks like a monkey there. Let him only give her this soup.
He opens the door and finds only amaya sitting there.
He shifts the table towards amaya’s bed. And places the soup on it.
Mantu; have this quickly.
Amaya: i don’t want to have it.
Mantu: have it by yourself or else
Amaya: or else? What you’ll do?
Mantu takes a spoon and puts it in her mouth. Amaya is about to spill it but he put his hand on her mouth.
Amaya: are you mad? It was hot.i burnt my tongue there.
Mantu; i am so sorry. But its your fault . If you hadn’t to have it by yourself then your tongue wouldn’t burn.
Amaya: yeah right. I never asked you to feed me. Mad creature.
Mantu: yeah i am mad only that wandle is smart. Everyone else is a fool.
Amaya: what are you talking? How did wandle come in between?
Mantu tries to avoid her. He puts anothet spoon in her mouth.
Mantu: this is not hot. Don’t try to spill it. I made it cool.
Amaya: it sucks. I don’t want to have it.
Mantu: i will also see how you don’t have it. He feeds her the entire bowl.
Amaya: it sucked. You will have to pay for this mantu.
Mantu: yeah yeah. We’ll see. Now take these.
Amaya: i dont want to.
Mantu: if you want to ho home today you will have to take it.
Amaya: today? When did that happen?
Mantu: just now doctor told me. Have these quickly.
Amaya: i don’t think so. She takes them though.
Mantu: good then i will keep this bowl and come back.
Amaya to herself: he is so possesive. Just because i was talking to wandle he got jealous. I will make him jealous for few more days now. Let’s see what happens.
Mantu on the other hand: what did i just say inside wandle? Thank god i avoided her. And she forgot about it. Otherwise she would have fumed. Was i jealous of that monkey? Maybe i was.

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